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Russell Simmons

The Illuminati Doesn't Exist

(I'm Rich, I Would Know)

2/7/2013 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mega-rich, ultra-successful record producer Russell Simmons says there's ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY no such thing as the Illuminati ... which is EXACTLY what someone in the Illuminati would say!!!!

Simmons -- if that's even his real name -- is connected to a whole bunch of people rumored to be in the super-secret society that controls the world ... including Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye and Oprah.

So when we asked if he could confirm or deny one of the alleged members ... or even acknowledge the group's existence at all ... it's almost like he protested a little too much, saying "Are you kidding me? I'm a grown f*cking man!"

Translation -- YES!!!!!


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you really think, even if it does exist, that a db like kanye would be in it?!? with the likes of oprah and russell simmons? maybe jay-z (and beyonce just because they're married)... but kanye? ugh, no.

631 days ago


Radio host alex jones is telling peole that the ecomeny is going to collapse completly.
all oracstraited by the illumti. then marshal law well be put into place and the goverment well take you guns by force.Then when ritost start beaucse of food shortages and peole have no guns to protcet themselfsthere well be ritos. so our goverment well use this as an excuse to take most americans to fema camps where they well be either be-headed by a gulltine or enslaved.ThenNEW WORLD ORDER well be put into place where you well have to have the mark of the beast to buy or sell.
ten the usa well be aglobiest comuntiy and well lose our slovientery.Theimuniti is made up of deviel worshipers started by the rothechilds and
they do it beuace they want to control the WORLDS wealth.alex jones want you to think your goverment is so currupt that they are planning on killing off most the poulzation.Alex says that us miltary are comminting sucide at a rate of one perday beaucse they are slowly waking up to the fact thye well be told to kill americnas on american soil. alex jones craps out all these constipeisty theroys jus tot pomote himself. he himself is not at all worried abotut he thing she warns others of he has land and a home in chilli he plans to run and hide to when the american public figures out he has been telling us all lies. alex jones is not a man fo God he is a loser just trying to get a nutt off of scareing people into buying his surival kits and b. s. books.TMZ should interview more rich guys who
well debunk the illumti myth.
yes there is eveil int he orld and it all start with peole like alex jones who just ant to tell you lies and ripp you off. If you lesson to even one of alexs shows beware life wont seem much fun any more.

631 days ago


for those of you who are "down with the deveil" and want to make a video about it physco- path alex jones is having a paul rever contest.
the idea is that you make anti govermnet and anti ilillmua-nauthy statements and ecourage people to stock pile 3months worth of money and melas ready to ea,t and of course you have to make a fool of your self telling all your friends ,family, and nighboors to stock pile food now beofor the immi- naughty sends out thier private police force to take you to fema camps.If you are obssed with NEW WORLD ORDER and the illmi- anughty you well Love this contest. first prize in 100K. of ocurse alex jones makes that back ten times over cuz it well direct more people to his web site who well purchase his stickers, books water prufyers ect.
Also you can get a full time job working for alex jones but at the same time he tells you if you go public with your fight agasint the illmi- naughty you well be killed.A chance to win a prize all the while promating FEAR. when there is fear it the american people it puts fear into their prayers .
God doent want us to live in fear and not to fear who is less than god.
Alex jones says NEW WORLD ORDER is all- ready starting so what is the point of fighting something he says we have no chance to win against .Alex Jones wanst getting much attion on his show until he sarted to talk about the illi- naughy so now he just thorws it out there every chance he gets without ofering any sloutions.
his only soultion is to pruchase his products and watch his crazy ass show.He has benfited mulit millions by what he calls trying to expose the illinati and the new world order. when any- thing is going on wrong in the news he simply says I told you it was the illinatughty and they are comming to kill us all,.Alex jones should be arrested for high treason cuz he is trash talking our goverment and ecnourageing people to take up arms and fight.
yet he says he is for our county to remain solverin but he wants you to belive we are allready lving in 3rd world like Conditons and we dont realy know it.
The more Alex Jones gets peole to fear the illui- naughty the mor eporweer he gives the emney.
Our Goverment does have courption and we do owe more money to foriegn countrys than we can pay back but we are no where near new world order you can read in the Bilble the anti christ has to return first. myeb Alex Jones is the anti christ .
Mybe paul harevy is the anti christ.
we jus tknow one thing for sure this private club made of billion airs is secertly bank rutting our contry so they can take over the worlds wealth and putone religoin in place for allt he world deveil whorshiping. Alex Jones want s YOU to be like Paul rever and let everyone know about the destaors that are comming., and stay tuned to his show. Alex Jones is allternative media gone wrong.
Russel simmons was right when he said if you first dont suceed blame it on the illui-naughty!
btw russel thank you for that criedt card I never revced any bills after two years now and it keeps working. I like what i have in my wallet!!

631 days ago


This is old hat fishing news spin. I don't see why anyone old enough to have lived in the good old days of the 60s, 70s and 80s would care. Climate change will ultimately be our undoing anyhow. Let our elites survive us. Someone has to carry on the human race. Life on earth is but a satellite miracle in the cosmos not meant to last forever.

631 days ago



631 days ago


The mega central banks that control the planet were created by the elites for the elites they control everything. Think about it people, if you control the money supply and you just create the money out of thin air that means complete power.

631 days ago

marvin nubwaxer    

chris rock said it best--that he was rich, but people who own basketball teams are wealthy. so this guy can think he runs this sH]t but he doesn't. that doesn't mean he's wrong.

631 days ago


Satan tempted Jesus with all the kingdoms of the world if he would just bow down to worship him... It's not a temptation if there's not merit to the claim... They're still in his pocket to this very day and one day the real guy's gonna come rectify that but for now it's up to people to choose which side they're on in blind faith... Lucifer (Satan) was described as a angel of light (because he desires to be like God who is light) and since light illuminates that's where you get illuminati from... They think Satan did us a favor by offering up knowledge (fruit) in the garden so that we could be like God knowing both good and evil... Light (illumination) is considered to be knowledge... But since A & E ate the fruit they obeyed Satan, hence that submission is why the entire human race is hell-bent, hence the cross being the exit ramp...

631 days ago


Maybe it's because you are black that you don't know what the Illuminati is all about. Hummmm something to think about.

630 days ago


I will bet that the Illuminati is really made up of people that don't want black people in their oganization, sorta like the KKK.

630 days ago


man i did not know it was so many crazy illuminati nuts on the internet these ppl yall claim wiht no proof some how was chosen over other ppl gtfoh sound like yall just want to give the devil credit for God given talent that make all yall carzy as ****

630 days ago


even if this isnt true, the article is hilarious.

630 days ago


I pretty sure the Illuminati are racist so he probably isn't one of them

630 days ago


To all you racist mf on here all y'all can die at the same damn time with a dick duck tapped in ur throat in front of the bitches and bastards who created you...****ing ***** ass bitches

630 days ago


That's the biggest dumbest thing I ever heard of the "illuminati" what a joke the make people like you and become your fans

630 days ago
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