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Dorner Manhunt

Celebs Beg for Surrender

2/7/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


The hunt for cop-killer Christopher Dorner revealed a manifesto filled with shout outs to his favorite celebrities. One of them -- comedian Lisa Lampanelli -- called in to ask Christopher to turn himself in ... and bring a peaceful end to the statewide manhunt.

Plus, former porn star Coco Brown joined us to explain why she's coughing up nearly $95k to fly into space next year -- and you've gotta see Harv school her on zero-gravity banging!

Also ... are Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt making a comeback? Harvey thought he had video to prove it -- until Charles and Max destroyed his theory. Sorry, boss!

(0:00) A former cop goes on a killing spree -- after posting a long letter praising his favorite celebs. One of those celebs -- Lisa Lampanelli -- calls in to encourage the man to turn himself in.
(5:00) Chris Brown's attorney Mark Geragos is on the offensive -- attacking back at allegations that Brown BS'd his way through his community service.
(10:15) Ashley Judd says she's thinking about running for office -- then gets torn a new one in a political ad meant to shut her down before she even starts.
(14:00) Incredibly rich Colorado Rockies star Todd Helton gets arrested for DUI -- after allegedly downing a bunch of wine and then driving to a gas station to buy lottery tickets.
(18:00) Porn star Coco Brown is paying nearly $100k to go into space ... she joins the show to talk about why she's spending so much money for a flight.
(23:00) Breaking news ... the kid who allegedly responsibly for swatting a number of celebs has been charged with a crime.
(26:00) Does the Illuminati really exist? Russell Simmons says no ... but that's exactly what an Illuminati member would say, right?
(31:00) Kristin Cavallari admits that Jay Cutler proposed to her in the worst way ever.
(34:00) Heidi and Spencer -- is it time for a comeback?
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(42:00) It's time again for ... Tim's worst pitches of the week!

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doing their part? They have no part in this. LIke he's going to listen to the likes of Lisa Lardassnelli, Charlie Sheen who went on his own rampage not too long ago and Tim Teblow? If they want to help please dress up in a cop uniform and walk down the streets. Their egos are embarrassing.

530 days ago


Have a great day all

530 days ago


Lisa's comments were so INSANELY STUPID!!! We don't know where this man is or how deranged...and she is cracking poorly tasted jokes WHILE people are getting shot @?!? Tried calling in during her comments so maybe TMZ thinks it's me....his victims families don't but thanks Harvey for trying to prevent her from being a COMPLETE ASS! Ya tried cure for stupid......Shameful on her part but always knew she had no class or heart~

530 days ago


The word in Hollywood is that TMZ is no where to be found on the streets with their usual cutesy camera crew!

C'mon TMZ .....Break the story!

530 days ago


Dorner should have Greg Smith look at his case. If he was done wrong he will find it, its just like watching all over again Rambo.

529 days ago


You know the talk about "Did the police set the fire that killed the cop killer Christopher Dorner." Who cares if they did? If you are going to go crazy, and threaten the very people who have taken oath to protect the public then expect to die in a horrible manor. Any human being that is willing to take a life over something pettie should die a horrible death. As a taxpayer I believe no amount of money should be spent on a long drawn out court case. Lets get rid of these people, and move on instead of becoming tragedy junkies.

523 days ago
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