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Liberty Ross & Jimmy Iovine

Probably Banging Now

2/8/2013 12:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0725-jimmy-iovine-liberty-ross-getty-01Kristen Stewart might get a thank you note for ruining Liberty Ross' marriage ... 'cause it seems LR has upgraded BIG TIME from adulterous Rupert Sanders to music honcho Jimmy Iovine

Liberty and Jimmy were seen leaving a NYC hotel together this morning -- amidst rumors they've been dating for the past couple of weeks.

The timing makes sense, since Liberty just filed for divorce from Rupert on January 25 ... 6 months after the "Snow White and the Huntsman" director cheated on her with K-Stew.

Iovine is a LEGEND in the music world -- he co-founded Interscope Records, worked with huge stars like Eminem and Lady Gaga ... and reportedly co-owns the ultra-successful Beats by Dre brand with Dr. Dre.


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You go girl!!

585 days ago

BB not bb    

She is probably fed up with old Rupert and wants to make him jealous by saying look what I can get. He never appreaciated what he had, and now she is out for revenge. I think he is perhaps sorry in his sleazy way, but he is just basically a dog.

He did try to work it out with her. Kristen is totally back with her boyfriend. I don't know if this guy is going to turn out more stable that what she had though.

585 days ago


Seriously who actually likes this woman or cares about what or who she does?? How much is she paying you for this TMZ? Also Mr Nice Guy Jimmy's wife divorced him because he had an affair with Nicole from the *****cat Dolls! Ironic! I doubt she cares. She is only ever after self promotion and dollar signs.

585 days ago


Sometimes she looks incredible....other times..not so much. She dresses sexy though.

585 days ago


I would eat her poo.

585 days ago


There is something very off about her. I think she is enjoying the attention way too much!! Sick of seeing her to be honest.

585 days ago


Everyone knows the sanders marriage was a complete shambles a long time ago. She is just clinging on to her bit of attention for dear life. It is a little desperate really.

585 days ago

Ozzie X    

TMZ the guy in the picture is a flaming homosexual if anything she is banging door knobs.

585 days ago


Tmz, stfu and leave her alone damn. you don't know wtf she is doing with anyone and who cares, she is aloud to. Seriously, using the word :banging", you are so vulgar and disgusting, it's pathetic. -_-

585 days ago

Ozzie X    

And I would like to be that door knob.

585 days ago


I always assumed he was gay. And she's wearing fabulous shoes, so my conclusion is she's his *** Hag (a term I hold dearly, if you get offended by it - some do - you're wasting your breath). :)

585 days ago


'cause it seems LR has upgraded BIG TIME from adulterous Rupert Sanders to music honcho Jimmy Iovine. … a LEGEND in the music world ... he reportedly co-owns the ultra-successful Beats by Dre…
- - - -
Yes… TMZ, because a man is only worth consideration if he has a lot of money… and a woman has no value unless she catches a "powerful" man.

585 days ago


I would be caught dead walking out of a hotel with a man dressed in a belted leather coat and wearing a manpurse. He looks like a pimp from Staten Island or something.

585 days ago


lmao yes Liberty, get with an ageing music mogul who is around beautiful 22 year olds all day every day - that will end well. Her taste in men and clothes is highly questionable. Is she really a model or is that just a title she gave herself instead of 'funded by a sugar daddy'

585 days ago


Damn..I can't believe how many people here are hating on Liberty for no apparent reason. Her husband cheated on her with a much younger woman, she attempted to work it out through marriage counselling but ultimately the damage had been done and now she's moving on with her life. I fail to see how that makes her the bad guy. And FYI, she didn't "need" Rupert or Kristen to make her famous. As a model, she's been on the cover of vogue, harper's bazaaar and several other magazines. Just because YOU haven't heard of her, doesn't mean she's a nobody. She chooses to live under-the-radar and I'm sure she's probably annoyed as hell that the paparazzi wont leave her alone since the incident with her husband. Also, f_ck Kristen Stewart. The girl has the personality of a wet dish rag and she's a horrible actress.

585 days ago
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