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George W. Bush

My Sister's Been


2/8/2013 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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President George W. Bush's sister has been HACKED by a cyber-criminal who cracked into her private AOL email account and released a bunch of private Bush family photos and information to the Internet.

The hacker has already posted tons of stolen material online he ransacked from the AOL account of 53-year-old Dorothy Bush Koch -- including private pictures of 88-year-old President George H.W. Bush while he was being treated in the hospital.

There's also a photo of George H.W. Bush with Bill Clinton ... and one shot that appears to show Dubya painting on a canvas. 

According to, the hacker watermarked the pics with his online alias --  "Guccifer."

Guccifer claims he/she was able to expose 3 years of information -- material dating from 2009 to 2012.

Guccifer also released home addresses, cell phone numbers and emails for a bunch of Bush family members.

The secret service is investigating the matter.


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of all people to hack, why would anyone want to hack a bush? dubya painting on a canvas ...MAJOR yawn!

600 days ago


I just watched 9/11 Michael Moore. I am amzed of the Bush administration the war was all about money!!! For him and his cronies!! Sadam..really? Unloke Prez Obama je wemt after bin ladin!! Bish made billions of that war..and we lost thousands of soldiers!! Nasty criminal that he is

599 days ago


Dang phone

599 days ago


Damn, that's one lazy-eyed SOB.

599 days ago


Bush you need to buy an apple computer, you see 98percent of all spam and **** they steals your identity is only hackable because of this crappy software we computer is untouchable in that aspect..if the offices and schools around the globe dump the p.c. and implement the change to apple then apple will be on the rise it is interesting to see what happens.. remember guys bill gates own a large stake in RSG a waste management company..3.5billion a year he makes from that and yea everyone praises this guy for understaning basic html when the u.k. had the internet back in the 1970's only in html language they operated in, bill gates flew over there and made a pictorial view called windows which sucked from day one..he has hired a bunch of Chinese communists whom just work and work for little pay and make things better but the infrastructure of windows was flawed from day one so yea uhm let me drop the bucket in a hat real quick..bill gates is an idiot./.he has no college degree no financial securities license (i am a licensed stock broker)or law degree or medical background he should not be talking to the world most important people like buffet or on t.v. talking about anything because his background is utter nonsesne and jello all the money he has used to hire million of prositutes and contorl people to kill themselves has gone on for way too long..what is bill gates after i will never know maybe he needs love from some one ill never know..karma is a bitch tho and he is dead and the sketchy background of al gore..his ties to enron and global warming fraud and rushing for office since the days of reagan are alarming what is he after i will never know his got an oscar a grammy and a noble peace prize..why is the world giving noble peace prizes to terror and fraud i will never know, but thank god al gore is dead and karma is a bitch outraged Christ is with vlad putin, whom, was trying to hurt the Rothschild, whom are peace full his outrage about the price of oil being to high which undervalued right now at 90bucks a barrel tto casue this huge attack on american soil when he could have called a commodites broker on wall street from the beging of time..remeber back in the days of reagan during the cold war putin was a spy for the soviet union and has still be sending spys(female actors that actually Russian spys whom, kept popping up around the president , being a Muslim, muslim males listen to women psyhcis a female voice tell him what to do and not his own self, thus **** is hilarious..only men can reach the level 7 remote viewing not fall to the women teaching you how to be one..just buy the c.i.a 50 dvd set that the c.i.a sells and makes revenue though being an entrepreneurial spirited person as they try and look for the Taliban at the same time obama stop trying to fudge wit small business like c.i.a have little business ur are preventing from flouring with all the regulations and taxes you've implemented on those whom are wealthy is being removed asap and as the story unfolds and taxes are uplifted and the bush tax cuts are re implemented and the passage of the pipe line from canada to texas must happen for if obama does not pass keystone than he needs to be impeached immediately, Bill gates windows is garbage,, as a matter of fact Bill gates is grabage and the C.I.A. needs to make the connection he has with France( his was is french, he is from Canada, and he has been one of the 2, the other gore, whom are highly responsible for the fraudulent crimes of imposing the completely disgusting fictions rumors global warming, for this global warming fraud must cease to exist, you must understand russia and france think that if they can attack our republic by fragmenting you minds to to for-goe oil as a primary fuel soruce, however this is impossible for oil is the most efficient and natural source of fuel on the planet..if you were unaware oil is just the decomposition of dead plants over a 100 year period the dead plants turn into oil,,the black tar looks un-natrual but my friends oil is natural

599 days ago
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