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Selena Gomez

Dangerous Stunt

at LAX

2/8/2013 8:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

10:40 A.M. PST: 
Selena's rep just told TMZ ... Selena let the fans in her SUV because they wanted to get her autograph and possibly a few pics and the scene was too chaotic curbside.  The rep says the fans got out of the SUV 2 terminals down.

Selena Gomez pulled an incredibly DANGEROUS move at LAX yesterday, appearing to let 3 random fans into her private SUV ... but it seems the whole thing was a stupid set up.

The girls claimed to be die-hard Selena fans from Brazil who were hoping to meet the singer outside Selena's airport terminal.

Selena initially blows past the girls and gets into her waiting car ... while the girls continue to yell at Gomez, pleading for a moment of her time. 

Eventually, Gomez cracks the window and motions for the girls to come over -- they race over to the car, fling the door open, and quickly barrel into the vehicle.

Selena's security guard rushes in to pull 'em out -- as if she's in harm's way -- but Selena waves him off ... and he stands down. The car eventually drives off with all of the girls inside.

So, what's the message here Selena? If fans track you down at the airport and swarm your car, you'll let them inside? You REALLY wanna encourage obsessed fans to impede your personal space in the hopes they can get some private time?

For the record, Selena's received death threats on multiple occasions from multiple people -- one of whom is a mentally unstable man who was arrested for stalking the actress.


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Not sure it was "setup". I distinctly heard one girl yell "puta" after she closed the SUV door. That's going a little far for a setup.

586 days ago

Cincinnati Sugar    

She's on her way out now anyway, never reached the top anyway, she only got 1/4 of the way up.

586 days ago


Leave Selena alone!!!

Seriously, its different if they are cute girl fans versus male fans/creeps. Sorry, men and women are not equal in all cases, and shouldn't be. Actually, girl fans chasing girl stars is kinda hot if you ask me. Good for you Selena in being receptive to them!
But definitely NOT OK to let any guys rush her SUV. Security guard would be right to take them out with extreme violence.

586 days ago


Slow news day? This whole piece is worded strangely and is confusing. Saying it was "just a stupid set up" and the girls "claimed to be die-hard fans" suggests that this was all a prank or something, but then you never clarify it and go on to scold her....?

Also. "Selena initially blows past the girls." If she hadn't let them into the car this piece would have been about her ignoring her devoted fans who fly alllll the way from Brazil to see her. So either way she (or any other celeb) can't win with you guys. Yes, instead of letting them come into the car with her - maybe not the wisest move - she could have just signed autographs or something. I'm sure her intention was to try to do something extra special for them, though, and in the moment she didn't think it would be a big deal. I say chill out. They were excited teenage girls, she felt like giving them a break. Had it been a middle aged man with crazy eyes she would not have let him in unless it was James Franco.

586 days ago

Cincinnati Sugar    

Selenz drove past them and then thought to herself "oh phk...I better stop or else these beotches will bash me so I better make it look good". Self serving!

586 days ago

Spicy mag    

Where is the rest of the story? How was it a set up?

586 days ago

I Was About To Say    

There are no celebrities with REAL talent and class anymore, hollywood...sad.

586 days ago


She is but ugly she reminds me of the cabbage patch kids face pudgy swollen cheeks with a big as forehead!

586 days ago


haha what;s so "incredibly dangerous" about that?!?! Selena Gomez? Sorry, I'm not American so I have no clue who this person is. But presumably she is not the President of the United States? "Incredibly dangerous"? Hahaha! Oh my God! Some celeb let normal people come too close to her AAAAHHH!!!!

586 days ago

Made it Past 27    

3 little teenage girls and a psychotic, male, adult stalker ... uh yeah

586 days ago


This story doesnt even make sense.........your saying it was a set-up but then still trying to say it was random fans!! Ugh dummies! FIRE the b*tch who wrote this story!

586 days ago

(◉_◉) Brush Your Teeth (◉_◉)    

She's used to fakes like that fake boyfriend,Justin Bieber.

586 days ago


Maybe she was smoking some of Justin's stash....

586 days ago

Ozzie X    

Just teens having fun. Better than targeting the fact Stevie Wonder is blind.

586 days ago


hats off to selena for this.i bet she made those little girls life by doing this.and tmz the real danger was your paps chasing her car forcing them to speed and putting them at risk

586 days ago
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