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Chris Brown

You Be the Judge

2/9/2013 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0208-chris-brown-rihanna-tmzChris Brown is on the hot seat after the L.A. County D.A. filed legal docs claiming he phonied most of the community service he was required to perform in the Rihanna beating case. So we gotta ask ...



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I don't understand why people can't just leave him alone.

618 days ago


rihanna and chris got billions of fans around the world and tmz you got almost 25 thousand people to judge them and make it sound bigger with this title i love them and i think the more you hate the stronger they gonna be sorry for my english i love us

618 days ago


Rihanna says his giant boner is worth more beatings. She had it coming, and she knows it. She threw the keys out of the car that night. You do that, and you're gonna get beat.

618 days ago


I wish Rihanna would remember why she couldn't perform at the Grammys 4 years ago. Although it's true that people make mistakes, it's the ones who continuously make the same mistakes and at the expense of others that are the most dangerous. He has had ample time to turn over a new leaf, instead he has stuck with the same violent/aggressive pattern.

618 days ago


is it me or is it that since he hit Rihanna and not just a "regular" girl its in the media. No body has said anything about mel gibson so pleaded guilty to 3rd degree battery against his ex wife. Lets not forget about Charlie sheen who shot an ex girlfriend and has has plenty of women who accused him of abuse. if chris is going to be put this forever then charlie sheen, mel gibson and others need to be too. For people to say they hate him stop googling him, stop looking for him. Just a thought since i cant stand justin bieber i turn from what ever he is on. im just saying and no im not team breezy i can really careless what happens to him. The biggest thing is that her not being a role model. if your 10 year old is looking up to rihanna and not you then your parenting skills is horrible

618 days ago


Ya gotta know what's coming next, these two fuque-wad hood rats are going to breed. ARRRRRRRRRRRRG!

618 days ago


Anyone who has no problem wearing a neck chain with the words **** on it - to church no less - deserves to be treated like the idiot she is. You cannot polish a turd.

618 days ago


Wow. Those percentages say it all.

618 days ago


another no count loser with money. and she's pathetic.

618 days ago


The problem here is that on at least two occasions Chris Brown's whereabouts doesn't jive with his community service do***entation which automatically makes all the do***entation "SUSPECT". Chris Brown and his legal team have "ABSOLUTELY NO ONE TO BLAME EXCEPT "THEMSELVES"!!! He's a "HIGH PROFILE" celebrity and his whereabouts can be do***ented by too many people, the paparazzi, in particular as well as other service personnel he may have come into contact with. If the "FOOL" needed more time to complete his community service all he had to do was petition the court for an extension rather than "OUTRIGHT LYING" about how much of it was completed. I don't care how talented he is, not taking his "COURT-ORDERED" COMMUNITY SERVICE SERIOUSLY IS SIMPLY "FOOLISH"!!! HE DESERVES WHATEVER HE GETS!!!

618 days ago

Bubba Bafflor    

Hey, I'm not saying Chris Brown is a ball draining homo who, when he's not beating women, loves to spend his time at rest stop glory holes, but look at the guy...she sure LOOKS like a ball draining homo. Hey, maybe looks are deceiving, and it's just a first amendment protected opinion, but if this guy hasn't had his fudge packed, I'd be blown away. He makes Justin Beiber look macho.

618 days ago


all the hater's should **** off and leave them alone.people need to mind thier own business....

618 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

COMMENTERS - STOP DOING THESE VOTING POLLS ON TMZ. All it is is to get the ill-informed to keep hitting for them. There's about 18 extra hits for TMZ if you do their voting thing. DON'T DO IT.

618 days ago


Any chance TMZ could have a Black-free, Rapper-free, Kardashian-free, LiLo-free, day of reporting? Quit making boneheads into celebrities.........

618 days ago


Lets see Mark Chumera slept with his 15 year old babysitter you guys get over that. Robert Wagner murders his wife, you guys are cool with that. Jack Nicolas lets Roman Polanski invite a 14 year old over to HIS home and give her drugs and alcohol, then rapes her, y'all good with that. Rob Lowe sexes a 15 year old, ya good with that too. Sean Penn whooped Madonna asixx a few time, no big deal. Tommy Lee kick Pam Anderson, while she was holding their infant child, it's cool you forgive that one. But this kid nah he's the s*** of the earth. Wonder why? Hmm ALL of the others are umm, not African American interesting

618 days ago
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