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Lindsay Lohan

Living In Courtney Love's

Old Building

2/9/2013 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The building Lindsay Lohan is temporarily calling home is no stranger to crazy behavior ... because TMZ has learned it's the same building Courtney Love once called home.

Sources tell us ... LiLo's temporary rent free home sits in a primo building in SoHo -- which happens to be a celeb magnet, reportedly housing famous mugs like Lenny Kravitz, Nicole Kidman and Ben Stiller. Courtney Love used to call the building home, but sold her apartment back in 2006 (the photos above are of Love's old pad).

As for the swanky digs, it's valued around $6 million and the building features top-of-the-line amenities ... like 24/7 concierge service, wine cellar, tasting room, and an aromatherapy filled lobby. 

To cover up whatever smells may come from its residents.


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I do not believe it for one simple fact she is really burning all her bridges, people are turning their backs on her left and right, if she cannot afford Cali or have people who will let her crash NYC isn't going to be much different. I would LOVE simply love to live in Chelsea or Soho its way expensive not only rent food as well even grocery wise unless her P*ussy is made of gold and pisses diamonds who is going to screw her more than once or twice except some disgusting deviant who wants to screw the kid from the Parent Trap.

Either way something I think is going to give with her soon in either an overdose, another arrest for something really really serious or someone kills her I don't say any of this in a joking way...

What's gone on in what the last six months that her enabalers say she is doing SO good, from movies with porn stars who pretty much say you are such a spoiled brat you can't even ask for some to "please" get me some water to openly going on 'appearances" or as a "guest" for various Middle Eastern men its disgusting... all of it...

621 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

My guess is that she is staying in a hotel room courtesy of an Arab gentleman. I am highly doubting this whole penthouse line.

621 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

There are lots and lots of rich Mideastern, North African and Asia rich guys. Lindsay will have no problem financing herself for YEARS to come.

621 days ago


I'm pissed at myself for taking the time to look this up but since I did here's what I found: The building has 13 units two of which are penthouse units. In addition to the Kravitz/Keys/Beatz unit the second one was owned by one Paresh Kanani who is a film producer with ONE imdb credit. I thought that was our answer but alas it was not as Kanani sold his place. Below are the owners. My guess is our answer is one of the LLC's.

Price Address / Buyer / Seller bd | ba | sqft
Condo30 Crosby Street, Unit: 4A
N/A | N/A | 0
Apr. 24 $7,075,000 Buyer: The Sonnenfeld/papageorge Living Trust Dated2/8/10 and Konrad Stefan Sonnenfeld (Trustee)
Seller: Nathan Kornfeld and Patricia Kornfeld
Condo30 Crosby Street, Unit: 3A
N/A | N/A | 0
Mar. 31 $4,800,000 Buyer: Xyz Property Llc
Seller: Bing Llc
Condo30 Crosby Street, Unit: PH-B
N/A | N/A | 0
Feb. 24 $12,750,000 Buyer: The Honeycomb (Trust) and Todd Gelfand
Seller: Otie Enterprises Llc
Condo30 Crosby Street, Unit: 5B
N/A | N/A | 0
Sep. 21 $6,200,000 Buyer: Dow Kim and Aeri Kim
Seller: Joel Disend
Condo30 Crosby Street, Unit: 2B
N/A | N/A | 0
Jun. 20 $6,500,000 Buyer: The Crosby Street Llc
Seller: Richard Barabino Jr and Mika Lidov
Condo30 Crosby Street, Unit: PH-A
N/A | N/A | 0
Apr. 18 $12,500,000 Buyer: Greg Holden Lippmann and Kimberly Lee Lippmann
Seller: Paresh Kanani and Marie Halley Kanani
Condo30 Crosby Street, Unit: 4A
N/A | N/A | 0
Mar. 15 $5,000,000 Buyer: Nathan Kornfeld and Patricia Kornfeld
Seller: Adam Schneider (Trustee)
Condo30 Crosby Street, Unit: M2
N/A | N/A | 0
Jul. 8 $2,925,000 Buyer: Bruce Kopelman and Karen Kopelman
Seller: Edward Sulimirski
Condo30 Crosby Street, Unit: 3A
N/A | N/A | 0
Nov. 1 N/A Buyer: The Francisco (Trust)
Seller: The Urania A (Trust)

621 days ago


Below is the link--the page is much easier to read than my copy and paste. After that colossal waste of time I am O U T for awhile. Catch y'all later!

621 days ago


We know she's a slob with poor hygene. So it's not secret that she'll skank up the place Lohan style. She still has no place of her own, which is a feat in itself after the money she was making. Jail will be a hard adjustment when she's tossed in the can.

621 days ago


Does Lindsay have a court date coming up soon (like this week)? There seems to be an unbelievable number of stories concerning her, Dina and Michael showing up lately.

621 days ago

Suzy Q     

What a beautiful, beautiful piece of property. They must be the real estate photos because I can't see Courtney Love actually living there.
White furniture and Love? Hahaha

This may have been posted already, but I'm putting some links to more info/photos about 30 Crosby. One of the stories says:

"Trivia question: What do Lenny Kravitz and Courtney Love have in common? Answer: They both appear in a verse from Adam Sandler's "The Chanukah Song Part II" ("Lenny Kravitz is half Jewish, Courtney Love is half too. Put them together, what a funky badass Jew.") Alternate answer: They've both lived in Soho's 30 Crosby Street, which currently has a 3BR unit on the market for $6.675 million. The unit's owner, British theatre executive Laurence Isaacson, has been trying to get out of there since the Kravitz/Love days. He once told Gawker that living with the two "was hell. I once saw Courtney rolled out of the building in a gurney with her arms tied down screaming...Lenny Kravitz used to show me his abs all the time."

Penthouse photos:

621 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

All the douchey H8TURDs are sitting around doing absolutely nothing with their lives when they could be practicing their BRIDGE JUMPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gone like GOTTI, cause I gotti roll!

621 days ago


Ha this is the before picture. Show us an after in a few weeks when the place has gone to shyt. And don't come at with me being a hater of jealous bullcrap. I'm just fine and like most on here own our places. Yeah, no doubt it's a sweet place. I'm just saying Lohan has never been a clean freak. It's gonna be an In-N-Out turban fvck den with concierge service.

621 days ago


Seamus: The Bitch should check into the Chelsea Hotel with a fellow addict and pull a Sid and Nancy. Addicts are just so boring these days.


The Chelsea Hotel has sadly closed. Some f*king group bought it and they are redoing the entire hotel. Irs depressing,The Chelsea was just a pure creative spot. Art work all over, artist, musicians. Some of the residents still live there but the actual hotel is closed. I went there a few months ago and all the art work that was hanging on the loby walls were gone. Just a few pieces of art like the swinging lady remained. Lindsay Lohan doesnt even belong in the Chelsea. However her chasing after that british boy band guy did remind me of Sid and Nancy though.

621 days ago


Unfortunately I still have the image of Liz Taylor's destroyed movie trailer in my mind.

621 days ago


I'm leaning like 60-40 this trick is living in her childhood bedroom with Dina. She was horrified to have people find out she is broke (I was shocked!) and living back at home. So in typical trash fashion, she has to say she's squatting in a 6 million dollar place in Soho. I need photo proof of her freeloading there. Either a picture of her in there or a high number of turban wearing clients entering and exiting the premises.

621 days ago


I just don't get it. There are women in the pen better looking than Lohan, so why do these Arabs continuously want to tap that, and go for a retap? She's hideous...these guys can do much better with that money. What could one possibly gain with her? A few STD's and empty bank account. BTW, Jennifer Lawrence is kicking ass these days. Lindsay really should consider going back and begging her to do a Hunger Games together after she's done begging Shawn. What a slap in the face to she owe's money to. Deadbeat slob.

621 days ago


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621 days ago
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