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Chris Brown & Rihanna

Snuggle at the Grammys

2/11/2013 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0210_cb_rihanna_gettyChris Brown and Rihanna got nice and close during Sunday night's Grammy Awards.

True love. Soak it in.


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This is sad in so many ways, we will lose a really good singer very early, and she will not be remembered as a singer but as a dum-ass that new she would die early. Rest in peace you will not be missed much.

527 days ago


Dating a douche-bag is what you do in your early 20s. She will see this and cringe someday.

527 days ago


Cant wait till he beats the shyt out of her again, because we all know its gonna happen again at some point. Too bad no one is going to have any sympathy for her this next time.

527 days ago


Rihanna your career is over. Nobody thinks this bad girl thug boyfriend thing is cute. Hope to god Chris doesn't get you killed. Stupid bitch!!!!!! Stupid stupid bitch!!

527 days ago


I'm a believer of never blaming the victim, however, when the victim is a complete and utter moron, it's hard not to.
I used to be a huge Rihanna fan, but I can barely stand to look at her these days.

She's a terrible influence for women ... and she's a complete idiot.

I'm honestly looking forward to the day that he beats her again. Hopefully on their honeymoon.

527 days ago

No Surprise    

Despite what happened in the past, I've got to admitt that these two look soooo cute together.

527 days ago


arlie Sheen stabbed one girlfriend and shot another (the reason he is no longer allowed to own a gun). Yet you don't see tweets, facebook posts, protests, or snide reminders of his domestic instances every time he appears in print or on a website. That's because the lemmings wait for the media to TELL them who the villain is supposed to be.

If you whine every time you see Chris Brown, yet feel cool every time you see Charlie Sheen then you are uninformed, or a fool, or a fraud. Or all three.

527 days ago


OK...ima say it...
LEAVE Chris Brown theF*** ALONE...wHY? because according to 2012/2013 STANDARDS... men & women are equal...CANNOT have it both ways & if RHIANNA's azz is big enuff to HIT / STRIKE, & BeRATE Chris on that nite...(WHICH errrybody know she did) RHIANNa is big enuff to get hit BACK.
STOP BULLYING People that are trying to make their way BACK UP....k?!

527 days ago


ALSO really DON'T believe in MEN beating Women Up, & NORMALLY Men SHOULD REFRAIN / STAND down...NO MATTER WHAT, but if RHIANNA's azz is big enuff to HIT / STRIKE, & BeRATE (WHICH errrybody know she did) RHIANNa is big enuff to get hit BACK...BULLYIN IN ANY FORMAT is NOT COOL.
so STOP BULLYING People that are trying to make their way BACK UP....k?!

527 days ago


Dumb and dumber

526 days ago


We all make mistakes. Nobody's. A saint here

526 days ago


I guess she deserved that ass beatin. Coming back for more.

526 days ago


I really can't stand rihanna anymore her music sucks the only song i like was umbrella, since then she is hollywood puppet and wanna be gangsta with a 13 year old mentality YUCK !

526 days ago


Is that an engagement ring?

526 days ago


why in the h#ll do you care? After all, he has expressed sorrow and asked forgiveness and she and God both have forgiven him. The million dollar question at the end of the day for most bloggers like yourself who blog negativity about certain celebs who happen to be black is, WHY in the BLANK can't YOU?!!! While your willing to easily forgive and "forget" the past of well-known women abusers such as "stone Cold" Steve Austin, Charlie Sheen and Eminem who are still allowed to do children shows and continue to be praised and adored by the media and fans alike. Unfortunately for Chris and other's like him are not extended that same courtesy, instead they continue to be hounded and dogged by the latter for year after freakin year. Here's to smh at such hypocrisy. Please get a life and leave other's alone.

526 days ago
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