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Justin Bieber


for Smoking Weed

2/10/2013 6:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0210_bieber_snlJustin Bieber used his platform as host of "Saturday Night Live" to apologize to his fans for being photographed smoking weed ... but he did it in character.

During a sketch entitled "The Miley Cyrus Show," Bieber played Miley's biggest fan. After lobbing a few insults at himself, Biebs, while still in character, says (of the real Biebs), "I also heard he got busted for smoking weed. And he's really sorry about it. And people make mistakes. And he's never gonna do it again."


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TMZ posted the pics of Bieber smoking weed at a party in Newport Beach on January 2. And there are those pics of Biebs with a blunt taken a few weeks later. 

Bieber never commented directly on the pics ... until last night .. and in the third person.

Justin Bieber smoking a blunt


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Throwback kid    

I'm sorry but after seeing Biber do the skit on SNL with all the Bieber body doubles I was not impressed with his dance moves at all. I believe in a straight up dance off Corey Feldman would take him. Even if there was a rule that said no Michael Jackson dance moves I believe Feldman still has the natural rhythm to win, there are just too many strong elements in Feldman's repertoire for Bieber to deal with, I believe Bieber is more on the level of K Fed as a dancer

435 days ago


Him smoking pot is the only thing I like about him.

435 days ago


He's a bitc*

435 days ago


Other celebs have done worse.. Hes young no one perfect not even beiber ..i hate when ppl think celebs r perfect beings .i get mad at their shena****ns but hey its theor life we choose we hay we want to do. I still listen to his music ..

435 days ago


Hmm. He had to do it in third person; shows how mature he is.

435 days ago


Why apologize its eeed not crack. He's allowed to be young and out grow it like most of the saints commenting on his wholesomeness. Raise your iwn damn kids and be their rolemodels.Believe me they notice your actions abd short comings

435 days ago

Sure Right?    

What a I guess is is OK now? NOT !!! He should be arrested like anyone else that was caught with an illegal substance. But that won't happen because he is "semi-famous" like LiLo. It will take many many more of these things to have hime off the streets and away from influencing the fools that follow him. He is out of control and he will self-distruct. (sp) .Maybe? If you STOP giving him "press" then he and others like him will STOP making it look like kids can get away with this type of behavior. Oh well it IS TMZ after-all.

435 days ago

Gary Trenton    

He should apologize for his music

435 days ago



435 days ago


You do realize it was a skit don't you TMZ? I don't know and could care less if he was getting high but unless I was there I don't think I would say he was smoking pot. I took the skit more as him making gun you TMZ and the other tabloids for assuming he was getting high without any facts. I smoke cigarillos all the time that look exactly like what he has in his hand.

435 days ago


Wow that whole SNL ep was lame and Bieber was pretty amateurish. Worst episode in a long while.

435 days ago


Did TMZ just make a headline from an SNL skit? Fu** outta here!

435 days ago


Bieber will continue to smoke, no matter what anyone says. Yet we praise Lindsay for her coke habbits.

435 days ago

Fred Thompson    

That was the worst SNL episode ever.

435 days ago

lexington marlow    

The guys with him are white boys. Why do you keep reporting that it was Lil Z that he was smoking with ?

435 days ago
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