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Lindsay's Baby Bro

Ready for His Close-Up

First Pics

2/10/2013 5:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0208_michael_lohan_baby_launchLindsay Lohan's baby half-brother can look forward to a lifetime of blonde moments -- because kid's already sporting a head full of golden locks ... and TMZ has the FIRST PICS of the newest Lohan.

TMZ broke the story ... Michael's fiancee Kate Major gave birth to Landon Major Lohan on January 30 -- the same day Lindsay was sweating it out in L.A. court.

Landon was born 7 pounds 5 ounces -- and he's already got the baby act down pat ... just like his older sister.



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go home!    

It's heartbreaking looking at this little baby, knowing he has a horrible life in front of him with two f'd up parents and that if he were with another family, could have all the chances in the world. He's already doomed to be a failure because of his crappy mother and father. It's very sad. I wish he could be taken away from them.

589 days ago


i know family nuts but gosh is this little man ever adorable and handsome at birth. didnt anyone pay dad a million for first baby pics ..

589 days ago


Dr. Cracker
"Do we know who the father is yet?"
"I thought Smitty already took credit?"

589 days ago


Adderall Nighter 409 up, 181 down
February 10, 2013 Urban Word of the Day
An Adderall-induced all nighter.

Consuming copious amounts of the prescription ADD/ADHD medication Adderall in order to stay up all night and accomplish a given task. This method is most commonly employed by overworked/procrastination inclined college students.
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Carl: "Yepp, I pulled an Adderall Nighter."

589 days ago


When he gets older he's going to hate his family

589 days ago


I have not said a thing about this child that is negative. As for comments on the family -that is done by his parents inviting the cruel and nasty comments. If the parents have changed and raise him differently than the other Lohan children then these comments will still sting but at least the boy will be able to tell us all that we were wrong. If we get pleasure from these stories that is our business. We posters here at TMZ did not ask for this story -it was presented to us. I personally think of all the Lohans Michael is the most likable. Maybe he's changed-maybe he hasn't but at least he is saying the right things-unlike his ex who is still talking incoherently and still in huge denial about the disaster that is her life. My conscience is clear-the baby is innocent and lets hope this is the last that his parents show us pictures. when you think about it they are doing whatever other new parents do-have you checked out Facebook lately? Everyone thinks the whole world wants to see their babies-it is not just Michael.

589 days ago


Sez, I got your sweet messages on page 4 and 6. *MWAH*

589 days ago


cute baby !
but what part of the GIANT RED FLAG .....did the mother not see coming.

589 days ago


Lindsay's mother screwed her up have you seen that piece of slutty white trash. Like mother like daughter. I am not saying her dad did not play a role but by the looks of it her mother had MORE of an influence over her.

589 days ago


Very beautiful baby. I smell a reality show here.If not, I wonder how long before Lohan is in court suing for custody as soon as Kate f*cks up. We know she will.Then he can get his own show,Mike Lohan,single Dad. Seacrest or Bravo will go for it.

589 days ago


The question of who earns money/pushing the non-story Lohan threads, etc. is quite a conundrum. Frankly, the people who make the real money are the shareholders. The money that TMZ receives from advertisers is based on OUR hits and the number of comments. This amount of money is SIGNIFICANTLY larger than any funds TMZ pays out to any of the Lohans or their hangers on. So we are mostly lining the pockets of Time Warner.

In addition, TMZ is aware that we (h8turds) are inflating the Lohan hits. There will be a 2 day old thread with thousands of comments and TMZ will not list it on their block of most commented threads because they know that it's just the h8turds and enablers entertaining ourselves. TMZ wants an ever growing audience

OTOH, TMZ buys info based upon what they believe will get hits. While people are sick of Chris Brown, the Kardashians and the Lohans, people feel passionately about them and will comment on their threads albeit negatively. This won't stop until people reach the saturation level as happened with Paris Hilton.

I think that there is an answer to keep the gang in touch and making comments on the internet without lining the pockets of Time Warner or the Lohans. That however is a subject for email.

589 days ago


Like he's father of the year! Nauseating!!!!!

589 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

LMAO @ the moral crisis of conscious haters who can't STFU up the Lohans are undergoing as they ponder the fact that they are financially supporting the very people the love to hate so much. Funny stuff! :)

589 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

MiLo is going to be a great father this time around. I can feel it! They should give him a reality TV show. Heck even a silly story like this gets over 300 comments! lols :)

589 days ago
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