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Chris Brown


in Defeat to Frank Ocean

2/11/2013 6:16 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Chris Brown
handled his Grammy defeat to Frank Ocean last night with dignity and class ... KIDDING!!! ... he was totally disrespectful.

Ocean edged out Brown and Miguel to capture the award for Best Urban Contemporary Album. While most people stood and applauded Ocean ... Brown stayed in his seat -- which just happened to be front row and center, in clear view of the cameras.

It's worth noting ... Miguel didn't stand to congratulate Ocean either.

Must be something in the water.


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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, CHRIS BROWN! You ARE nothing and that's why you deserve NOTHING! Made my night.

585 days ago


Rock bottom, a new nadir of garbage, has now been established. And relating to this group of people that is really saying something.

585 days ago


I'm sure he's not the only person there that didn't stand and I would't stand for someone I didn't get along with either. At least he clapped for him. Not saying he's the best person on the planet but my god people just can't leave him alone.

585 days ago


Is there a more overrated thug in the music industry? His music stinks, his attitude stinks, and he is just a horrible role model.

585 days ago


Forget about chris brown not standing. My question is, Why did anyone stand?

585 days ago


Not surprising at all!!! Record companies no longer try to cultivate respectable images for stars. As long as they can heard them out like cattle and make plenty of money from their performances, they're not overly concerned about their manners. Many of these much younger performers probably can't play a musical instrument let alone "READ MUSIC"!!! They're simply products of "TECHNOLOGICAL MANIPULATION" and nothing more. Giving a fellow performer credit when it's certainly due does seem like a great deal for a very immature person. Chris Brown and Miguel should have stood up in unison with everyone else in the audience. At the rate he's going, it may be a long time before he receives another Grammy!!!

585 days ago


Let it go Chris clapped What do you guys want You want him to jumped up and and down. My goodness. Everything the man do is wrong. Get a life I am sick of all this crap. I am not a Frank Ocean fan so I didnt care if he won or not but I do like Miquel and Chris. I think he his performance was horrible but that is my opinion. People like who they like. It has nothing to do with anything. If Chris Brown had won you guys wud have said it was becasuse Frank Ocean was gay and thats why he didn't win. He won so those like him good for you but leave Chris Brown alone What the hell was the standing ovation for anyway. I didn't get it.

585 days ago


When it comes to F.O, C.B

585 days ago


And what would you expect from an idiot!

585 days ago


haha Frank ocean is way more musically talented then both those boys. Frank being bi adds to his uniqueness...and Chris Brown is a narrow minded hater. Shouldnt be so judgemental, especially with all the crying he has done lately because the media has there way with his ass...

585 days ago


Frank Ocean's music is garbage! Its funny that he wins a Grammy cuz he's gay, not cuz his music is good... Chris Brown and Rihanna need to move to Switzerland like Ike and Tina and disappear

585 days ago

paul a.    

Hes gonna be somebody's bee - atch in the slammer one day....

585 days ago


When it comes to F.O., C.B.

585 days ago


If Miguel didn't stand up either why does your headline read "Chris Brown Ungracious...." why doesn't it read "Chris BrownAND Miguel Ungracious...." You guys at TMZ are funny.

585 days ago


This is much more than someone being a sore loser. These two men got into a scuffle (fist fight) with one another. No one would stand and applaud someone that they have issues with, let alone someone they actually fought - who laid hands on them. Come on TMZ. Get a grip.

585 days ago
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