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Chris Brown


in Defeat to Frank Ocean

2/11/2013 6:16 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Chris Brown
handled his Grammy defeat to Frank Ocean last night with dignity and class ... KIDDING!!! ... he was totally disrespectful.

Ocean edged out Brown and Miguel to capture the award for Best Urban Contemporary Album. While most people stood and applauded Ocean ... Brown stayed in his seat -- which just happened to be front row and center, in clear view of the cameras.

It's worth noting ... Miguel didn't stand to congratulate Ocean either.

Must be something in the water.


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Hi -

Good that Chris Brown remained seated. He wasn't inclined to stand up. He exercised his choice just as the folks standing exercised theirs. Free country - Go USA!

Cheers for Chris remaining seated. Too many folks follow the crowd. Chris didn't violate anything because he didn't rise.

Ocean won. He stood on stage. Good enough...

627 days ago


Please. Don't bother associating anything to do with class to a punk. fyi... Ri Ri will maybe not live to regret her choices.

627 days ago


Always funny watching a bunch of no talent ass bags have beef with each other. Getting a Grammy these days has no credibility like it use to.

627 days ago


WOW I am not a Chris Brown fan but I don't think he was disrespectful

627 days ago


Chris knew damn well what he was doing. He knew if he didn't win at least he would be front and center wearing all white. That way everyone would be sure to see him as he stood out for not standing while everyone else did. He gets all the attention for his actions and not the guy that is actually going up to get his award. Yeah, he knew what he was doing........and it worked.

627 days ago

o rly    

Another weak TMZ story. Move along, nothing to see here.

627 days ago


really tmz chris brown don't got do **** if he want sit in is damn chair and not stand up he can at least he clap for him out respect. Miguel aint do **** but fix is damn chair how about y'all make story about that.. chris brown not douche bag i bet if chris brown would of won that award frank ocean would of did the same **** none y'all ***** on here would say **** y'all ***** would praise frank ocean.... so y'all need shut that **** up....

627 days ago


What do you expect from an ahole?

627 days ago


When is Brown going to bag it.

627 days ago


HAHAHAHA I LOVED the fact Frank won, just think about him walking up there to get his award, looking at CB sitting in the audience after losing. HAHAHAHHAH
CB is a piece of sht.

627 days ago


TMZ you need to get off Chris Browns DICK! You guys are so obsessed with him really! I total understand while most celebrities leave America!!!

627 days ago

Nun ja biz    

Adele was watching Chris lol! He has some serious issues.

627 days ago


I'm still trying to understand WHY people thought Ocean should be getting a standing ovation.

627 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Why would we expect anything else from this low life ghetto s***bag, woman beater. He is a complete classless LOSER.

627 days ago


If Chris Brown wanted to be left alone by the media, then he'd just go away. You can't go around crashing your fancy cars, fighting in clubs in NYC and LA, bringing your battered ex girlfriend to your court dates and sitting in a bright white suit front and center at the Grammy's and expect the tabloids to ignore you. 95% of Americans think he's a sleazebag and want to see him fail (sorry, it's true, just like Lohan), and the media is just giving people what they want. If he doesn't like it, then he needs to stop making it so easy for them.

627 days ago
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