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Chris Brown


in Defeat to Frank Ocean

2/11/2013 6:16 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Chris Brown
handled his Grammy defeat to Frank Ocean last night with dignity and class ... KIDDING!!! ... he was totally disrespectful.

Ocean edged out Brown and Miguel to capture the award for Best Urban Contemporary Album. While most people stood and applauded Ocean ... Brown stayed in his seat -- which just happened to be front row and center, in clear view of the cameras.

It's worth noting ... Miguel didn't stand to congratulate Ocean either.

Must be something in the water.


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You guys at TMZ really are what's wrong with media coverage today. This is sensationalistic journalism and irresponsible. I'm no fan of Chris Brown, but to describe what happened as being totally disrespectful is wrong. The guy clapped as long as everyone else. So what he didn't stand. He wasn't what you described in any way, shape or form.

582 days ago


Stop being so critical! He was clapping the entire time. You don't have to stand up each and every time. I am not a fan of is but let's be fair

582 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

Its embarrassing, really. He clapped, so I see this as more of a social faux pas than a snub. I've been at performances where one idiot doesn't notice everyone is standing. Furthermore, I've been at events where a standing ovation is not a full house thing. I can't stand Chris Brown, but I don't see this as a big thing.

582 days ago


Just another case of a young man dealing badly with failure. At least he didn't spray the crowd with bullets....

582 days ago


Are you kidding me?!?!?!?! How was CB not gracious, he clapped for Frank Ocean. Grow up people, who cares whether or not CB stood.

582 days ago


Anyone who thinks that was being ungracious is deluded TMZ what a non story I know you hate the guy but get a grip! He clapped more than Miguel so wrote a story about him

582 days ago


Ha ha - CB isn't as good AS HE THINKS HE IS! Can he go away now?

582 days ago


It only looks like a big thing because Chris is in a color that stands out in a sea of darker colors. He also stands out because everyone else is standing leaving a open space up front that people notice. Your eyes automaticly look down into that open space and walla you see Chris in all his glory. Clapping was Chris's way of showing some polite agknowledgement to his nemesis. He didn't need to stand if he truely felt that Ocean wasn't the best pick. That is what is so great about our country, we have the right to choose. I don't like Chris Brown for his actions toward others, but I can't fault him for not standing. That is his prerogative .

582 days ago


White America move on , you're getting boring dragging this story on , black America has moved on why can't you

582 days ago


I wish people would leave this dude alone!! Enough already!!!

582 days ago


582 days ago


Oh give me a break, he clapped for him. He didn't stand up when they gave another artist a standing ovation later on in the night either. I guess he hates them too. Not everyone deserves a freaking standing ovation.

582 days ago


CB didn't stand up at any time for ANYONE except for Rhianna. There were several times that he was shown sitting down while others around him were standing and clapping. Douche.

582 days ago


Chris Brown was not ungracious or disrespectful stop trying to always make him look like the bad guy.

582 days ago


You guys are trying to make something out of nothing. State Miguel did not stand either and he did have a good album but lets face the truth he won because he admitted he was gay. Period. This is ridiculous. All of a sudden he became super popular after that.

582 days ago
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