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Rapper Common

Bring On a Black Pope!

2/11/2013 11:41 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper Common isn't too beat up about the Pope calling it quits today -- because it means the next leader of the Catholic Church ... COULD BE BLACK!!!

Common was coming back from a workout session in L.A. ... when our photog asked about the strong possibility Pope Benedict XVI's replacement could be a black cardinal from Ghana named Peter Turkson.

In the age of a black President, Common tells us, electing a black Pope would be "a beautiful thing.

FYI -- Pope Benedict XVI is the first Pope in nearly 600 years to call it quits ... saying he's too old at the age of 85 to continue doing the job.


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What does race has to do with anything? You elect someone for their ideas not for their race. But guess that doesnt matter because we'll always be abosorbed in how we are different and how can we hate one another instead of how we can help eachother to surpass all those racial prejudice

586 days ago


I don't understand. He thinks someone should be elected just based on the color of his skin? Shouldn't they be elected because they're the best to do the job?

586 days ago


So - he thinks someone should be chosen for the position solely because of their skin color?

586 days ago


With a white Pope on his way out they'll be less molestation forgiveness for priests. On the down side...with a black Pope coming in there'll be more forgiveness in smackin' bitches.

586 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Umm, yeah. Not gonna happen. Catholic church ain't ready for that any time soon!

586 days ago


How about a black gay pope?

586 days ago


I hope this happens but morons feel that prophecy has been completed. Saint Malachy predicted this and stated the arrival of PETER THE ROMAN would be next. This final Pope will likely be Satan, taking the form of a man named Peter who will gain a worldwide allegiance and adoration. He will be the final antichrist which prophecy students have long foretold. If it were possible, even the very elect would be deceived. The 112th prophesy states "In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Petrus Romanus, who will feed his flock amid many tribulations; after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people. The End."

Malachy's final words, "Rome, the seat of the Vatican, will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people."

586 days ago


Wow. I don't even have to read all the comments to know that they are littered with racial comments, nasty slurs and an abundance of ignorance. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, sadly, no matter how stupid of an opinion it is. I wish people wouldn't get so caught up in race. Who cares if the next pope is black? Who cares if he is white? I'm not Catholic, but the pope is a well respected figure that millions of people hold to an extremely high importance, I'm sure they don't really care what skin color he is. Secondly, I don't thing anyone should be ashamed of being proud of who they are. There is no problem with white people being proud to be white, black people being proud to be black, Hispanics being proud to Hispanic and so on. It's when the pride becomes a verbal, emotional and physical assault against other people of different races where it becomes a problem. You'd figure though, with slavery gone, Jim Crowe laws abolished and the first biracial president, the country would have a more open mind. I know these comments aren't all of America speaking, but some of them probably reflect the way some Americans think. That in itself is sad to me.

586 days ago


This guy is an idiot and so are the ones who think he is right. Just shows whites aren't the only racists. And yes, electing someone based on their race is racist.

586 days ago


I hope people are realizing now that blacks are more racist than whites.

586 days ago


Thinks the blacks are trying to start a race war with all this stupidity. This has to be black, that has to be black, this is racist, that is racist. Just shut the **** up.

586 days ago


Once again after reading these comments you can tell who the uneducated are. It shows. No wonder y'all hate us. No one ever fought to improve your existance. So instead you fight with the ignorance in your own feeble minds.

586 days ago


I'm sure your mothers are proud of the contribution the b!tch tossed into society.

586 days ago


Look me up on dorner is my father we look just alike i want my dad america

586 days ago


Dorner is my father i repeat

586 days ago
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