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Ex-Cop Christopher Dorner

Shops For Scuba Gear

2 Days Before Murders (VIDEO)

2/12/2013 8:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alleged cop killer Christopher Dorner went to a Southern California sporting goods store 2 days before he began his murder spree to purchase scuba equipment ... and TMZ has obtained the surveillance video.

Dorner went to Sports Chalet in Torrance -- a beachside community in the L.A. area -- on February 1st.  The video shows Dorner carrying in 2 small, yellow scuba tanks as he walks into the scuba section.  Sources tell us ... Dorner got the tanks refilled with oxygen.

The video then shows Dorner leaving the scuba section with the 2 yellow tanks, along with another large, black scuba tank.  Dorner then goes to the counter, and then has a friendly conversation with the cashier, at times laughing.

Dorner -- who was a member of a Naval undersea warfare unit -- pays cash for the items and then leaves.

The surveillance tape shows Dorner arriving at Sports Chalet at 9:21 PM and leaving at 9:38 PM, just as the store closed.

The bodies of the first 2 victims were found at 9 PM on February 3rd -- 48 hours after Dorner's trip to Sports Chalet.

What's really interesting ... Dorner reportedly tried stealing a boat in San Diego on February 6th ... where scuba gear might come in handy.  The plan was thwarted when the prop got tangled in a rope.

Sources tell TMZ ... the U.S. Marshals went to Sports Chalet Sunday and got a copy of the surveillance video. 

Law enforcement sources involved in the case have confirmed to TMZ ... the man in the video is indeed Dorner.  And, as one law enforcement source put it, the video is significant because "it shows what he was up to."


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Odily Franklin     

Very frightening to know that this guy was among us looking for his targets... I hope they get him soon!

430 days ago


I think this man is on to something. LAPD makes themselves look slow. They think the video is significant evidence as to his intentions after he tried stealing 1 boat. That's why they can't find his a$$. He just stole another boat. Laughing all the way to Austraila.

430 days ago


Either way it goes, he had the balls none of us did to expose how messed up thing are with Lapd just blasting innocent folks in their search.. Itz a no-win situation for all of the parties involved in this mayhem...

430 days ago


We need magnum pi

430 days ago



430 days ago


I wonder what he'd want scuba tanks for? Does he want to hide under water in a pond or lake if he sees the cops getting close to him?

Those police dogs can't sniff him out if he's underwater.

430 days ago

al baby    

Well he looks like he is already wearing a wetsuit

430 days ago


what the f--- would he need tanks filled with oxygen? Does TMZ mean with air? Pure oxygen is deadly to a diver. It causes what's called oxygen toxicity that can cause a diver to suffer seizures at the very least.

430 days ago


If I was blind and someone was reading the details of this guy, I'd think for sure he was a white dude. I mean what black dude ends up on a dirt road in Big Bear and is then seen buying scuba gear ;-) ;-) What's next, images of him buying camping supplies and bungee jumping gear ?? I'll know if he is a real black dude though if they show him picking up fat white chicks at an El Toritto happy hour.... Juuuuuust some jokes folks...

430 days ago


Wow, one person has California like this!

430 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Am i the only one who always misreads TGRFAN's name as T-GIRL FAN before correcting themselves? lols, sorry not trying to be a d*ck just sayin'...

430 days ago


Refilled with Oxygen... Um no. Refilled with air. That would only give him 90 minutes if he was really great with air and by his size I would doubt he was great on air.

430 days ago


If you read his manifesto online you'll see that he's a pretty smart guy. He's built like a defensive lineman or a linebacker too. He's probably 6'2" and 270 lbs. I'm sure he's a strong mofo.

Most of it is probably fat though. I kind of doubt that Dorner is the kind of guy who is running like crazy through the woods or climbing in the mountains. I bet he's not in very good shape.

I sure as hell wouldn't want to take him on in a fistfight though. He could probably snap a guy's neck like you'd see in a karate action movie since he has hand to hand military training.

430 days ago


Bravo, TMZ. Once in a while, you guys act like responsible, investigative journalists.

More of this please, and less Bieber and Brown pettiness. You can be better when you're not lazy.

430 days ago


under water lair....

430 days ago
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