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Ex-Cop Christopher Dorner

Shops For Scuba Gear

2 Days Before Murders (VIDEO)

2/12/2013 8:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alleged cop killer Christopher Dorner went to a Southern California sporting goods store 2 days before he began his murder spree to purchase scuba equipment ... and TMZ has obtained the surveillance video.

Dorner went to Sports Chalet in Torrance -- a beachside community in the L.A. area -- on February 1st.  The video shows Dorner carrying in 2 small, yellow scuba tanks as he walks into the scuba section.  Sources tell us ... Dorner got the tanks refilled with oxygen.

The video then shows Dorner leaving the scuba section with the 2 yellow tanks, along with another large, black scuba tank.  Dorner then goes to the counter, and then has a friendly conversation with the cashier, at times laughing.

Dorner -- who was a member of a Naval undersea warfare unit -- pays cash for the items and then leaves.

The surveillance tape shows Dorner arriving at Sports Chalet at 9:21 PM and leaving at 9:38 PM, just as the store closed.

The bodies of the first 2 victims were found at 9 PM on February 3rd -- 48 hours after Dorner's trip to Sports Chalet.

What's really interesting ... Dorner reportedly tried stealing a boat in San Diego on February 6th ... where scuba gear might come in handy.  The plan was thwarted when the prop got tangled in a rope.

Sources tell TMZ ... the U.S. Marshals went to Sports Chalet Sunday and got a copy of the surveillance video. 

Law enforcement sources involved in the case have confirmed to TMZ ... the man in the video is indeed Dorner.  And, as one law enforcement source put it, the video is significant because "it shows what he was up to."


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public censorship     

He's a black man that could slaughter you and possible many more like your local livestock cattle stores YEAH inanely so insane he has breached the the point of insane now he is smart insane.

586 days ago

public censorship     

And yeah he's far gone or plotting or finishing a dasterdly PLOT out best belevie he gonna get him more evry body got to eat.

586 days ago


Watch this guy planned to mess up the boat and buy this stuff when it has nothing to do with what they think he is. Guy is smart.

586 days ago

public censorship     

He wants to go down in history , he has to finish his mission

586 days ago


Operation Donut

586 days ago


Talk 'bout your cover ups :D
L.A.P.D. hiding much?
When's the last time you saw a million dollar reward offered for anything?
Think about it. Very, very rare.
And the department's claims that..."it was easy to come up with the money, citizens were happy to donate"
Bullsh-t :D
People are very, very broke these days. Can barely feed their kids or pay the mortgage.
And they suddenly collectively came up with...a million dollars?
In...two weeks?
L.A.P.D is scrambling to hide some very bad things aren't they.
And of course we're not simply referring to a little police department.
Judges. Bureaucrats. Politicians.
Big, big circle of corruption.
As usual when it comes to taxpayer-funded government entities.
Look at the corrupt D.A. ;)
This man should not have done what he did, killing people is not the answer and no matter what L.A.P.D. and/or other entities are guilty of, it doesn't excuse his behavior.
But...a million bucks.
A. Million. Dollars.
Cover-up up the ass ;)

586 days ago

public censorship     

IMOA don't fear it inhale it or was it IMDA

586 days ago

Spilled Milk    

He has a clear motive and he hasnt killed any kids..the longer this dudestays free, the bigger the hero he will become..murder is wrong on all accounts but if you're gonna kill, you damn sure better have a good reason *shrugs*

586 days ago


I wonder if he is already dead...

586 days ago


Wrong ID. That's Ruben Studdard

586 days ago


He may have jumped in a volcano or somewhere by now, as he did speak as if he planned on dying. He probably found a way to kill himself so no one can find him this costing the LAPD tons as retribution. Just a thought, but no one knows what he'll do.

586 days ago


No justification for his actions but there is blood on the hands of all those at LAPD who were/are involved in the cover-up. The system conspires against those who want the truth to be told.

586 days ago

public censorship     

Why kill himself and not take more come on now no he is alive mark his word blood shed will come for all this injustice

586 days ago


Ummm.....Dorner turned into a hermit. Where did he go ...did he make it out of the woods?

586 days ago


The LAPD has really stepped in some sh$t this time. Smh. I don't agree with the killing of innocent people, but the truth needs to come out about the "Real" LAPD and other law enforcement agencies. Too many people have lost their lives due to officer involved shootings and each investigation is deemed justified. Why shoot a person with no weapon? They're should be other ways to arrest an unarmed person. I hope this situation will be seen as a learning lesson to Law enforcement to always be truthful and stand up for what's right.

586 days ago
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