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Black Keys Drummer

Bieber Doesn't


2/11/2013 7:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber has no business winning Grammys -- at least according to a guy who cleaned up at the award show last night ... Patrick Carney from The Black Keys.

Patrick was swarmed by fans outside Chateau Marmont when we asked if Bieber should feel snubbed -- seeing as how he didn't get a single Grammy nomination this year -- and he simply said, "He's rich, right?"

Then the Keys' drummer threw a major jab, adding ... "Grammys are for like music, not for money ... and he's making a lot of money. He should be happy."

He might have a point -- Justin's never won a Grammy, and does seem pretty happy ... with his Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and such.

The Black Keys took home 4 Grammys last night -- and probably aren't hurting in the money department either.

By the way, you gotta hear what Patrick has planned for his riches.


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The Black Keyes are true musicians not some lip-syncing, half-ass drummer and I am giving him way more credit than he deserves, little wanna-be gangsta Bieber!

589 days ago


I don't know who this Grammy winner is but it seems he loves the spotlight. Classy A-listers don't comment on questions about other performers..., they don't reply to paparazzi questions.

What's that stupid reply "he's rich!". Jealous on the teenie Bieber?

I don't know much about Bieber and his music but TMZ seems to hate on him for some reasons. Maybe they were threatened with a lawsuit in this "Bieber pursued by paparazzi" thing....?

Just a thought....

589 days ago


It's unprofessional for an artist like this to publically diss another artist. Justin Bieber has never done that to another artist which shows more class than this snub is showing. who is he to tell others what music is or should be. Does he like Opera, jazz, latin ,pop, country, soul, r and b, ballet, rap, etc? Other people do.

589 days ago


Man i miss led zep.

589 days ago


The demeaning comments here from Neanderthals who know next to nothing about Justin Bieber aside from sensationalistic fabricated or exaggerated insidents are beyond the pale and show the lack of civility this country has fallen into-a darn shame!

589 days ago


What he said is true! But with times being harder then 1929, nothing says you sux at what you do, like money$.

589 days ago


What an ass! He's one to talk--he's making plenty of money too these days. If he wants to say Justin's music isn't innovative or soulful enough to be honored at the Grammys, that's something else entirely.
I thought those indie hipsters knew that money doesn't equal happiness! What Justin Bieber is doing may be different from the Black Keys, but it's just as good as Timberlake or Chris (vomit) Brown--whose boots the Grammys are always ready to lick.

589 days ago


I don't feel Grammys should be for loop and riff stealers such as the Black Keys. The main riff from "Lonely Boy" is ZZ Top's "Got Me Under Pressure." This makes you, Patrick Carney, a hypocrite. Share your Grammy for your semi-quasi-original song with Billy Gibbons and we can call it even. No?

589 days ago


Bieber sucks anyway. Maybe he will get better as he gets older. I agree, Bieber don't deserve Grammy, he has long way to go before he deserves it

589 days ago


He's right, but I kinda wish I never saw this photo of the drummer. killed my little fantasy of the Black Keys

589 days ago


Bieber gets more action, jealousy always follows ;)

589 days ago

Suzanne Smith     

You know I'm sick of TMZ badmouthing Bieber! One of your guys was right, Bieber plays guitar, piano, drums plus he writes his own songs and is now producing a lot. I'd like to see what The Black Keys produced at age 18! TMZ u been making fun of Bieber lately. Yeah he's made some mistakes. But if you didn't have people like him, talented, rich, popular as hell, you wouldn't have a ****ing show Harvey. He's your money ticket TMZ. Don't **** with the people that pay your salary!

589 days ago

Suzanne Smith     

This guy from The Black Keys is such a hottie I can see why girls are flocking to his concerts! I'm sure Justin Bieber is really wishing he could trade places with you for all your "indie" ****ing talent & cuz he's so cool!. All the dope heads & rednecks have to have someone to listen to!

589 days ago


Gee why so many haters!! Patrick Carney should be careful what he says. On top today but can easily be down under next year! I think most of the music that is put out these days sucks!!!!

589 days ago


Gee why so many haters!! Patrick Carney should be careful what he says. On to now but can easily be down under next year! I think most of the music that is put out these days sucks!!!!

589 days ago
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