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Christopher Dorner Manhunt

Look-alikes to Cops:


2/12/2013 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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0211_not-chris_dorner-facebook-2Didn't take long for people to start mocking police over the handling of the Christopher Dorner case.

After cops mistakenly opened fire on two Latina women who happened to be driving in a truck that resembled the one Dorner reportedly used to escape ... the Internet exploded with people who felt like taunting law enforcement.

In fact, one photo features a black person wearing a shirt reading, "NOT CHRIS DORNER PLEASE DO NOT SHOOT."

There are also photos showing signs on trucks warning cops not to open fire -- bumper stickers have also surfaced featuring a similar message.

Meantime, cops are still on the hunt for Dorner, who allegedly murdered 3 people -- including a police officer.



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LOL!!! Run Dorner Run!!!

617 days ago

Violent Pope    

All fat blacks guys look the same.

617 days ago

Throwback kid    

I don't blame the guy, the LAPD show black men no mercy. Before they knew a video existed they said Rodney King smashed his check bones when hitting the ground, we later saw it was from repeated baton blows from them, they lied. There is a rouge element with those guys, I hope an innocent black man isn't shot by mistake by them

617 days ago


They all look the same to me.

617 days ago


Stupid idiots with guns and legal rights to use them on citizens.
Let's say they were actually stupid enough to think two Latina women were a black man (huh?), even if that was the case, what the hell are they doing automatically opening fire?
If this doesn't show people there's attempt to cover up, nothing will.
Both should be fired, brought up on charges, convicted and sentenced to jail.
Thugs with guns and no brains and a badge that allows them to be so.
Whose innocent family is going to end up dying by one of these idiots? Yours? Mine?

617 days ago


Weren't the ladies Asian?

617 days ago


After seeing these pics I can't tell whose more scared. The police or the civillians. Fear in any case is dangerous. But maybe EVERYBODY should follow suit. Not like the 2 latina women in the truck looked like 1 black guy.

617 days ago


LL Cool better stay inside until they find this guy

617 days ago


What happened to the two pigs who shot at the women? It's hands across America because this guy shot a couple of C students with guns and badges, but when the cops are gunning down innocent civilians, it's swept under the rug as a "mistake"?

When it comes to my personal safety, I'm far more concerned that some dimwit thug hiding behind a badge is going to do me harm before Chris Doerner. Doerner has pretty clear targets, while the bad boys in blue seem to shoot at whomever. There are no good guys here.

617 days ago

john doe    

Ok, which one of you browses Reddit?

617 days ago


You gotta love Californians "Don't Shoot Not Dorner THANK YOU". Always mannerly!

617 days ago


Is pretty telling about LAPD if the people are resorting to these methods.

Much of what Dorner wrote is closer to truth than not. Is a shame his current actions will likely undermine any good that might have come from him....

617 days ago


I love it!

617 days ago


The situation itself is tragic, but I do like the sense of humor people have mustered.

617 days ago


Maybe Rick Ross was a mistaken target? Big fat black man who is balding?? Hmmm

617 days ago
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