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Christopher Dorner

Presumed Dead

After Gun Battle with Cops

2/12/2013 6:00 PM PST UPDATED: 2/12/2013 10:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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8:20 PM -- The LAPD held a news conference and said no body has been pulled out of the scorched cabin yet ... as it is still too hot to enter.

Law enforcement sources directly connected to the case tell TMZ a body was found inside a Big Bear cabin, and they are all but certain it is Christopher Dorner -- who earlier engaged police in a gunfight before the cabin went up in flames.

We're told positive identification may take a while because the body was badly burned, but our sources are convinced they have their man.

Cops had cornered Dorner in the remote cabin ... after reports came in that he robbed a nearby home, tied up the couple living inside and fled in a white Dodge pickup truck.

A state Fish & Game ranger fired on the vehicle, and cops closed in soon after -- resulting in a violent standoff ... during which tons of shots were fired, hitting two San Bernardino County deputies ... one of whom died at the hospital.

At this point, it's unclear how exactly Dorner died. Cops reportedly heard a single gunshot around the time the cabin ignited ... indicating Dorner might have shot himself.

Dorner was accused of murdering three people -- including one police officer -- in shootings that took place on February 3rd and February 7th in California. Two other police officers were injured in the shootings. 

Cops believe Dorner -- a former LAPD officer who was dismissed in 2008 -- posted a rambling manifesto on his Facebook page ... in which he declared "unconventional and asymmetric warfare" on the LAPD and their families.

In the manifesto, Dorner also expressed his admiration for countless celebrities -- like Charlie Sheen, Bill Cosby, Larry David, and Ellen DeGeneres.


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Moment of Clarity    

This is a cautionary tale to all police or ex-police: Don't even think about whistleblowing about the police or you'll be murdered - by the police.

561 days ago


question should be raised about what caused him to do this. it is pretty obvious he was fired because he stood for a victim of police brutality. I'm not saying his actions were right, but it's about time to smash down that coward blue line where police can use totally unnecessary violence (or should i say torture) and never get punished for it. on top of that other colleges cover for her. They are just bunch of cowards. i surely hope this thing will be handed properly and blue line will be broken. yeah, wishful thinking i know...

561 days ago


It would be so funny, if the body wasn't his. He planted a dead body in the cabin and escape, the police thinking it is his body, he somewhere looking at tv laughing at them.

561 days ago


Last night the BBC reported that Dorner tried to exit the back door and was forced back into the flaming inferno by LEO. He was executed, someone didn't want him talking. Gangs wreak havoc and destruction but I've never seen them hunted like this, a major deployment.

561 days ago

public censorship     

:iv heard in the underground network; Christopher Corner is still ALIVE!!!!Yes he managed to escape , yet cops say they have him .''what can I say tho them motherfuk,ers lie alot'' My sources say Chris managed to slip low into Mexico . But howw but a little James bond training helped him ---shale I referto a Kansas city shuffle-from lucky number sleven. It takes a dead body folks. What do u think there gonna tell you he killed another cop and escaped no they would tell you he is dead. My many many sources offline may I include say he is currently heading to elsalvador;

561 days ago


Good morning everyone. I just finished reading several articles on Christopher Dorner. The one thing they all agree on is a charred body of a man believed to be Christopher Dorner was removed from the rubble at 2:00 am today. The DNA testing could take several hours to several days. Police will continue searching until the DNA test confirms the body is Dorners.

561 days ago

public censorship     

Cops love donuts and money blind to the havoc they reek on the son of god , he shale swallow the wicked ones that kill his left hand of war. Like lambs in slaughter you shale weep and widow,only to put a cup of injustice upon the justified. Be scared for he had giving thi mercy for far to long.

561 days ago

Someone's goldfish    

He might have had legitimate complaints, but he lost the moral ground when he chose murder as a solution. He became a murderer, nothing more.

561 days ago


he was a good cop one off the best ,he told on another cop that was a bad cop but ,yet he gets fired ,yes what he did was wrong by going on a rampage and was killing people but at the same time the cop which cause all this in the first should be fired to as well ,and now come to find out there was several cops who was also fired for putting drugs back on the streets and drug dealers paying the cops big money for protection so and one off the cops was a sargent but i bet y'all did not know about that uhh so maybe dorner was on to something

561 days ago


I find it odd that the LA Times left out a pretty significant piece of the puzzle – CBC World news BEGAN their article with the following:

“As police in California scoured mountain peaks for days, using everything from bloodhounds to high-tech helicopters, the revenge-seeking former Los Angeles police officer they wanted was hiding among them, holed up in a vacation cabin across the street from their command post.It was there that Christopher Dorner apparently took refuge last Thursday, four days after beginning a deadly rampage that would claim four lives.” SOURCE: CBC World News February 13, 2013

It was reported there were more than 200 officers conducting cabin-by-cabin checks. I guess they forgot to check the one across the street from their command post? If this is true, why didn’t the LA Times report it? Huffington Post, The Star, The National Post and CBS news were among the many who DID report it.

Is it possible the LAPD screwed up (again) and are trying to hide it? Is the LA Times in on it, too? I do not condone what Dorner has done. He is a killer who has had violent tendencies since he was a young boy. However, I do believe there is corruption all around us, and the LAPD could be near the top of the list. I think there will be an investigation into the way the LAPD handled this situation - before and after the killing spress.

561 days ago


I hope some change comes out of this, hopefully the LAPD will look into complaints about unnecessary force or mishaps more honestly and carefully, starting with the women they shot delivering newspapers.

561 days ago

John Clark    

It's no coincidence that this happened in Los Angeles.
Dorner wasn't real. He is in fact a Hollywood antihero in the model of James Bond. What happened is he set everybody up, at the cabin at Big Bear. He created a dummy skeletal figure in a uniform, fired off some bullets, left his California drivers licence, then set the place on fire before sneaking out the back. They'll find some unrecognizable charred bones which will keep the cops happy and satisfied for the next few days, and the media swooning with updates. But he gained a few days and made fools of them all! We will follow his amazing adventures swimming across rivers underwater, and paragliding across the border. He will turn up in a few weeks' time, sitting at a Monte Carlo bar swigging a few drinks, picking up girls, speaking with an Australian accent, and will win next year's Academy Award for best actor.

561 days ago


Presumed dead, huh? PRESUMED??? Move over D.B. Cooper you've got company!

561 days ago

Amber S    

RIP, don't agree with what he did but I understand his frustration and anger but I cannot agree with his methods.

561 days ago


The burned him alive!! let the cover up begin!!

561 days ago
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