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Christopher Dorner

Presumed Dead

After Gun Battle with Cops

2/12/2013 6:00 PM PST UPDATED: 2/12/2013 10:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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8:20 PM -- The LAPD held a news conference and said no body has been pulled out of the scorched cabin yet ... as it is still too hot to enter.

Law enforcement sources directly connected to the case tell TMZ a body was found inside a Big Bear cabin, and they are all but certain it is Christopher Dorner -- who earlier engaged police in a gunfight before the cabin went up in flames.

We're told positive identification may take a while because the body was badly burned, but our sources are convinced they have their man.

Cops had cornered Dorner in the remote cabin ... after reports came in that he robbed a nearby home, tied up the couple living inside and fled in a white Dodge pickup truck.

A state Fish & Game ranger fired on the vehicle, and cops closed in soon after -- resulting in a violent standoff ... during which tons of shots were fired, hitting two San Bernardino County deputies ... one of whom died at the hospital.

At this point, it's unclear how exactly Dorner died. Cops reportedly heard a single gunshot around the time the cabin ignited ... indicating Dorner might have shot himself.

Dorner was accused of murdering three people -- including one police officer -- in shootings that took place on February 3rd and February 7th in California. Two other police officers were injured in the shootings. 

Cops believe Dorner -- a former LAPD officer who was dismissed in 2008 -- posted a rambling manifesto on his Facebook page ... in which he declared "unconventional and asymmetric warfare" on the LAPD and their families.

In the manifesto, Dorner also expressed his admiration for countless celebrities -- like Charlie Sheen, Bill Cosby, Larry David, and Ellen DeGeneres.


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Obama voters are in mourning. They were cheering this POS on.

554 days ago


I wonder if Chris Dorner has a brother or a friend who looks a lot like him. I bet that would freak out the LAPD if Chris Dorner was still on the loose and they shot and burned up the wrong guy.

554 days ago


he didn't fie in gun fire he died because they lit him on fire. Why are all these a-hole police and forest ranger?? opening fire on vehicles.. shouldn't their responsibility like in doing these as safely to everyone as possible?? whats this shoot and ask questions later crap? I'm glad I don't live in california with the fecked up in the head cops there. It's like that one time when a girl was severely obviously killed and flung off a balcony and they ruled it suicide just because they got paid. What a bunch of low lifes.. how many innocent women did the cops kill in this manhunt? Seems they did as much if not more damage on our people than Chris did

554 days ago


Common sense tells you that if there are no helicopters searching over Big Bear region tonight, the lapd & other branches know that Dorner died in that cabin. Its just a matter of waiting for the embers to cool before forensic can go over crime scene. CSI 101. That hostile lapd officer who gave the information shows just how angry the lapd has become. He was screaming at media like TMZ for reporting news before they had a chance to.

554 days ago


It sad it came to people losing there lives for the truth as he knows it to be heard. If they had nothing to hide this should have ended differently. Regardless if he have too pay for what he did the truth would let him have his name back.

554 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

Wow.well he was trained by the Marines the LAPD now it looks like David Blaine trained him

554 days ago


thanks for the arrow pointing out the fire i wouldnt of known otherwise, bcuz the smoke pouring up from the trees was no help!,,,,,idiots!!!!

554 days ago


I hope somewhere out there, one media outlet didn't listen. They pointed a camera right to the action. Preferably a long lens. Someone had to not respect the lapd wishes, right? They 100% torched it. Everything is so fishy!

554 days ago


That sucks!!!!!!

554 days ago


Look this is a guy who was pushed too far. Is it okay to kill innocent people? Hell no. Absolutely not. But as much as we want to say that he should've, could've done something else.... it wasn't easy for him because he was pushed so far that he didn't feel he could trust ANYONE. We all wish he could've said his side of things because maybe then the LAPD would really be under a microscope (yet again) and maybe, just maybe something would change (wishful thinking). Is the LAPD corrupt? BIG TIME. Am i excusing this guy's actions, NO WAY. I'm sure he was a really great guy during his prime but in the end, after being put through such "abuse" and basically losing everything, this guy became clinically insane in his thought process. If what he wrote in his manifesto regarding his treatment and treatment of others is accurate, then shame on the LAPD. But never will it be okay to kill innocence. Sorry I can't excuse that.

554 days ago


I'm glad that black ****** is dead one less in the world

554 days ago


So they burned the cabin just like in Waco that killed those kids?

554 days ago


It was too hot to enter the cabin, but a body was found inside of it. How does that work I wonder?

554 days ago


The LAPD never wanted to take him alive. They know he is dead. That is why they cleared out all the camera so it would not be on tape when they set the fire. Do I believe anything the LAPD says HELL NO !!

554 days ago


His manifesto-minus a few typos and grammatical errors was clear, concise. I understand how he could come to feel the way he did however his actions were horrible and wrong. He chose to behave in a manner in which his NAME can never be restored. Senseless.

554 days ago
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