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Mel Gibson


2/12/2013 6:16 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Mel Gibson had found himself in quite the pickle last night ... he was in a REALLY angry mood and didn't wanna talk ... but he also didn't want to blow off questions about the pope.

The result?? POPE RAGE!!!!

Watch as Mel tries to contain his anger while giving his honest opinions about Pope Benedict XVI's sudden resignation ... the first time a pope has stepped down in 600 years.

Apparently, Mel doesn't think the situation is something to get worked up about ... or is it?


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tmz, you've twisted so often and so much your rags are all torn!

Only rage i see in this thread is from the MG haters. Seems like the pap had been bugging him (so MG asks whether he's finished) and only showed the last part of the video.

620 days ago


Why is he so angry all the time? He has everything, and acts like nothing is going his way. I'd love to see him try my shoes on for a while. That little bitch would really have something to cry about.

620 days ago


he is trying to not make a comment since he has much to say. He is part of the Traditionalist Catholic Church and not the Progressive Catholic Church. The division happened around the 1950's. Mel doesn't recognize the Pope as a "true" Pope. The Vatican doesn't recognize the Traditional Church since they are not in alliance w/the Vatican.

620 days ago


As some who knows and loves individuals with bipolar depression the way the media defines this man be the symptoms of his illness makes me sad. If he was diabetic we would not say his highest bloodsugars are who heis but when he is manic people declare that the real him.

619 days ago


Much to do about nothing


619 days ago


M.G. full of grace
once again rising above the treatment he receives from the media
that he takes the time to talk to the press when most of his level of fame don't
even after all 'they' have wrongly accused him of
quite the gentleman, great example
G-d Bless

617 days ago


Now, that is what I call a old jerk

606 days ago


Mel should have poked the paparazzo in the eye.

604 days ago

I don't think so    

The epitomy of a decent, non aggressive, loving and kind person. He doesn't learn does he? Always aggro, always looking to start trouble and show who HE is. Big guy :)) He has become as ugly as sin due to his filthy mouth, aggro, threatening people, drinking and smoking, looking to start a fight. He looks evil. Oh, that's because he IS evil. Bring it all on TMZ, show this prick for what he is.

583 days ago


how was that rage? you all need to get a reality check. he was just honest, he wanted to be left alone and answered the question. the reporter was also respectful. and mel gibson is hot--he's kickin'. he is the best actor and director par excellence! braveheart was an unparalled masterpiece and the Passion of Christ was the most sublime content matter to ever encounter film, really it is his magnum opus.

583 days ago

Just My Opinion    

I don't want to knock anyone's faith, but really, they treat the Pope better than they would if Jesus would return. In other words..they put a "normal" guy into a glass protection box and show him off like he was God.
All while they beat, spit, and hung Jesus (God) on the cross.
No wonder Mel don't fully go with his faith and made his own Chruch.

578 days ago
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