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Chris Brown

Police Chief in Probation Scandal


2/12/2013 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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The police chief who signed off on Chris Brown's alleged community service has resigned.

Bryan Norwood, Chief of the PD in Richmond, Virginia, was intimately involved in certifying Brown's community service hours -- hours the L.A. County D.A. claims were never performed.  Norwood was instrumental in removing Brown's case from the Richmond Probation Dept. and placing it squarely in his hands.  Norwood also wrote a letter to the court vouching for Chris ... claiming all of his community service had been performed.

The Mayor of Richmond says his office and the Chief reached a "mutual agreement" for his resignation. 

There had been speculation for weeks the Chief might have resigned to get a similar job in Raleigh, North Carolina, but the buzz in Richmond is that the Brown scandal accelerated his decision.

The judge in Brown's Rihanna beating case wants Brown to verify his hours.  If he can't, he's in big trouble and his probation could be violated.

12:30 PM PT -- Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones just announced Norwood will be replaced by former Assistant Chief of Police Ray J. Tarasovic ... who's coming out of retirement just to fill the position, effective tomorrow.


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For some reason I can't like these comments. Chris must have had someone on
I agree with most all of you...he's a low life thug who thinks he's above the law...just like Lindsay. They deserve each other. And the idiot who lied for him....your career is done...stick a fork in you.

617 days ago


He applied as the Police Chief in Raleigh and made it to the final 4. He was not selected. An internal candidate was selected as the new police chief.

617 days ago


uh oh...looks like someone is going to jail for lying to a judge WOOT WOOT....see karma is a biotch....Trust me, it might not be right away that Karma strikes back, but she does strike back and with full force!!!!

617 days ago


He was probably paid off.. it sure sounds like it. How sad, no one even in the system, has any morals but then again, that was apparent with how many times Lindsey Lohan's has gotten off the hook. Either way it just cements even more that Chris did not and is not willing to, man up and learn his lesson. Not only did he not take his service to the law and the community seriously but also Rihanna crawling back to him and begging for him like a b*tch in heat, only showed him he will not be punished for the things he has done. He will never learn because of all these idiotic enablers. Funny how fans yell forgiveness so easily and say he has "paid his dues", my f*cking @ss.

617 days ago


Why bother being a cop in Cali when most of the "celebrities" disrespect themselves and the Law...? That can be frustrating.. It's no wonder why theses kids OD, crash cars and fight in public or on TV... There is no one Above the Law... Hammer down on any shythead that thinks otherwise...

617 days ago

John T.    

Lock his ugly a$$ up.

617 days ago


No serious publication in Richmo' believes this has anything to do with Chris Beater Brown. No one here cares about him. Dude made an oopsy when he thought he would get hired in Raleigh. He finally succumbed to the frustration of policing the toilet bowl of ghetto violence that is Richmond.
Unless Chris Brown bangs on Gilpin Court in Jackson Ward, no cop gives a crap about what he does. Rihanna isn't our princess, she's Cali's.

617 days ago

Elizabeth Alan    

Good because the law should be just and impartial. Not fair that CB gets to skip around with his basket full of "I'm such a bad-azz" petals fairy dusting chaos like he is throwing rice in a wedding. Do some real work in the community, Chris - if I may be so blunt!

617 days ago


I woul there to bet money Bryan Norwood was equally hard on people who didn't have money to pay as he was easy on Chris Brown! And now. when he sees the shiiit hits the fan, he tended his resignation. So he has his status, benefits! Ready to start doing the same somewhere else! I hope theory he got from Chris Brown will be enough for his retirement. Such a lack of respect!

617 days ago


I meant; ...I hope the money he got from Chris Brown....

617 days ago


It's disgusting that anyone from the police force would be involved in having Brown's back for him so he could slide, let alone a police chief. It sends a big message of corruption. It says he doesn't give a crap about domestic violence and if you're famous or wealthy he'll look out for you.

617 days ago


The Truth is beginning to unfold.This entire Chris Brown probation appears to stink of corruption. I hope when all the facts come out all those involved (him, his mother,his lawyer and the police cheif) face legal repercussions for their illegal actions.

617 days ago


Hopefully Chris paid this oficer enough to make it worth it to lie for him on the reports.

617 days ago

be real    



617 days ago


That is not the buzz in Richmond.... I live in Richmond and Chris Brown is not even mentioned among the reasons that Norwood resigned.

According to the Richmond Times Dispatch "Sources say Norwood has been looking for a new job for at least a year and that his relationship with Jones is rocky."

617 days ago
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