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Christopher Dorner

Surveillance Video Clues

2/12/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


The surveillance video of cop killer Christopher Dorner buying scuba gear gave police some important clues before they caught up with Dorner in a Big Bear, CA cabin. We'll tell you what authorities learned after we posted the video. 

Plus, Mel Gibson angrily fielded a question about Pope Benedict XVI retiring -- but Mel might have had an ulterior motive ... involving his female dinner guest. Hmm ... 

Also, Katherine Webb actually THANKS Brent Musburger for launching her career -- and now that we've seen her S.I. swimsuit spread ... we'd like to thank Brent too!TMZLive-Download-Podcast-Graphic

(0:00) Christopher Dorner is involved in a shootout with cops -- and is now surrounded. We'll tell you how our video of him buying oxygen tanks may tie in his master plan.
(10:00) Mel Gibson nearly goes off the rails at a photographer ... until he's asked about the pope. You gotta see this video of Mel on the brink of a rage fit.
(14:15) Angelina Jolie's daughter Vivienne Jolie is already making BANK as an actress.
(18:00) Another person dies from a heart attack after becoming a regular at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas -- the owner calls in to try to defend his restaurant.
(24:00) Justin Timberlake goes off on the media at his comeback concert on Sunday ... Mike has an idea why he's so mad.
(28:00) Katherine Webb THANKS Brent Musburger for ogling her at the BCS Championship game -- and after seeing her SI spread ... we thank him too.
(32:00) Kobe Bryant takes a stand against homophobic slurs.
(34:00) The chief of police in the middle of the Chris Brown community service fiasco steps down.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(40:00) Dogs may be even smarter than you think ... and we'll tell you why.

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Listening to CNN. The guy wonders if Dorner might have any demands. Well, DUH! 'bout go the f*ck away?!

617 days ago


So folks, PRESS CONFERENCE LIVE AT 3pm PST. Which means, TMZ will carry on Viewers choice until 3pm and we'll switch right over. I hope TMZ leaves this board open while it's showing.

617 days ago


Brown always looks like he's being scolded by his mother when he's sitting there in court.

617 days ago


Why do we keep getting stupid Cnuts in this place that think posting a full page comment is going to get anyone to do anything other than scroll past and rip them a new one?

617 days ago

Raymond McPherson    

Although I didn't agree with Christopher Dorner action, I believe his action was brought on by the LAPD continuous racism. Racism must come to a stop in this country, I too know what it is like to be changed with a crime I didn't not commit just because of the color of my skin, but thank god, because the truth prevails in the end, but many young black men and women are not as lucky as I was. We need to put our differences aside and stand up for justice against these renegade people who want to punish us because of the color of our skin.

617 days ago


Vivienne Jolie Pitt Needs to get a new Agent, She could have gotten so Much More money than $3,000 a week she could have got $100,000 a week or more. Very disappointing.

617 days ago


I have to laugh every time I hear your commentators voice. It sounds like the young Catch A Predators voice. FYI

616 days ago

mac282 an officer of the court you just promoted the police to use any tactic available, to them, to judge any suspected person, who's guilty or not, to execute them with popular demand. The police enforce laws, they don't execute the sentence without a "day" in court. For you to promote that the police were right in the idea to burn the house down to catch Dorner is unthinkable. I guess your sheepskin just hangs on your wall for decoration and something you've forgotten how to practice what you studied for. I'm outraged! I don't care if Dorner was guilty, you can't let the police decide what type of justice they will disperse to citizens, law abiding or not. Shame on you!

614 days ago
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