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Christopher Dorner


Through Dental Records

2/14/2013 3:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Christopher Dorner is dead ... officially ... now that officials say they have POSITIVELY identified the killer's remains.

The San Bernardino Sheriff's Dept. released a statement saying, "The charred human remains located in the burned out cabin in Seven Oaks have been positively identified to be that of Christopher Dorner."

Officials say he was identified through dental records.

Dorner died in a remote cabin in Big Bear, CA -- where he engaged police in an intense gun battle. Dorner shot and killed one cop in the firefight and wounded another.

Cops had been chasing Dorner for days after he allegedly killed 3 people earlier in the month, including another police officer.


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Only Forest Fires can Cover up police corruption...

618 days ago


LAPD like George Bush, they tried ...." To smoke him out .."

618 days ago


This man murdered 4 innocent people, 2 were civilians that had NOTHING to do with anything. Are you people saying that its ok to murder someone's daughter if that person did you wrong. Im not saying there isnt corruption in the LAPD, I'm sure what he said was true and had merit; But to KILL 4 people?? Buddy, not the smartest way to get your point across. If you wanted to get peoples attention you did a good job. But you Dorner supporters are saying, "its okay to murder someone if you have reason". He got what he deserved. I don't feel bad for him. Yes I'm sure they could have taken him alive but oh well. None of you knew or cared about him when he was alive, so guess what. Him dead doesnt mean anything either. Corruption will still continue in all groups of law enforcement. IF you want to make a difference, start with the government. Start with the president.

618 days ago


Harvey is so far up the LAPD's slimy ass today it's disgusting. first you have LAPD burning that house down and then of course true to LAPD they lie about it and say no well it's caught on tape. multiple officers are heard saying burn it down excetera. no matter what side you're on it wasn't up to LAPD to play judge and jury.

618 days ago


Ok I need to get this off my chess. I don't know if im Really a Dick or Just Don't have Sympathy for Death of a Police Officer I feel more Sad for the so call BAD GUY and COP MURDER ” CHRISTOPHER DORNER” The media Scare the People saying he was a Mad Man but the Only People tha wear in Danger wear the COPS and their FAMILIES. I went threw some **** UP **** last Year on NOVEMBER-08-2012 The Cops Took my JOB,MY GEAR,MONEY and I Lost My Place,Truck, My Wife And My Kids. They Cops **** UP MY THANKS GIVING,MY KIDS BIRTHDAYS and CHRISTMAS. I didn't know its WRONG and Against the Law to Make a Living and Provide for my FAMILY. This ****ING COPS DON'T CARE ABOUT ANY ONE you Can't RESPECT SOME THA DON'T RESPECT YOU They have to Much power and don't know how to use it. Look I can go on and write a hole book about this ****! But The Bottom Line is Tha The SYSTEM IS BROKEN WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT ?

618 days ago


So Harvey if the police has the right to burn people alive then. You are saying if the police get scared your rights to a trial by your peers go right out the window. What jury said that this guy killed anyone? the people he had a problem with, go figure now all we have is their word that he killed anyone. Another thing, clearly on that tape that you broadcast the police called for other police to fire in ALL FOUR DIRECTIONS at the same time and got mad when he thought someone didn't cover the back so don't judge us here in California because we won't give ANYONE the right to murder NOT EVEN THE POLICE.

618 days ago


Aside from the tragedy that he murdered three innocent people in cold blood notwithstanding, the whole thing is sad from start to finish.

618 days ago


It was San Bernardino Co. Sheriffs, NOT the Los Angeles Police Dept. that were caught in the gun battle in Big Bear. Los Angeles county is far from San Bernardino county.

618 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

@Kathy: EXACTLY. I once had so much respect for LOCAL "Law" Enforcement. When they started beating Homeless/Veteran/Unarmed to death, in different locations, I FOREVER lost ALL respect for them. As a retired Police Officer once said to me, "These guys today are not Police Officers, they're gangs with badges". Time, and time again,
this has been proven CORRECT.
The Feds meanwhile, have ALWAYS been coward-transvestite-traitors.

618 days ago

I bet Leann Rimes wished she had his dentist.

618 days ago


A man who served or country and told the truth about crooked cops gets killed !! Cops are the worst crimnals the public has.

618 days ago

Bob L.    

Harvey you are absolutely wrong regarding the fire that killed Dorner. As a white male I find it appalling that the police even tried to start a fire in that cabin. Yes he had done some abhorrent things but as a human and citizen he has the right to a trial by jury of his peers. The police have NO right to be the judge, jury and executioners for any fugitive. Just what if he hadn't killed those people? Would they still have the right to burn him to death? Absolutely not. The police are paid to be above that stuff and should have waited him out and negotiated with him. The police should have to obey the same Rules of Engagement that the military must obey. You can't just kill anyone when they kill a cop!!

618 days ago


Why the LAPIGD isn't being question for murdering now four people? We would never know chris side since he never made it to trial. What was they hiding that they didn't want the public to know.

618 days ago


The LAPIGD are murderers for all we know, droner could have been framed by their shady asses. We have proof that they murdered four people not the other way around

618 days ago


Hey Chris, when ya get to hell, tell him Itchy sent ya!!

618 days ago
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