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Kim & Kanye

TSA Investigating

JFK Security Breach [Update]

2/13/2013 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

2:00 PM PT -- 
A rep for American Airlines tells TMZ ... the company is taking responsibility for the incident, explaining, "This was a lapse in judgment by one of our employees."

AA adds, "We’re working closely with the TSA and speaking to the individuals involved to better understand what happened."

But the airline says the 50-minute delay wasn't ENTIRELY due to the Kimye incident ... saying, "It was delayed in part ... because a number of connecting bags were delayed getting to the aircraft."


Kim Kardashian
and Kanye West are at the center of a TSA investigation following a major security violation at JFK yesterday ... but the TSA tells TMZ Kimye is NOT to blame.

We've learned ... K&K had taken a flight from Brazil to JFK on Tuesday, where the plan was to catch a connecting flight to Los Angeles. 

But once they landed in NY, the couple met up with an airline greeter ... who, according to the TSA, allowed them to bypass a key security checkpoint to get them to their next flight as quickly as possible.

After Kim and Kanye took their seats on the L.A.-bound plane ... a TSA agent yanked them off the flight ... and made K&K go through another layer of security.

We're told the plane was delayed for roughly an hour while the couple was screened by TSA agents.

Now, the TSA tells us it wasn't Kim and Kanye's fault ...explaining, "An airline employee escorted the two travelers through a non-public area in order to provide expedited access to their domestic flight."

"In doing so, the airline employee violated security protocols by permitting the travelers to by-pass the TSA security checkpoint. TSA officials learned of the violation and conducted a private screening of the two passengers in the area of the jetway."

"The passengers were cleared to board their flight, which departed after a delay of approximately 50 minutes. TSA is actively investigating the incident."

The couple ultimately touched down in L.A. ... where they were greeted by a gaggle of paparazzi ... but seemed incredibly calm considering all they had been through.


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Anyone that returns to the US understands that you must go through customs directly. It is an efficient process and relatively quick process when you follow the guidelines that are posted as you exit the planes in international flight hubs. It is a no brainier! They would have been prepped by their returning aircraft flight crew about the requirement. I guarantee they bitched up a storm and this worker felt pressured to make them happy because they probably did the "Don't you know who we are" bit.The US Customs agents don't mess around or show favoritism. The self absorbent couple knew they were breaking the law. They should be held accountable. The passenger logs exist to prevent fraudulent activity like this incident. I hope they get put on the watch list because of this and maybe they will think twice then about trying to manipulate the Government, like she manipulated her sham of a marriage.The TSA has procedures in place to catch fools like these two media bores.

617 days ago


like they are going to be a threat. really. good for that employee who got it.!!!

617 days ago


Isn't Kayne the idiot that got up on stage when Taylor Swift was accepting an award...So American Airlines delayed the plane for 50 minutes for the Pron Tape Queen and the Idiot...If I was a passenger on that flight I would demand a full refund and never fly American again...Boycott everything KarTRASHian and her Baby's Daddy...

617 days ago


Kate upton is one fine hottie. Did you guys see her sports illustrated pics?

617 days ago


i just wish the oldest 3 kardashian sisters would go the hell away. poor bruce jenner and kylie stuck in the middle of khloe,kim,kourtney and their pimp of a mama from hell.

617 days ago


Guys stop yelling at eachother and over eachother thats not a debate or imformative its just annoying you guys have been doing this for the last couple weeks ......

617 days ago


Harvey people wanna see me whoop her ass. Hook me up. Seriously

617 days ago


After the baby that is. I'm mean but I ain't that bad. Lol

617 days ago


Btw, stop flying w/ur baby non stop u selfish bitch.

617 days ago

Who the Hell is Khloe    

Et them wait...they nobody special

617 days ago


Considering all they went through?!?! For real?!?! Everyone flying has to go through this, its called the norm.

617 days ago


A lapse in judgement is a understatemnt, especially when Kanye smuggled that kilo of Cocaine between Kims Butt cheeks.

617 days ago


Oh wait, I'm mean they actually had to go thru security like us !common folk !!!!!! ((O.O)) GRASP PEARLS........How dare the airline !!!

617 days ago


shame on tsa, yanking the great kanye west, do they not know how important this man is, i hope they lose their jobs over this, and kim being "yanked" off the plane and being made to go through security like she's some ordinary female OMG! i hope this didn't stress her out poor thing

617 days ago

Sam Sunshine     

She's gross, Kanye is going to dump her very soon.

617 days ago
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