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Kim Kardashian's Lawyer

Kris' Lawyer Is a


2/13/2013 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries is threatening to destroy Kim Kardashian's reality TV career, unless he gets what he wants in their divorce case ... this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

Disso queen Laura Wasser complains in new docs ... Humphries' lawyer, Lee Hutton, was LYING when he told the judge he didn't tell her he was on a mission to "blow the lid off reality television"

What's more ... Wasser strongly insinuates Humphries and Hutton have been threatening to use the divorce case to "expose" Kim's show, unless they get money and/or an annulment.  

As for Hutton's threat, Wasser says he bluntly told her, "The Kardashians or Bunim-Murray [producers of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians'] do not want that to happen."

Wasser says Hutton has virtually ignored the divorce ... she says 95% of his deposition questions have been about the ins and outs of Kim's show. Among the questions Hutton asked producers:

  • "Is any aspect of season 6 [which features Humphries] scripted? If so, who maintains those scripts?"
  • "Are storyboards created for season 6?"
  • "It's not uncommon for a producer ... to give direction to cast members during a particular scene, is it?"
  • "Can you tell me who gave direction to the characters for the Bora Bora episode on what topics they should discuss? [The episode in which Kris finds out Kim had previously been married]."

Wasser also calls BS on Humphries' claim he can't deal with his divorce case during basketball season. Wasser says he has plenty of days off, including the upcoming All-Star Game -- which she's certain will not require his participation.


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No Avatar


Tub-o-lard Kim needs to fess up and give Kris the annulment. Hope he never gives up! Tubbo doesn't care how many marriages she has under her belt (heehee) but he wants her erased from his history. Shes soooo much like her crazy pushy mother! Don't like being told non huh Tubbo??? Ha!!!

596 days ago


How did you not know that she's a whore? You knew. Everyone else knows. If you didn't, take a shot of yourself so everyone can see a picture of stupid. Take a picture of Kanye too.

596 days ago

Joan K    

Geez, I hope this isn't causing too much stress on Kimmie while she is traveling the world with her fugly boyfriend. She deserves everything that Kris does to her fat azz.

596 days ago


He wont be needed for all star game. LMAO THATS FUNNY!!

596 days ago


Kris was duped into a false marriage and wants an anullment. Who can blame him ?Being manipulated into a false marriage and on national television would leave me salty as well. He is after all a human being with emotions that he probably invested into there relationship. Now hes expected to accept thngs on Whoredashians terms??? Good for him stand up to that group of trashy whores and expose them for the empty soulless vreatures that they are!
Ofcourse his lawyer needs to ask those type of questions in order to prove Fraud!

596 days ago


you can always count on TMZ to be on Kartrashians side!!!!

596 days ago

Los Pepes    

===A real friend would tell her how stupid looking she looks in those stupid looking glasses
But Im not surprised she doesnt have any real friends

596 days ago


so now Kim's. lawyer has jumped on the Smear Kris wagon... What a classy lady lol...

596 days ago


Hey Kim I'll tell you how I know the marriage is a fake. If you really loved him why 1. you didn't offer marriage counseling 2. if Chris is so bad why is it your the only side that trashing the other side. If he only wanted money why did you offer him 10 milli. 3. Why is it no other site but TMZ is running ads about you and another man and trashing chris 99.99% of the time

Soon as there was a "problem" you jumped and say I want a divorce. You just coming off as a drama queen because it's not going your way.

596 days ago


Is she even pregnant?? She doesn't look or behave like any pregnant lady I've ever seen!

596 days ago


Kris,slow and steady,you got this..your lawyer is great and not only will you be successful taking down kim..you also will BRING DOWN ****Y WASSERMAN A NOTCH,,LOVING KRIS HUMPHRIES!

596 days ago


Give Kim the divorce and move on with your life. She don't want your azz anymore find you someone else.

596 days ago


The Hump is panicked because he's getting traded and knows he's going into oblivion. His lawyer also wants to make a name for himself. They got too greedy and forgot what their first argument was for this divorce(HE WAS HEARTBROKEN). When he got busted with Myla his new argument popped up saying he wanted to marry in a catholic church(HE'S NOT CATHOLIC). So now it's that the show was scripted and Humphries was only forced to look stupid and obnoxious(IF THAT'S TRUE THEN HUMP AGREED TO IT INITIALLY AND THAT WOULD BE A DIFFERENT COURT CASE WITH THE PRODUCERS AND NOT IN THIS DIVORCE).

596 days ago


Kris Humphries why the hell are you dragging this out???? If he is saying that everything was scripted then his ass should have known the deal or is he that damn stupid. The dude was in love and then felt embarrassed and hurt when Kim was done with him. It is time to dust your feelings off and move on to someone more deserving. Kris is immature and annoying. 72 days was way to long to be married to this loser.

596 days ago


Just sigh the annulment, fat pig.

596 days ago
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