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Chris Brown

N-Bombs & Gang Threats

in Heckler Showdown

2/14/2013 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

Chris Brown was the victim, for a change, in an aggressive face-off with a heckler who got dangerously close to Chris' car, then yelled to CB ... "Is that motherfu**er bulletproof?!"

The scary incident went down outside L.A. nightclub "Playhouse" -- Chris was making a quick exit in his Lamborghini when the man ran up to the car and started yelling, "I ain't never seen a ni**er jump in a car that fast, ni**er."

The man -- who's African-American -- continued a non-stop verbal assault on Chris ... saying, "Yo, scary-ass Chris is that motherfu**er bulletproof?" That's when the tension really amps up because Chris appears to yell back at the heckler ... asking if he's bulletproof.

The man replied, "I'm a crip ni**er, hell yeah, I'm bulletproof!"

Before Chris drives away, he rolls down the window of his car ... and you can hear someone (sounds like Chris) warn the heckler, "Don't get f**ked up out here, my n**ga."

Watch the clip ... it's hard to tell if the heckler is really drunk, really angry ... or both.

We gotta give props to Chris -- who's still facing a possible probation violation --  because he drove off without getting into it with the douchey heckler.


No Avatar


What to expect from douche bags like Chris.

581 days ago


People should be nicer..he is a HUMAN BEING! Nobody is perfect everyone makes mistakes ...why not choose love instead of hate?

581 days ago


He is nothing but trash.

581 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Obviously, my ninja didn't catch that video with Kat Williams and Suge. Kat must've ran 50yrds in 3 secs flat to the awaiting SUV. Never seen a ninja run that fast.

581 days ago

all about the money    

Yea smart move get into a pissing contest with a gang member and then threaten them. Even if the gang banger made the bullet proof comment first if the future jail bird returned the comment the gang bangers will take it as a challenge. Although that might not be a bad the rest of us from having to hear about or look at him and save the courts time revoking his probation if he gets gunned down.

581 days ago


Yeah, Chris is from the "hood" as he runs with his tail between his legs in a $250 K car. See what happens when he has to face a man, he runs like a little girl. He's a punk a$$ beotch.

581 days ago


Umm TMZ? Why give props to Chris for driving off? The 'heckler' said he's a 'CRIP', which is a GANG in LA, right? Chris should have shut his mouth. I know I wouldn't want a gang member to be pissed off at me.

581 days ago


Chris did the right thing; you never know if the guy or one of his of his fellow savages had a gun. What do you guys want? For him to get out of car and risk being jumped by several guys or shot?

581 days ago


They were laughing not making threats not make something out of nothing.

581 days ago


What goes around, comes around.

581 days ago


He sounded drunk. Nothing serious.

581 days ago


When people wish bad upon others or do bad to others...the bad things come back to them. Karma

581 days ago


Yeah, I'd be careful who I mouthed off to, especially if I were a whiny celebrity with a lot to lose.

581 days ago


Pleeaassee TMZ, it wasn't all that!!!!!. The Guy saw CB, and saw the Cameras, so he wanted to act a Fool

581 days ago


That was not's obvious both parties were joking

581 days ago
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