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LeAnn Rimes

Sues Dentist

You Screwed Up My Teeth!

2/14/2013 4:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0214-leann-rimes-tmzLeAnn Rimes is suing her dentist, claiming he botched up her mouth so bad ... it's messing up her career.

In the lawsuit ... obtained by TMZ ... Rimes claims she went to Dr. Duane C. McKay for various dental work over 3 years. Some of the work included upper front veneers and crowns that the dentist promised would address her TMJ-related pain as well as improve her appearance.

Rimes claims rather than helping, the dentist messed her mouth up bad, causing tremendous pain and bleeding. Back in October, she tweeted, "I feel like I got hit in my right side of my face with a baseball bat."

Rimes says she's had to undergo 9 root canals and bone grafting. She's also had a temporary bridge and needed physical therapy as well. 

Rimes says in the suit she will have a "permanent cosmetic deficiency."

Rimes says the dental work is so bad it has been screwing with her career ... impeding her ability to perform.

In her malpractice lawsuit, LeAnn is seeking unspecified damages for physical, emotional and psychiatric injuries. She also wants money for loss of past and future earnings.



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Hot Farts    

Leeann needs to take her 9 rotten horsey teeth and bring Kim Kartrashian with her to...

"Naked Picture Island" its where people who never wear clothes and constantly have there picture taken go. No one wears clothes and they all run around with cameras

614 days ago


No dear, your sleeping with someone else's husband messed up your career. Those veneers are too big but she's still cute.

614 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Well, these kind of teeth modifications are something you really need to spend a LOT of $$$ on, or they look wack; I think.
But seriously, this heaux is SO delusional that's she's not fug and that no one minds her messing with Eddie while he was married.
Yeeeeeeaaah, R-I-G-H-T!!! lol
Plus, celebrities have their "time" and she may have peaked as a kid.
Deal with it!!!
Release songs and play small venues like even the greats (i.e., Merle Haggard) are doing now.
She just wants the mega-fame and $$$ to continue, but she's YEARS past that now, with notoriety on top of that.
You ain't no Celine Dion, honey, and you never were.
Get over it.
Your CRAY is the problem here, not your teeth!!!

614 days ago

Hot Farts    

Hi I Love Gossip:

I must say that the dentist is in no way negligent here and this case will be dismissed for lack of merit.

When a person of means neglects there dental health to the point of 9 root canals and bone grafts, it is they who is negligent.

Have a nice night.

614 days ago


Wasn't her career over by age 13? Why continue to grasp at relevancy? Also, this whole dental nightmare is called Karma!

614 days ago



614 days ago


first of all, the only reason she would need bone grafting is for a periodontal problem.. which means she doesn't floss, and had gross gums and deep "pockets" around her teeth.. Second.. if she needed 9 root canals its prob b/c the teeth were so decayed that she needed it given the fact that she had perio problems. So all in all im gonna make a leap here and say her teeth were prob crap from her horrible hygiene or her puking all the time. Its prob a combo of both... I'm a dental assistant... i have seen it all.. oh and ps.. crowns do not help TMJ and you get crowns when you have root canals so the root canal tooth doesn't break and cause worse problems...

614 days ago


With a face like that, her teeth don't matter. Leann's whole face has a "permanent cosmetic deficiency." Her career went down hill and she lost all her fans when she started screwing a married man with 2 little boys. Maybe she should cut down on the blow jobs. She certainly didn't look like she was in pain when she was sucking face with another woman or her constant pda with Mr. Ed. The reason she is suing is because her old fans hate her and her husband can't get a job. How is she going to keep him If she can't blow him or provide him with the lifestyle he wants?

614 days ago


Is she going to sue her mom for giving her a screwed up face too?

614 days ago


LOL Everyone knows the dentist didn't have anything to do with your "psychiatric" injuries. Someone should tell leAnn she can't be on Twitter all the time and have a career.

614 days ago

crazy k    

I am sure her teeth issues are a result of her vomiting to keep her weight down to hold on to that self absorbed piece of **** she is "now" married to. When that $$$$ is gone so will he !

614 days ago


You don't go to a dentist for THREE YEARS worth of work

614 days ago


You don't go to a dentist for THREE YEARS worth of work

614 days ago


First the school techer and now a dentist sue crazy or does Eddie need more monet??

614 days ago

BB not bb    

Her teeth look good in that picture. Is there a picture of where her teeth look bad? Sometimes you can get pain from dental work. There could be an allergic reaction to the dental materials used.

Maybe it is just better to keep your bad looking teeth than to go for all of those veneers and bridges and caps and root canals.

614 days ago
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