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'Blade Runner' Pistorius

Backstory to GF's Murder

2/14/2013 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Oscar Pistorius -- the double-amputee Olympic sprinter -- is now charged with shooting and killing his model girlfriend. We'll tell you what we uncovered about alleged domestic violence in his past -- and what people in her life are saying about the couple.

Plus, Chubby Checker -- legendary singer of "The Twist" -- joins us to explain why he's suing over an app called the 'Chubby Checker' ... which determines penis size. Hmm ... wonder why he's pissed?

Also, Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke -- known for her sexy pre-race dance -- will now be known for her Sports Illustrated swimsuit spread. Is she trading her cleats for a bikini? We got her on a video chat to find out.

(0:00) An absolutely shocking story -- handicapped Olympian Oscar Pistorious is charged with murdering his girlfriend. We'll tell you why you shouldn't convict him quite yet.
(5:00) Audio recordings reveal police purposely set the cabin that Christopher Dorner was holed up in on fire. Was it the right call?
(10:00) Chris Brown is heckled outside of a club -- was he stupid to yell back at the guy.
(14:15) Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke -- famous for her sexy pre-race dance -- joins the show to talk about her unbelievably sexy new Sports Illustrated photo shoot.
(18:00) Chubby Checker is pissed off an an app called "The Chubby Checker" -- which claims to be able to judge a man's penis length by the size of his shoe. Chubby calls in to vent his frustration.
(24:00) Lil Wayne drops a really offensive lyric about Emmett Till -- the Black teenager who was brutally beaten to death in 1955 for whistling at a white lady.
(28:00) Lena Dunham's show "Girls" is being put on blast by the guys in the newsroom ... you gotta hear what they think is wrong with the show.
(32:00) Rapper Eve doesn't think Britney Spears actually sings on her track with Will.I.Am ... take a listen and judge for yourself.
(34:00) A brutal fight on "For Love & Hip Hop" -- and we have video of it.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) It's once again time for ... Tim's rejected pitches!

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I don't doubt for a minute that was Britney with the English Language, she did that accent when she was going through her meltdown. Too bad that TMZ didn't figure out that Taylor Swift took a pot shot at her ex English band boyfriend at the Grammys by saying "he calls me up and says "I still love you" in a fake english accent. You guys missed all the best shyte.

615 days ago


the history of lenchings in this country are unbearible and lit is slaping? at the fact of the subject matter? as if to say move on.Whites are`nt living in covered wagons but native americans are still removed from most of americas fuctions less the NOW credited CODE TALKERS of WWII which WON the war on the SS for the allied forces.WE should ALL be kissing the tasses of those whom saved NOT their country but OURs as a allied force fighting the SS but stuck on those resses forced out but still backing the americas and the JEWS! also.We would have never defeated the nazis without the idian code talkers of WWII

615 days ago



615 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

A good old weave pulling thong popping throw down.

615 days ago


Honestly folks, I don't understand why people watch this crap. Are lives so destitute, so boring that you need to watch this "SCRIPTED" shyte. Does it make them feel better about themselves? I truly HATE Reality shows, NONE OF IT, is reality, it's all SCRIPTED, just like Wrestling all these years. Soap operas being passed off as the real deal, BLEAH!!!

615 days ago


Those people of color sure seem to misbehave a lot when they get togather in public .......

615 days ago


CODE TALKERS OF WORLD WAR II now have thier award from the president after 50 years of battles to get credit of which I helped fight for for about ten years writting the first screen play outline and concepts in modern time anyway and that handing it back free to those tribes that fought the nazis for the states even as they were out placed from thier home/lands

615 days ago


I handed back the concept and first screen play for FREE as my credit to the only real americans whom were forced out LET still fought the nazis even though they didn`t have to and were`nt forced to fight for the states encamping them

615 days ago


Shyte, trying to catch up, on page three. I'll have to wait till they clean this up and post it later.
See ya guys.

615 days ago


Like Harvey hasn't heard or done that before...

615 days ago


Lil Wayne clearly has no respect for Emmett Till. But neither did the cemetery he was buried in.

Shows you how much we've grown as human beings. Aren't we suppose to be the intellegent species?

614 days ago


I think Tim needs at least a spot on the web site for his rejects. Some of them look interesting.

614 days ago


The wife is nuts if she goes back to CBS anchor
Because a drunk mans words is a sober mans words

608 days ago
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