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Kris Humphries

Gets 3-Month Reprieve

... Divorce Trial Set For May

2/15/2013 12:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Kim Kardashian
will not be able to shake Kris Humphries out of her life for 3 more months ... because a judge just set their divorce trial for May 6.

Kim's lawyer, Laura Wasser, had been gunning for a trial next month -- claiming Kris' lawyers have abused the legal system by stalling for no good reason.  The judge finally laid down the law and set a trial date, but the first available time for the trial is May.

Kris' lawyer predictably tried to get another delay before setting a trial date, but the judge wasn't buying what he was selling.

TMZ broke the story ... one of Kris' lawyers bailed on his client yesterday, citing "irreconcilable differences."  Sources tell us ... the lawyer felt Kris was full of BS wanting an annulment, because there was no proof of fraud.


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I think the real reason Kim won’t give Kris the annulment is because it would make their prenuptial agreement null and void ~ meaning no more gag order. Kris wants revenge because he really does feel duped.

Kim obviously doesn’t want Kris to trash talk her, and her family has a lot to lose, too. But, her ‘dirty laundry’ is going to be aired either way. I hear Kris’ lawyer is trying to get access to the more than 10,000 (ten thou) hours of footage from all the Kardashian reality shows.

584 days ago


Kim Kardashian won't proove she's pregnant. Why Not? She and West are so happy bla,bla,bla.

Per whatever doctor, the fetus is under stress because Humphries won't give her a divorce.

Humphries and Kardsashin divorce trial for May 6th.

Kardashian will pull a miscarriage due to stress and it's Humphries fault right on time for court.

In the meantime...now she is using pregnancy as a money maker. Funny how the so called stress is only at her convienence.

584 days ago


In Touch magazine is really dragging Kris Jenner and her evil past through the mud. This familys' reputation is beyond redemption. Robert Kardashian's journals have revealed Jenner's true evil. Revenge from beyond the grave. Your sins will come home to roost!

584 days ago


I can't wait until all of their shows are gone, just like their line at Sears.

584 days ago


Poor Kanye (did i just say that?) - he probably has not yet realized that once Kris H is out of the picture, HE (Kanye) will be the next victim of Kim and the K-trash family.
AHAHAHAHAH Kanye, your battle with Kim and the Trash-Kanians will involve: money, real estate AND a baby!

584 days ago


Fat ass Kim is a clone of her mother. Shes to selfish to be a mother and will just hand the baby off to nannies after the first couple sets of pictures r out. She WILL be a horrible mother....just like her own.

584 days ago


I doubt Kim latched on to Kris with the intent to scam him into marrying her. Yes, she should have cancelled the wedding, but I wouldn’t be surprised if her mom talked her out of it, convincing her she was just going through the ‘cold feet’ thing.

I thought Kris was doing this for spite or revenge … but it just dawned on me he may really want an annulment for religious reasons. We know he doesn’t believe in divorce.

Who knows what’s really going on behind the scenes? If I were Kim, I would offer to give him the annulment, but make him sign a new ‘gag’ order (if that’s legal or possible).

584 days ago


California is a no fault state. There is a pre-nup. It is all decided by a judge. Fraud is going to be impossible to prove. This is going to be a pretty straightforward dissolution. Judges do not like a lot of theatrics especially after a 72-day marriage.

584 days ago


Why won't Kim just give Kris the annulment? Is her "brand" more important than her baby and her relationship with Kanye? One more thing...why does
Kim only date men whose names start with K? From
Kris to Kanye. How weird is that?

584 days ago


Hate the Kardashians all you want people but the truth is this guy is a big, dumb LOSER!!

584 days ago


Kim Kardashian is a 33 year old woman. Fully aware of all types of birth control and so is West.

As long as the money rolls in.

584 days ago


Go Team K. Humphries! Praying for ya! You got this!

584 days ago


Kris is being a b*tch does he still love kim or is this about the money because i dont get why he would hold on to this for so long he looks pathetic

584 days ago


Fraud will be hard to prove? Are y'all stupid or blind? This bit h was in it 4$ the whole time!

584 days ago


I hope this dude finds a nice chick cuz all K did was use

584 days ago
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