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Kris Humphries' Lawyer

Kris' Annulment Claim


2/15/2013 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Even Kris Humphries' soon-to-be ex-lawyer thinks Kris is abusing the legal system by fighting for an annulment from Kim Kardashian ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with Kris tell TMZ ... attorney Marshall Waller made it clear to his client ... there are NO legal grounds for annulling his marriage to Kim, because there's absolutely NO evidence of fraud.

Our sources say Waller and Kris reached an impasse ... because Kris' out-of-state attorney, Lee Hutton won't budge from the whole annulment thing.  So, as TMZ first reported, Waller filed legal docs Thursday asking the judge to get him the hell out of the case.

And get this ... In Waller's motion to be relieved as counsel, he zings Kris by saying they have "irreconcilable differences" -- EXACTLY the grounds for a garden-variety divorce. 

One final thing ... lawyers for Kim and Kris are in court this morning, and as we previously reported, Kim's lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser, will demand a trial date as early as next month.  The question now -- will Kris argue that since he just lost his California lawyer, he needs more time? 

If the judge buys Kris' rather lame argument, it will be the 4th time the judge would have delayed the trial for a 72-day marriage that effectively ended nearly a year-and-a-half ago.

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614 days ago


TMZ gives too much attention for lawyers. Now lawyers are just firing their clients left and right as it gains themselves more exposure than actually representing their clients.


614 days ago

steak man     

Let's all move on, please.

614 days ago


These things happen

614 days ago


Sign the papers Chris! Your being dumber then you look.

614 days ago


Another s***bag trying to make a name for himself. We all know this marriage was a fraud. Kim needs to give him his annulment.

614 days ago


Give the deposition KIM

614 days ago


if the lawyer didnt think kris h. could get annulment, why did he take the case? now he is trashing his client, at a critical time in the case. i thought lawyers couldnt comment about clients. tmz is so bias, they dont think about kris hump, trying to get annulment so he can defend himself. if kim, didnt have prenup to keep him quiet, he wouldnt have to get annulment. kris is harrased on the court (while trying to do his job), djs in clubs, made to look bad by following the scripts at eentertainment. so its ok with tmz and all the fans of kardahians, that he cant defend himself? id like to see harvey or any one of these people getting trashed, just set there and take it and not want to defend themselves. as for the delay, seems the kardashians are the ones who didnt want to be deposed because they were to busy. also kim, doesnt want to give ring back.. come one honest would you want to keep your mouth shut while everyone was trashing you?

614 days ago


Whatever happened to attorney/client privilege? My God what is this soon to be ex lawyer doing? Good riddance. I believe there WAS FRAUD. She and her mother planned this fake wedding for ratings.

614 days ago


It's surely clear whose side TMZ is on. They have always favored the Kardashians. I think it's terrible. Let Mike and TMZ keep his head up KK's azz but stop being part of the Kardashian PR machine, please.

614 days ago


Cut the BS with this "TMZ has learned." We all know you're on their payroll.

614 days ago


The courts shouldn't allow this nonsense to continue. Pretty sure they have better things to do.

614 days ago

BB not bb    

What is a disso queen? Is that like a disco queen? Dissolution queen? Anyway, Kris is just stalling for time period. He is just trying to be annoying as possible. He seems to enjoy it, like a psychopath.

When he was on the show, he would mess up Kim's closets on purpose just to watch her freak out. Then he would smile. I don't blame her for punching him when he ripped off her toenail either. He was always throwing her around very roughly. He is like four times her size.

The only lawyer who would take this case is some backwoods yokel or someone with no real career to speak of. I doubt they will even find another lawyer to sponsor them in L A. Kris will probably just have to give it up after this.

Kim has moved on but he is still clinging to being able to annoy and torment her. Then he will have to go back to *********** with random women and playing basketball.

He was so mean and self centered on that show. He said Mason playing with his toys was ruinging his basketball career. He could have just asked them to move the kid away from his door while he was sleeping. Instead, he ran all the way to Minnestoa.

I think he creates irreconcilable differences with alot of people.

614 days ago


This lawyer should be disbarred for talking about his client's case.

614 days ago

Lynn M    

Maybe Waller doesn't want to go up against Wasserman. I find it telling that Waller wants out so close to trial. How can he say there is no case when not all depositions have been completed? At the time of the marriage, I was 80% sure that he was being used. I distinctly remember thinking that I hoped she wasn't using him just to get the wedding, especially after the remarks he made on the show as to his commitment to marriage.

614 days ago
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