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Kim Kardashian

Sacrifices Her Couch ...

for $5 Mil Mansion Sale

2/16/2013 12:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


If you're a couch in Kim Kardashian's house, don't get too attached -- TMZ has learned when she unloaded her Beverly Hills mansion recently ... all the primo furniture was included in the price.

Sources tell us ... Kim quietly sold her 4,000-square-foot pad -- the one she once shared with Kris Humphries for a hot minute -- for just under $5 million. She bought it in 2010 for $4.8 million.

We're told Kim wanted a quickie sale -- she has that other mansion to nest in with Kanye West -- so when the buyer asked to have all the high-end furniture included ... KK gave it up without a fight.

The lucky buyer scored everything from couches, to coffee tables, to custom made pieces like Kim's favorite glam station vanity dresser (which we're told was hard for her to part with) ... all totaled worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Bright side for Kim ... she's got so much money ... she's building an entire salon in her new digs.


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The Man They Call Louis    

Unreal...must be nice to have money for doing nothing.

612 days ago


Serious this is ****ing mnews?! **** that whore

612 days ago

the truth    

He said on one of his songs he wanted a big booty hoe

612 days ago


That house is undoubtedly crawling with body lice and smells like a struggling hooker.

612 days ago


"the one she once shared with Kris Humphries for a hot minute" - TMZ try again. This was the place she would not allow Kris H move his things into.

612 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...yep...she really when u think about it...bought this house as a " location" for the soon too be plot line of getting a hubby ...and his demise that already was in the works..she knew he never was going too " live" there...and btw...100% she got mega tax deductions and a fee for using the house as a shooting location..must b good too be a accountant on the KKK Korruption ..wonder when the IRS will come down in them in the future...just saying...the greedy tend too get greedier..and eventually gets caught up..Kim won't like the press on that...but....she will b able too afford getting out of any problems..cause she is in a current state of WIN/WIN..with THIS BABY DADDY...ya..makes sense she didn't go for HUMPS..u can just read her mind in evaluating..not that her brain goes tooooooooooo

612 days ago


Who cares about any of the Kardashians?

612 days ago


I bet that furniture has had more black wieners on it than a BBQ grill.

612 days ago


I wonder if it has occurred to Kanye ,that she is using him as a further inroad to the black population, to further exploit them,for her own advancement & monetary gain? That is why she has gone to N I g e r I a~ for financial gain from the black race. Actually,it seems he is all for it.He will have his trophy baby, after all.

612 days ago

Fuck Off TMZ    

Someone needs to put a bullet between her eyes.

612 days ago

The Big Bowowski    

Someplace,somewhere,there is someone with large amounts of stock in Lysol smiling ear to ear. Imagine how much of that stuff the new owner is going to have to use to get rid of the skank smell and all the funk thats breeding on her furniture. your stockbroker on Monday..just sayin

612 days ago


Is the hoe giving Kris half the money? Money is the number 1 priority to this pig.

612 days ago


According to the news, she is now in
AFRICA. Prior to entering ,people are required,10 days a head of time, to be vaccinated against yellow fever. There is also a high rate of POLIO infection in the area,at this time. And she is PREGNANT?? Really, I am beginning to have doubta about that. Who would endanger the health of their baby,by taking strange vaccines,& entering questionable countries?? Malaria, polio??

612 days ago


She should really read this and see what most people really think of her.

612 days ago


What's really ironic is that she thinks she and her family represent Armenian culture when in reality Armenians hate her. They all think she's giving them a bad name. Just today an Armenian guy wrote on her website in Russian about what he really thinks I her. It's pretty graphic if you understand it. She's known as a whore among Armenians and they don't think of her as anything but that.

612 days ago
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