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Kim Kardashian

Sacrifices Her Couch ...

for $5 Mil Mansion Sale

2/16/2013 12:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


If you're a couch in Kim Kardashian's house, don't get too attached -- TMZ has learned when she unloaded her Beverly Hills mansion recently ... all the primo furniture was included in the price.

Sources tell us ... Kim quietly sold her 4,000-square-foot pad -- the one she once shared with Kris Humphries for a hot minute -- for just under $5 million. She bought it in 2010 for $4.8 million.

We're told Kim wanted a quickie sale -- she has that other mansion to nest in with Kanye West -- so when the buyer asked to have all the high-end furniture included ... KK gave it up without a fight.

The lucky buyer scored everything from couches, to coffee tables, to custom made pieces like Kim's favorite glam station vanity dresser (which we're told was hard for her to part with) ... all totaled worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Bright side for Kim ... she's got so much money ... she's building an entire salon in her new digs.


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What respectable man would even consider acting this tramp. No guy with a brain would consider marrying her. She's got a sex out there for goodness sake banging ray jay. How much lower can it get than ray jay. The only guys she can get ate thugs like kanye west and dumbasses like Chris Hump. Show me one great guy she dated lol

616 days ago


mike, mike, mike.........that's pretty standard in these mansions to include the furniture, unless it's a family heirloom. Pieces are selected specifically for the "mansion" generally they are included in the sale. Besides, it probably wasn't very high end. She's pretty trashy. I'm sure the new owner will toss it.

616 days ago


Is there anyway you can view TMZ and not get stories on this worthless bitch?

616 days ago


Ok haters, please leave Kimye alone!!! Take the mirror out and take a good look at your life!!! Helllooo!!!

616 days ago


More BS from Abnormally Large Ass Woman
Doubt seriously she “PAID” for any of the furnishings. They were all props bought and paid for by one of the many “REALITY” television programs.

616 days ago


Can't even vote a down arrow on zoome post...... could it be Harvey?

616 days ago


When did she have time to "share" that house with her husband Kris H? Didn't he go back to Minnesota from New York when he got tired of them playing him for a fool on their stupid New York show? Was this the house she didn't want him to ship his stuff to? She must have started planning the divorce in between dress changes during her fancy wedding.

616 days ago


why would anyone want
that herpes couch she cooched on?
nasty azz.

616 days ago


Kardahian Azz Crumbs included YUCKKK!!!!

616 days ago


Harvey Levine you are an idiot for giving us news about worthless people having insignificant life. Think please think, use the organ in your head called a BRAIN

616 days ago


I agree she's being passed around in the entertainment industry like a basket to dinner rolls.....hahaha!

616 days ago


You're right. All the bitch will do is have the fat sucked out of her stomach by the doctors who shaped her body in the first place. Watch her pop back 1 week after having the baby telling everyone she got her body back by going to the gym. lol

616 days ago


Yeah, "lucky buyer", got low-rent beige furniture to go with the no-name house and its ubiquitous "I'm only ever going to be a rent-out" walls. She's given up nothing: the house had no personality, she has no personality, so it's quits and a non-story.

Be honest, TMZ, readers, no-one cares less about the next Kim Trash story unless and until she and Kanye split (then watch all the "I don't read this ****" types pour out their thoughts!).

But really, this is all air and no substance, give it up TMZ, publish meaty stuff, not this pfaff!

616 days ago


I bet the new owner is one of the stars from shahs of sunset, Mercedes maybe ???! Persians worship KK stats!

616 days ago


The new owner will auction off her wares to the Nuevo riche in the Middle East and be able pay off the house in no time, the Arabs love her azzzz!!!

616 days ago
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