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Oscar Pistorius' GF

Set to Give 'Abuse' Speech

... Day She Was Killed

2/16/2013 12:53 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Oscar Pistorius
' GF Reeva Steenkamp was supposed to give a speech on the hardships of abusive relationships on Feb. 14th -- the same day she was shot dead in her boyfriend's home.

Reeva was set to speak to a group of teenagers at Sandown High School in South Africa ... to talk about her own experience suffered at the hands of a previous boyfriend -- not Oscar -- this according to the Daily Telegraph.

In the notes for her speech, the former model reportedly urged the school kids to "be brave, always see the positive" and "make your voice heard."

The Olympian is now charged with her murder.

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This is a sad and disturbing story. May her family somehow find peace and strength.

616 days ago

Amber S    

Pistorius is a disgusting animal. I hope he never gets to see the light of day. Shooting her 4 times in "self defense" claiming she snuck into the house even though police had to come to the house prior in the evening after neighbors heard the loud arguing. Yea he murdered her, case closed.

616 days ago


What a psycho I hope he rots in jail.

616 days ago


Very sad.

616 days ago


"be brave, always see the positive" Yeah, look where that got her.

616 days ago


RIP Steenkamp. Who wants to bet Pistorius will get away with it. He is a hero over there. No way they will find him guilty. I however hope they do find him guilty so that Reeva's family can have a JUSTICE.

616 days ago

Slim Whitman    

Same story in the Jodi Arias Troy Alexander murder. Arias swears she used SELF DEFENSE while stabbing Troy 29 times, slitting his throat ear to ear and shooting him in the head. Seem to me that breaking up with an abusive partner is better than KILLING him/her?

616 days ago


She could have took her own advise. Anyway I don't understand how he could shot her 4 times without noticing that it's his GF.

616 days ago

Rico Suavy    

What ever happened to Innocent until proven guilty. He may have wanted to "spring into action" & she refused him. Wait until all the facts come out, then judge.

616 days ago


This guy is showing all the tell sighs of an emotional monster. RIP to a beautiful woman and send my sympathy to her family...

616 days ago


He might be the only one that doesn't have to worry about bending over if he drops the soap in jail.


616 days ago

BB not bb    

Being in abusive relationships is a pattern. If you were in one, chances are you will be in another. Some women are too nice, too laid back, too forgiving, too tolerant, too opimistic. The mean ones are the ones who make it .

She probably couldn't see the signs again in her own relationship. These fools always show signs. The trick is to recognize them and leave or put a stop to it fast. You can't be a doormat for a dog.

Arguing with a bad tempered man is not a good idea. She had a huge fight with him and then probably hid in the bathroom, when mister has to be right shot her four times through the door.

Oh it is so sad about his legs, but really, it is not worth your life to put yourself in the line of a madman's fury.

When people are too nice even, I take that as a suspect thing, because they could be acting to hide something. If you can't see how they handle stress and disagreements, you could be in for a rude awakening down the line.

See how a guy likes being annoyed. If he can't take it, let him pass.

616 days ago

BB not bb    

Okay, was she dumb enough to sneak back into the house after fighting with him, maybe to get some things so she could break up with him? Maybe she was in the bathroom getting her things and he shot her through the door. But wouldn't he ask who it is if another person had keys to the house befoe just shooting.

I don't believe him. I don't think she is a stupid or careless person either. She actually started a business delivering produce to Saudi Arabia and I think *****ia. She probably saw his bad side, threatened to leave, and he just got mad.

They had only been officially together for two months. She didn't know him all that well I think. If you are a powerful strong woman around an insecure and prideful man, that could be a major threat right there. He didn't seem like a cool person to begin with.

I wonder if she even angered some Muslims who didn't want her shipping food to their countries, so they paid of this Pistorius to off her. Maybe he had to pick a fight with her first to get up the nerve. Maybe he told her to dissolve her business and she refused, so that is why they fought, and then he just shot her thinking he would have an excuse with the parania thing.

Who is really that paranoid though that they almost shot their washer? That is what he tweeted right before he did this. It smells like a set up to me.

616 days ago


Whats the real story?

616 days ago

BB not bb    

He said another strange thing. He lived in a gated community with armed guards and said it was all good until they turned on you. Why would he think they turned on him then? Maybe he was hinting that he was gongn to turn on his girlfriend.

These people always drop hints. Someone like this girl with everything going for her was maybe just not suspicious enough. Maybe everyone expected her to always be happy and trusting because she had so many good things in life.

I kind of think that she was set up. I think maybe Pistorius just even maybe hates women because his mother had the doctors cut off his legs for having missing bones, and then told him not to roll over and do nothing.

Maybe he feels to much pressure in life to succeed and is jealous of people who can do it easily like his girlfriend. A lot of people are very jealous of the smart, rich, beautiful, successful, and even nice and kind people. Some people just have dark hearts.

616 days ago
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