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Sean Stewart

Blasts Brandi Glanville ...

You're Pathetic

2/16/2013 12:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Adrienne Maloof'
s new BF Sean Stewart doesn't have time to deal with "Real Housewives" drama spewing from Brandi Glanville's mouth ... telling TMZ, she needs to stop being so desperate for attention.

Sean was out in L.A. Friday -- when we asked him about Brandi blasting his relationship with Maloof on a TV talk show this week, where she said the couple's 19-year-age difference "makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little and swallow it."

Sean fired back with some choice words for Brandi and then left her with one last piece of advice.

Check it out.


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go home!    

Yes, because your 60 year old "girlfriend" dating a much younger man old enough to be her son, is not a sign of someone being "desperate for attention." She should be dating your father Rod, not you. On second thought, Rod has better standards and probably would not want her. Jump on a treadmill to lose those added pounds we have noticed on you and get a job that doesn't involve being a bigger loser trying to get clean on reality show. You have made Adrienne a bigger fool because we all can see you are with her for her money probably, did your father cut you off or something? Your uber successful parents must be SO proud. Loser.

578 days ago


Trust fund baby (I mean 30 year old man).

578 days ago


Whatever dude - your old ass GF is a but-er-face.

578 days ago


That's too funny, this guy calling Brandi "Pathetic" I used to see him on some show, I think it was called "Sons of Hollywood" and he couldn't put together a complete sentence! lol Stewart is borderline retarded.

578 days ago


Brandi did speak of things that are none of her damn business when it comes to adriane. Brandi is always yapping how she speaks the truth. Well no one wants your truth Brandi because all you do with it is hurt people. She so muh drama and Has no filter I don't get why people defend her when it comes to that. Yes her husband left its so unfortunate but is not an excuse for her to mess with other peoples lives te way she does and throwing out ther personal stuff to the public like that. Freakin truth messenger. Shut up with your truth, consentrate on your children and stop bringin so much drama

578 days ago


Brandi is pathetic she needs to go BACK under the rock she crawled under! Slim bag!

578 days ago


What is brandi known for besides being eddies wife n he cheated on her with rimes. Is this the only reason she's famous???

577 days ago


A classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. Wash-outs both of them.

577 days ago


Brandi is a jaded nobody. I feel bad for what her husband did to her, but otherwise, does not make her famous. I can't understand why she's always in the news talking about a skank who slept with her husband. She should let it go and take care of her kids. She's too old for all of this. We need more news!

577 days ago


L:MAO @ "desperate for attention" - when is the last time pap cameras were following YOU around Sean? Don't want anyone messing with your meal ticket, it sounds like.

577 days ago


Is there really any question on WHY Eddie cheated on her. She is disgusting.

577 days ago


Add a few more names and you have daytime soap opera script material

577 days ago


LMAO!!!!! At least Adrienne Maloof didn't get dumped for Leann Rhimes! Retarded broad!

577 days ago


She's blunt and outspoken; I happen to like that quality about her, I find it refreshing. I think Adrienne puts on an unnatural, fake, forced and robotic-like controlled persona. She could take a lesson from Brandi.

577 days ago


Idiots, she cheated on Eddie first. she's no saint

577 days ago
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