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Chris Brown Blows Off

Incident w/ Gang Member

'It's L.A. Man'

2/17/2013 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown says he wasn't fazed by the self-proclaimed gang member who screamed at him outside a Hollywood nightclub this week ... telling TMZ that's just how things go in L.A.. 

We broke the story ... Brown was confronted by an N-bomb dropping loudmouth who claimed he was a member of the Crips -- as he was leaving Playhouse late Wednesday night. It's unclear why he was screaming at Brown, but he seemed to be making a veiled threat when he asked CB if his car was bulletproof.

Chris eventually drove away from the scene, but not before dropping a few F-bombs and N-bombs of his own.

But when we saw Brown leaving an L.A. art studio Friday afternoon ... we asked him what he was thinking during the incident, to which he replied, "It's L.A. brother."

He continued, "You just gotta keep your head down and keep walking."

Strong words from Brown, who doesn't exactly have a reputation for walking away from a conflict ... but maybe, just maybe, he's finally learning.


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Chris Brown sucks, his voice is autotuned to hell, not to mention he is a little bitch for hitting Rihanna.

583 days ago


I wouldn't want to the the Other Guy if he wasn't a "CRIP" That could get nasty for him for claiming an affiliation that didn't exist might comeback to haunt him. And I really wouldn't want to to be Chris Brown if the guy was. Because apparently he seems to have upset them...

583 days ago

K Luckey     

That was a real move walk away they can be childish by there self point for team breezy

583 days ago


Why anyone would want to lead this kind of life CB has, young or old, is beyond me. Thank goodness for a quiet and respectfully normal life!

583 days ago


This will end badly at some point for Mr. Arrogant POS...he will be pissing off the wrong people and we will be reading of his demise via drive by shooting...welcome to LA "brother"...LOL!

583 days ago


Well the tourism bureau must be thrilled to hear that, "It's just LA" Why isn't that fool in jail yet?

583 days ago


No. CB hasn't learned anything. I don't usually side w/ gang members, but I wouldn't mind reading a chris brown gets his ass kicked story

583 days ago


TMZ... you don't need to tell us everyrime you guys broke a meanlingless story.. no **** you guys broke these stories, because nobody else is pathetic enough to search for stories like this as much as you are

583 days ago


Typical bully. He will beat a woman, but when he comes up against someone who is capable of defending themselves, he runs away. Didn't he also run out of that nightclub brawl with Drake, leaving his bodyguards behind?

583 days ago


Chris Brown should consider growing up at one point. Screaming every profanity you know, calling other people--and even himself--deplorable slurs, gloating about his Rihanna's habitual use of marijuana on social networking sites (which seems like a stupid thing to brag about considering every Joe and his mother has access to marijuana; he might as well show off his awesome air-breathing skills too--why not be proud of doing something constructive, like seeking education or contributing to society?), consistently being incapable of controlling his volatile emotions and infantile temper tantrums, petty arguments with every other celebrity he drunkenly stumbles across, and thumping his chest about self-given "thug" title (...though his gang member run-in suggests he isn't the little tough thug he likes to play Barney imagination and pretend he is.) and behave like a mature, respectful, man who contributes more to society than blessing the world with ****tered television studio windows, hurling other people's iPhones and destroying nightclubs. Maybe also consider getting plastic surgery so the general public won't continue to compare his aesthetically-challenged face to Oscar the Grouch. Someone should FedEx him a tin trash can.

583 days ago


No, he walks a way from gangbangers. If you're a woman or an openly gay singer, he'll take a swing at you.

583 days ago


WTF! he will beat down rihanna, throw bottles at drake and beat the hell out of frank ocean, but when a gang member calls him out he just gonna say 'this is la, you gotta keep your head up" whatta punk ass bitch

583 days ago


That dude was just drunk. And a wanna be. A real crip would have stepped to his ass

583 days ago


The gangs are not as bad as it was in the 90's. Stop stirring up controversy TMZ. And stop stalking Chris Brown! You guys can't find anybody else to report about. February must be Chris Brown month on TMZ.

583 days ago


Here we go for round 3 billion and sixty one of Chris Brown hating and bashin g. Seriously dont you people have better things to do then hate on some one every day? Man this os getting OLD!

583 days ago
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