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Patrick Carney

ENRAGES Bieber Fans

with Twitter Profile

2/17/2013 5:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0217_patrick_carney_justin_beiber_gettyBlack Keys drummer Patrick Carney is on the receiving end of A TON of Twitter hate ... because he raised the stakes in his war of words with Justin Bieber by changing his Twitter profile pic to one of the Biebs.

You'll recall ... Carney ignited the whole thing last week when he said Bieber didn't deserve any nominations, telling a TMZ photog, "Grammys are for like music, not for money ... and he's making a lot of money. He should be happy."

Bieber fired back on Twitter, saying Carney "should be slapped around haha."

But now Carney has taken it up another level by changing his Twitter profile pic to Bieber, his name to Justin Bieber, and his profile description to "official twitter for the actual verified Justin Bieber DOS virtual buddy."

0217_patrick_carney_twitterCarney's handiwork has annoyed both his fans and Bieber's, prompting tweets like:

-- "I used to like you, but why are you being such a d**k?"
-- "do you even know how stupid and immature u look doing this. arent u like fifty?"
-- "do you know how f**king dumb your acting and how stupid you look lmao"
-- "Can we please have Patrick back?"

This is the whitest music feud ever.



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I looked at Carney's Twitter and his entire timeline is filled with tweets about Beiber. There's at least 200 back-to-back tweets and RTs he's made regarding Justin. While I'm no fan of Justin, that is edging on the creepy side.

583 days ago


Lol this is so stupid. Bottom line why is this 50/60 real old man acting like a child? This is what he has time for? I'm gonna have to say he's clearly jealous and trying to relieve his glory days.

583 days ago


This is the whitest music feud ever.-
What the hell is it with you all and Race? You just giotta throw that into what is the most divided this country as EVER been. It's a stupid comment.

583 days ago


reminds me of the bitchfest that was moby and M&M

583 days ago


Guess there's nothing more important going on in the world...ahem...

583 days ago


The Bieburgitator

583 days ago


i don't know any black keys fan that finds this annoying. besides, patrick is being harassed by justin bieber's illiterate fans and he's turning it around by making fun of them. good for him

583 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

If I was flying my plane with Carney & Bieber as passengers and only had two parachutes on board, the Biebs would be SOL if we were going to crash.

583 days ago


Tmz has beomce as bias and low as Perez Hilton. The "whitest fight ever", who the f*ck wrote this you racist f*cks? Stfu and just report. No good @ssholes, you are not even close to being better as the people you make fun of, you're s***.

583 days ago


Doesn't this guy have anything better to do?

583 days ago


First of All, after Justin made the comment that he wanted to slap Patrick that is when all his followers started with the disgusting tweets and death threats to Patrick. I can only imagine how many tweets Patrick received from the followers of Justin. So Patricks 200 tweets we all in fun. Not that malicious. By the way he is 32, not 50 or 60.

583 days ago


Bet they both slap like girls

583 days ago


Who care what his fans think...they are nothing but a bunch of tween retards anyway....

583 days ago


"This is the whitest music feud ever." LMAO!!

583 days ago


so what is Patrick suppose to do just let all those people leave hateful comments about him because Justin didn't like something someone said about him? All these little Justin Bieber fans are just immature, so someone doesn't like your little hero so what get over it already

583 days ago
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