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Patrick Carney

ENRAGES Bieber Fans

with Twitter Profile

2/17/2013 5:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0217_patrick_carney_justin_beiber_gettyBlack Keys drummer Patrick Carney is on the receiving end of A TON of Twitter hate ... because he raised the stakes in his war of words with Justin Bieber by changing his Twitter profile pic to one of the Biebs.

You'll recall ... Carney ignited the whole thing last week when he said Bieber didn't deserve any nominations, telling a TMZ photog, "Grammys are for like music, not for money ... and he's making a lot of money. He should be happy."

Bieber fired back on Twitter, saying Carney "should be slapped around haha."

But now Carney has taken it up another level by changing his Twitter profile pic to Bieber, his name to Justin Bieber, and his profile description to "official twitter for the actual verified Justin Bieber DOS virtual buddy."

0217_patrick_carney_twitterCarney's handiwork has annoyed both his fans and Bieber's, prompting tweets like:

-- "I used to like you, but why are you being such a d**k?"
-- "do you even know how stupid and immature u look doing this. arent u like fifty?"
-- "do you know how f**king dumb your acting and how stupid you look lmao"
-- "Can we please have Patrick back?"

This is the whitest music feud ever.



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Hey TMZ...why do you have to throw race in there..."This is the whitest music feud ever"

That's stereotyping and unnecessary and offensive. It's people like you that keep racism alive.

620 days ago


i look forword to the day he goies broke

620 days ago


I say the settle it with a "DRUM OFF!" I love the Black Keys music, however I say the Bieb takes him.

DRUM OFF, DRUM OFF, DRUM OFF........ Who's with me????? Come on TMZ, make it happen!!!!

620 days ago


If you followed this over the weekend, he was hilarious. But sadly it showed us how f'd our youth is as well. Parents of these kids should be embarassed. Love Patrick. Love his band

620 days ago


God I hate that ***got bieber

620 days ago


WHY? the golden rule of success and hospitality is "there's room for everyone and we all have our own taste" black keys guy is in some way threatened by Bieber? I am not clear on this obsession with someone whom many of us are not fans ...but, attempting to find good in music when u feel there may be none may find you learning more about others and enjoying what the artist has done on some level. Why not open the door to Bieber and let him see what you can offer in terms of your self-perceived superior talent instead of behaving like an inglorious baby bitch

620 days ago


What some people fail to realize is that we are failing to hold Bieber, a fully grown 18 (almost 19) year old man, accountable. Not once did he attempt to stop his fans from berating Carney who simply said a few words to a guy who approached him asking questions about a kid who doesn't even play the same kind of music. What the ****? I believe Carney is completely in the right, all he did was speak his mind, defend himself, and had a little fun trolling some spoiled brats who need to have their diapers changed.

618 days ago


Oh and to anyone asking how he has all this time on his hands? It takes one second to send a tweet, it's not rocket science

618 days ago
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