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Kris Humphries

I'd Miss NBA Playoffs ...

To Screw Kim in Court

2/17/2013 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries
is so hell-bent on humiliating Kim Kardashian ... he's willing to screw over his team and risk the NBA championship ... just to face off with her in court.

A judge has set a May 6th trial date for K & K's long-awaited showdown. Kim has wanted a simple divorce for nearly a year-and-a-half, but Kris wants an annulment on grounds she allegedly defrauded him ... he also wants to prove her reality show is fake. 

Problem is  ... Kris' team, the Brooklyn Nets, are on track to score a spot in the 2013 Playoffs -- which run from April 20th to June 20th.

Since the trial could last 2-3 days ... Kris has several options:

1. Settle the case BEFORE it goes to trial so he can play in the playoffs.
2. Play in Playoff games but miss the trial. It can go on without him, though it puts him at a handicap.
3. Go to the trial and let his team down

Sources close to Kris tell TMZ ... the NBA'er has already made up his mind -- if the Nets make the playoffs, and the trial falls on game days ... he'll ditch the games.

Now the really stupid part.  There's no way Kris is going to win this trial.  The judge will grant the divorce and Kris will get no money, because of the prenup (and the fact the marriage lasted 72 days).   As for what Kris will risk ... his 2-year, $24 million contract.

What's that saying? Bros before ... ?


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580 days ago


They are like roaches., they don't go away and there are more that just pop out, thanks to Jenner. Nobody is interested go away!

580 days ago


It seems to be that because some of you do not like what TMZ has to say you assume they are on the Kardashian payroll? Your blind hate for this family is blinding you to the fact that Kris is every bit the loser the Kardashians are he is just far more stupid.

580 days ago


I would rather see him in court than playing this B I T C H is a fraud and I want to see her humiliated...

580 days ago


Go back to your first stop with your whole family. Porn industry where you'll come belong.

580 days ago


Kim really isn't ageing well. I thought she was kinda cute when she was younger with the uni-brow, but now, she looks kinda haggish. I guess I would look that way too if I had grown up to be a human condom. :(

580 days ago


Kris, settle this case NOW. People used to be on your side, but no longer. If something happens to Kim's baby you will be blamed for causing her stress. End this now and move on with your life. You are acting like a two year old. ENOUGH!

580 days ago


If Kris loses in court will you all assume the judge is on the Kardashian payroll as well?

580 days ago


Why does TMZ continuously align themselves with the Kardasian family? Everything written is negative about Kris Humphries, Beyonce, etc but when Kim spews out a bubble of gas its headline news.

580 days ago


Regardless of how anyone feels he is just trying to stay relevant with this marriage. It keeps him in the tabloids. His parents divorce did not take this long to dissolve. He needs to be done with it already.

580 days ago


If your lawyer fires you,and tells you I'm tired of your games.... Your full of crap.

580 days ago


it's amazing to see just how STUPID Kim really is. Just a week ago she was saying the stress of the divorce was causing "pains" that could hurt the baby. THEN she went to RIO....then came back to LA...and NOW (according to less bias gossip sites) she's in Lagos *****ia.
what stupid **** wud go to a developing ****ry exposing her unborn child to who knows what! I bet she's touring orphanages to find a black baby to adopt to further try and "fool" the public.

580 days ago


That's LAGOS - N.I.G.E.R.I.A and COUNTRY!

580 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Harv, for so long, you were admired in your prof on court tv. All it took to do a flip was a famous name, a porn star being pissed on, a no panties wearing horse ass, who has no love or respect for her younger siblings or herself, someone who thinks marriage is a joke, someone who has no shame and someone I hope Kanye never trashes Okla. with.
Need a breath mint TMZ?

580 days ago


She manipulated and humiliated him. Very quickly. She treated marriage like a fun party to throw herself on TV and then decided she didn't really need or like the guy she cast to be her groom.

The marriage was certainly a fraud. Don't pick on tall guys, KIm.

Now she has a much richer, more famous guy who meets her own needs for wealth and fame much better.

We'll see if she can stay faithful to him or vice versa. But you can bet she'll make money off of their child. And that if and when they break up, she keeps all the swag from the relationship.

Reggie Bush had a lucky escape from her manipulations and those of her rapacious mother.

580 days ago
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