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Adrienne Maloof

Dear 'RHOBH' Producers ...


2/18/2013 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0217_maloof_housewives_gettyAdrienne Maloof is breaking up with the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" -- informing producers she does not want return to the show next season, TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Adrienne tell TMZ she has had multiple talks with the show's honchos over the past few months ... discussing her desire to leave the show.

We're told Adrienne believes the intrusiveness of the show has "ruined" her family and personal life. 

Our sources also made it clear ... Adrienne's departure has nothing to do with finances (she's worth millions), catfights with other cast members, or her recent divorce from Paul Nassif -- with whom she fought constantly on the show.

Fact is ... Adrienne may be beating producers to the punch. We're told she and Taylor Armstrong are on the chopping block and their replacements are already being cased. As we first reported, former "Extra" host Dayna Devon is currently a front-runner, along with Rod Stewart's wife, Penny Lancaster.


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No one likes this bitch. Bah bye!!

611 days ago


I've read Adrienne and Taylor will not be coming back for the next season. I'm sending out invitations now so we can get together and partay~!

611 days ago


Yeah. She's trying to save her name in the Beverly Hills community. She's not really liked by viewers and that holds a a lot of reign no matter where you live or how much money you have. She's probably getting the cold shoulder from fellow snobby pals. Who wants to be friends with a arrogant, lying, "calculating" woman like Adrienne? She's pretty classless too.

611 days ago


When Adrienne fired papers from her lawyer to stiffle Brandi she tripped over her too high shoes. Bravo knew they had a loose cannon and started worry that she would or could end up suing them at some point.

Ruined Adrienne's brand???? LMFAO no one knew who she was!!! Her family name is known and if it took a punch it was all Adrienne's fault.

She's the scornfully and condescendingly proud rich girl who denied her big nose and boyish body with surgery. She's the overbearing wife who showed contempt for her husband at every turn and eventually turned Paul into the haughty nebbish he became. It's all come out in the wash.

611 days ago


Sorry Adrienne, but your catty & bitchy behavior is what ruined your family & personal life!! Still don't get how it was any of her business where Pandora had her Bachelorette party & is still upset over was none of your effin business!!!!

611 days ago


BYE BYE Adrienne!!! Put a pair of your Maloof Hoofs on and get to stepping with your lying butt!

611 days ago


Adrienne and Taylor will be leaving the RHOBH? Let me send out invitations and we will partay!!!!

611 days ago


And you know that if Rod Stewart's wife Penny is signed on, they'll do something where Adrienne just happens to be hanging out with Penny's stepson and blend this whole ugly thing together. More like a storyline than someone legitimately leaving the show.

610 days ago


Good Riddance! Adrienne lost all creditability with me during last season's Reunion show.
She's a miserable BIOTCH and appears jealous of what Lisa and Ken have and she can't. It's torture watching her fakeness.
Who knows though, she may get a cameo if there is a Stewart family reunion and she's still banging Rod Stewart's son and his wife Penny is cast as a RHOBH. Would be funny.

610 days ago

In My Opinion    

BRAVO, BravoTV!!! Sign on the dotted line to get rid of both Adrienne AND Taylor. Both are beyond annoying. Adrienne cannot speak intelligently about anything, so she just repeats the same words over and over again: No, No, No, No, No...Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, etc. Has she ever had her IQ checked? It's no wonder that Paul dumped her. And Taylor demands that the show revolve around herself even when the "storyline" is focused elsewhere. They both need to go PRONTO.

607 days ago


Too ba, I .like Adrienne. Nothing wrong with her dating, banging a younger guy, same as old guys banging young chicks!

Get rid of Brandie, the foul mouthed hanger-on! Sick of her and Yolanda, the 50's throw-back wifey who damages the role of womanhood in the 21st Century. Poor example for her girls - all girls!

Yes I agree, Taylor is not a good role model either - too damaged and should go.

607 days ago

elizabeth Brogna    

I think she is a bitch. Who cares if you have more money than God, when you think everyone owes you it is just sad. Get another face left. You are not someone I think anyone wants to see on T.V. You are a just ungly inside and out

606 days ago


It would be a little awkward if Rod Stewart's wife was on the same show as Adrienne Maloof. Even though Rod's current wife is not Sean Stewart's mother, it's just gross!

604 days ago


Adrienne, it always seemed a bit weird for a business woman such as yourself to be exposing your life on a tv reality show. However everyone makes decisions for reasons known to themselves. When you butt heads with Lisa on the last reunion show you seemed to be trying to wangle support from cast mates. You seem to get the "Me too" buddies who jump on board when they need a powerful buddy. Your attack on Brandi
is a sour grape. I think in spite of your wealth the fact that Lisa was offered that spin off show, and has much more favor with the shows producers you couldnt stand it and here you are now trying to sabotage a network that im sorry to say has a bit more power then you. Adrienne, clearly you are going through a lot of personal change and your family need you. You made a brave step to divorce and now need time to heal and figure out what the next decade will be like. Focus your energy on the things that are truly important and that you can control. This chapter is closing, soon you will be able to laugh at the experience. You dont do well as an angry or vindictive lady. Divorce is ugly and so is any loss. You and Camille have all the money you need and fame will always be there.
Go back to happy Adrienne, dont lose that

597 days ago


Not to change the delightful subject of Adrienne... but i am curious why Bravo continues to invite that obnoxious dinner guest one Faye Resnick ? I cant imagine going to dinner at someones house and having that woman show up to be the dinner bouncer? I mean that woman never shuts up or actually eats any dinner no matter whose house she is in. What is her story anyway, and why is she the heavy when everyone of the housewives is more than capable of throwing down at a rodeo?

597 days ago
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