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Alec Baldwin

Allegedly Threatens Reporter, Hurls Racial Slur at Photog

2/18/2013 6:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Alec Baldwin was involved in another confrontation with the media ... after he allegedly threatened to choke a reporter to death and hurled a racial slur at a photographer.  

Both Baldwin and the photographer for the New York Post, G.N. Miller, filed harassment claims against one another following the run-in.

According to the Post, the reporter Tara Palmeri, approached Baldwin while he was walking his dogs to ask him about a recent lawsuit against his wife Hilaria. The reporter says Baldwin responded by grabbing her by the arm and saying, "I want you to choke to death."

The Post says Palmeri played an audio recording of the threat to police.

Baldwin then turned the Post's photographer -- who they say is black and a retired detective with the NYPD's Organized Crime Control Bureau -- and allegedly called him "a coon," "crackhead" and "drug dealer."

The Post says Baldwin posted several tweets about the incident, one of which said, "Thank u 2 NYPD officers who came to my home 2day so that I could file a formal complaint against NY Post 'photographer' who assaulted me."

The tweets have been deleted.

Baldwin was involved in two confrontations with photographers last year just days apart -- on June 19 and June 29.

Alec Baldwin says the claim he hurled a racial slur "is one of the most outrageous things I've heard in my life." Baldwin says it never happened.   

As for what caused the explosion of tempers ... sources very close to Baldwin tell TMZ ... it all emanated from a story in the Post a few days back, reporting that Alec's wife was being sued by a student in her yoga class, claiming he was instructed to perform a dangerous move in an overcrowded class and was injured as a result.

Alec's sources say the actor was infuriated because the Post story did not give her side, even though they claim they had multiple conversations with the reporter, saying the class was not overcrowded and the injured man got special attention because he was being careless and even admitted the accident was his fault.

Sources close to Alec say he's the one who called the cops and lodged a harassment complaint against the Post photog.  One Baldwin source denies Alec threatened to choke the photog, claiming he said, "I hope you choke to death."

6:55 AM PT -- Baldwin just tweeted using the official Alec Baldwin Foundation's Twitter handle -- saying, "I find it ironic that my foundation's last grant was $50,000 to the Arthur Ashe Learning Center."


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He will never change, always in a rage about something. He's a nasty racist, rotten father. And now he's about to bring another kid into the mix.

620 days ago


Hollywood loves him. Nothing will happen to his image and because her is a "star", nothing will happen to him legally.

620 days ago


I find it ironic that someone apparently so uptight. and serious would marry someone named Hilaria.

620 days ago


Given that this douche abused Kim Basinger and verbally abused his own daughter. It sounds plausible. ... how ever we need video or. Vical recordings. He is whate and gets away with what ever he does. In Hollywood thats how it works. White men beat women and molest children in that industry and everyone knows who they are and still sing their praises. Then let anyone of color screw up like this.... and they are forever bullied and accused of everything to try to destroy tgem while still singing the praises of Baldwin, Gibson, Brolin, Penn, Sheen..... its unacceptable no the color of the skin..... Punish 1 punish em ALL!!!!

620 days ago

Spicy mag    

I see a buddy flick starring Alec Baldwin and Mel Gibson, Take cover.

620 days ago


Father Time really slapped him in the face. He looks nothing like he did when he starred in Beetlejuice.

620 days ago


You would think he would have learned by now.

620 days ago


Oh it's the classic double edge sword. Paps get paid alot of money from the tabloids for celeb photos and celebs need paps for the attention. They both need and use each other and they both bitch about it.

620 days ago


His tweet about the Arthur Ashe center confirms Baldwin's racism, despite his PR flack's denials. I have told NPR I may consider cancelling my recurring membership if they don't part company with this clod...

620 days ago


Photo just looking for a lawsuit to make money off of Balwin. They chase ppl get in their faces it's ridiculous.

620 days ago


I thought liberals didn't talk that way

620 days ago


LOL! All of your celeb, Alec haters. Jealous of his wealth? Because he banged Kim Basinger? Because he's world famous (and you're not)? LOL! This is ALL 'Alleged' - get a real life. Go hate on your own life for getting bugger-all done with it. Losers.

620 days ago


NY post is a right wing murdoch crap rag,looking to bait a famous liberal guy. they are the lowest s*** of the universe. i believe nothing the post says. anyone who does,is an idiot..!!

620 days ago


Wonder why Rhianna didn't date him?

620 days ago


Because he donated money to a black charity...he thinks it's okay to hurl racial slurs. Never liked him,
never will.

620 days ago
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