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NY State Senator

Alec Baldwin Should Be

Blacklisted from Hollywood

2/18/2013 6:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


A New York State Senator is begging Hollywood -- both TV & movie producers -- to SUSPEND Alec Baldwin from all projects ... in the wake of allegations he spewed a racist epithet at a NY photog.

State Senator Malcolm Smith tells TMZ ... he was outraged after hearing reports that the former "30 Rock" star lashed out at a black photographer, calling him a "coon" and a "drug dealer." Smith was also upset at the report Baldwin threatened a female reporter.

"If these allegations are true, then no television network or film studio should hire the veteran actor until he seeks help," Smith said.

He continued, "In today’s modern age it’s a disgrace that people still use remarks that provide hatred to others based on race or orgin."

Smith says he's contacting NBC and will ask the network to push Baldwin into anger management courses.

Baldwin signed a 2-year TV deal with Universal (the TV arm of NBC) back in December.

A source close to Baldwin tells TMZ  ... "As someone who's been regularly investigated, [Smith] should be much more careful about jumping to conclusions."

FYI -- the feds investigated Smith regarding his link to a Hurricane Katrina charity accused of exploiting the tragedy's victims ... but he was never charged with a crime.


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Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Towelie sayz I like Alec Baldwin. It's never very long before he gets mad and lets you know what he really thinks. That's funny.

579 days ago


Give him a gun so he can put in in his big diahreaha mouth and let him blow his head off......always thought he was nothing but some bitches used tampon anyway! Most useless azzhole on this planet!

579 days ago


isnt it funny this is coming out from a senator along pedro espada that was stealing from ny'ers? Senator smith worry about your trash not others because you arent a saint.

579 days ago


What a load of crap, Who does this senator think he is. So what if said a racial slur, you people are too thin skined. I would be surprised if some non-white actors have made comments that can be considered racial, yet you dont hear a thing about them . It is only when some one says something against a african american or a gay that they want him to get treatment , FOR WHAT HAVING AN OPINION DIFFERENT THEN YOURS.
GROW UP PEOPLE . This is called freedom of speech, if it were me I would take it to court.

579 days ago


Why is this Senator dealing with this??? Sure go after a white celebrity for a racial slur but, black celebrities can say what ever racial slur they want. Race is such a big problem still. Now when our President can remember he is not just black but white as well it will be a step in the right direction.

579 days ago


This is ridiculous. It is also a country of free speech. I do not care if it is Alec Baldwin or whoever. I imagine actors get tired of stepping out in public with cameras, lights, and microphones in their face all the times especially if they are having a bad day. I know if you were bothering m,e and in my face I would probably do more than call you a name. I am so sick of this black crap all the time of crying out racist. Get over it. Remember what you learned in school. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.
Hey and Senator get back to what you are suppose to be doing. Oh nevermind, you probaly don't do anything anyway.

579 days ago


What happened to the US Constitution clause "innocent before proven guilty"?
People who allegedly use a racial slur are to be judged by Senator who has no direct correlation to the case?
In my opinion....The Senator is the RACIST!
So typical.

579 days ago


Makes you wonder about New Yorkers when they go public over false news. The Audio tape contradicts what Alex was alleged to have said. FACT.

579 days ago


oh, those paparazzis can harass celebrities how much ever they want and as soon as celeb says one word back they start crying and propably suing.

Those little f*ckers can their job; they knowingly harras and provoke to get wanted responce from celeb.

579 days ago

Throwback kid    

Great idea! and lets add Jaimie Foxx to that list, he always has a mean comment for white people despite the fact he lives a good life because white people buy tickets to his lousy movies

579 days ago


Haven't you heard?? Every single white person is racist. Every one.

579 days ago


Baldwin has a ling history of this type of behavior. He has always behaved aggressively and threateningly towards women along with being verbally abusive towards them. Remember his rant to his own daughter when she was much younger? This NY Senator is only caring just now?!!!

579 days ago


Waiting for TMZ to call the Senator's office and ask, in light of the absence of a racial slur on the audio tape, if he retracts his statement and apologizes to Mr. Baldwin.

579 days ago


whatever. He's making an assumption without all of the true facts. These paps are friggin liars

579 days ago


Liberals don't have to practice tolerance and open-mindedness. They do their part by preaching it; it's up to the rest of us to practice it.

579 days ago
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