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NY State Senator

Alec Baldwin Should Be

Blacklisted from Hollywood

2/18/2013 6:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


A New York State Senator is begging Hollywood -- both TV & movie producers -- to SUSPEND Alec Baldwin from all projects ... in the wake of allegations he spewed a racist epithet at a NY photog.

State Senator Malcolm Smith tells TMZ ... he was outraged after hearing reports that the former "30 Rock" star lashed out at a black photographer, calling him a "coon" and a "drug dealer." Smith was also upset at the report Baldwin threatened a female reporter.

"If these allegations are true, then no television network or film studio should hire the veteran actor until he seeks help," Smith said.

He continued, "In today’s modern age it’s a disgrace that people still use remarks that provide hatred to others based on race or orgin."

Smith says he's contacting NBC and will ask the network to push Baldwin into anger management courses.

Baldwin signed a 2-year TV deal with Universal (the TV arm of NBC) back in December.

A source close to Baldwin tells TMZ  ... "As someone who's been regularly investigated, [Smith] should be much more careful about jumping to conclusions."

FYI -- the feds investigated Smith regarding his link to a Hurricane Katrina charity accused of exploiting the tragedy's victims ... but he was never charged with a crime.


No Avatar

summer days    

I'm no fan of Alec Baldwin but a lot of these paparazzi are criminals and illegals. This "politician" should be more concerned about that but he'd rather go after whitey.

614 days ago


FU, Malcolm... Keep your ASS where it belongs... Telling all of the Voters, your half truths...

614 days ago


The unknown NY State Senator should focus on his gov paid affairs and not on an actor's ALLEGED comment to a photog. He knows not anything more then here-say but more then just a quick comment this Sen is going to make calls trying to black ball Baldwin. Why? I'm going to file this Sen under IDIOT. DO YOUR JOB SENATOR! STALKING BALDWIN ISN'T IT.

614 days ago


New York is quickly becoming the idiot state. Their new gun laws, this moron of a senator. Way to get all the facts before saying he should be banned, especially now that the audio of the confrontation proves he said no such thing.

614 days ago


State Senator Malcolm Smith, aren't you suppose to be defending things like freedom of speech?

613 days ago


Maybe this senator should just SHUT UP until the facts are known. How about working on something meaningful for your constituents instead of trying to make a name for yourself senator?

613 days ago

Darth Kai    

Is it ok to 'blacklist' someone? Isn't that racist?

613 days ago


I don’t know the Senator’s politics, but I am betting he isn’t for a free market place. Does he think the government needs to tell us what to watch and who to like? How about you let the public vote with their movie ticket purchases and what TV shows they tune into. If we don’t like how AB acts, we will stop watching him – you don’t have to act like our mommy. I haven’t seen a Woody Allen movie since he married his daughter. Here’s to less intrusive government.

613 days ago


How can he be blacklisted? He is WHITE!

613 days ago


The senator is the racist here

613 days ago


love the liberal McCarthyism...So much for Freedom of speech.

613 days ago


If you turn on the Rap station on Pandora every song has the N-word, they talk about big booties, caramel skin tone, Mercedes Benz, a diamond , and all that stuff.. Black,people need to change this so that they stop getting treated this way! Yes, I know a lot of black people that wants to see the Rap community ( which is the most popular) start setting better examples. Maybe the Senator can work on this!

613 days ago


Politics and actors don't match each should mind their business.....

613 days ago


All the Senators cheating on their 'campaign trail' wives with hookers???????

Please go away, Obama coat tail rider!

613 days ago


I love Harvey!

613 days ago
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