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Alec Baldwin


After Allegations of Racism

2/18/2013 9:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

New info on the audio tape of the confrontation between Baldwin and the Post photog.  Sources tell us ... there is NO mention of a racial slur on the tape.  And, we're told, the initial story -- that Baldwin allegedly said "I want to choke you to death" -- is incorrect.  We're told in fact Baldwin said, "I want you to choke to death," which is exactly what Baldwin claimed he said.


Alec Baldwin
had a bizarre response when TMZ asked if he really did hurl a racial slur at a black photographer this weekend ... he smiled. 

Baldwin just arrived at his NYC apartment -- which has now become a base for news reporters and photographers looking for a comment from the actor after he allegedly called a black photog a "coon" and threatened a female reporter this weekend ... something his people strongly deny.

Though Baldwin didn't say anything as he entered the building ... his reaction is definitely interesting.


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Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Towelie sayz I like Alec Baldwin. With Alec you know exactly where you stand. He'll tell you exactly what he thinks of you to your face. That's funny. He doesn't apologize about it either. He's a real man.

610 days ago


So if the reporter would have called Baldwin "A cracker, a crackhead, and a drug dealer" would that have been considered racist too? Just sayin'

610 days ago


racist puke is a racist and he knows it, overcompensates with charity. gives money to black folks because of his ugly racist liberal white guilt.

610 days ago


Hey TMZ get with it - Khloe Kardashian FIRED from X Factor!!!!!

610 days ago


Too old to still be a Jerk......

610 days ago


He's a Southern Democrat. Probably donates to the KKK and everything.

610 days ago


He needs some serious anger management training. Also saying you hope a woman chokes to death for asking you a question? Honestly STFU Baldwin. You act like your better than others. Smug A-hole. If you fail in future endeavors then I'm sure people will have no sympathy for you and will not feel a need to help you in a time of need. It will be poetic justice and karma. Grow up Baldwin.

610 days ago


Go ahead, keep making excuses for Alec Baldwin's just because he is a liberal democrat.

610 days ago


Would these people who are saying no big deal be saying it if Rush Limbaugh or Bill O'Reilly called a black photographer a coon?

I don't think so.

610 days ago


the post has done this before to him. made claims about some drama to get a story out of it. when you become part of the story, then you're not just reporting on things anymore, you're creating stories to write about. pretty pathetic.

610 days ago


That's funny, is defense is "I want you go choke to death". See there, he's not a bad guy, Ha.

610 days ago


Now that Alec has been vindicated, all of y'all and that idiot state senator owe him a HUGE apology.

610 days ago


Just a thought, but the story that preceeds this one about Lil wayne blowing his cork in houston somewhat supports baldwins comments. Looking at the wayne story and comments section none of you are writing it I know you are all mentally calling this worthless piece of sh!t every racial slur there is, because,, you would be RIGHT, he is a C**n and a NI**er. Not because he is black, because he is acting like he is. Everything we see about this pile of crap shows, that he is Violent, profane, disrespectful, disgusting, vile ignorant excuse for a human being. You posting here are calling AB every insulting thing you can come up with. You should be doing the same thing to wayne. Bot he sure is showing the public what a wonderful human being he is. Like it or not, public figures stand out as examples of the group they belong to. Most of us know that This little punk is just one indivdual being an a$$hole, however many people will point at him and say, "see what I mean, those people are all animals and cannot be treated like other people. Thae are all like that" It's not true, but you know it happens.

610 days ago


the lesson here is that if you are a white person and you give tens of thousands of dollars to black charities you can be your true racist self with no fear of reprisal. They'll even apologize for you, make excuses for you, blame the dim field slave for getting in master's way, etc.

610 days ago


Cant STAND this nasty man!!!!!

610 days ago
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