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Britney Spears

The Grocery List

Tells Me What to Do

2/18/2013 3:11 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

0218_britney_spears_x17Rockin' her best Kate Gosselin soccer mom chic, Britney Spears didn't need a conservator when she hit up a Los Angeles supermarket this weekend ... because she had a grocery list to help her remember what she needs, y'all.

Included in the 31-year-old mother of two's list were: ginger ale, tomatoes, Lunchables, ham, orange juice, 2% milk, Smart popcorn, bread and chicken.

While Cheetos and Tang were strangely absent, it's probably safe to say Britney can remember to pick those items up without having to write them down.


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This is news? TMZ, what idiots are you hiring over there? A person goes shopping and brings a grocery list and that's news? Morons.

620 days ago


I bet she is the only normal person
(or close to normal) TMZ has to report on .
She might be very easy and fun more down to earth than most so called stars TMZ writes article or follows .
At lease she did her own shopping with a list .Do you think charlie brown or Rihanna or the Kardashian stooges would shop like normal people
I bet she be a lot of fun hanging with playing checkers or Scrabble she might even laugh if you tease her .She might hit you with a pool stick but better than being shanked by some hood .
One thing she is and that is smarter than the rest she isn't stupid when it comes to money and she doesn't brag about being the best .She knows she is making money It's a business .

hehehehee e

620 days ago


me want to nail that...

620 days ago


Everyone must have President's Day off at TMZ and they hired writers from some temp staffing place.

620 days ago


TMZ, you are so MEAN. You are collectively one big BULLY. Everyone has a grocery list. It must be a very slow news day.

620 days ago


She's human, good for her. You would never see train wreck Lohan actually do her own errands, unless its for vodka and cigs.

620 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

OMG she is a tubby retard. Look at that roll of flab around her middle, and her dumpy ass and swollen fat gross.

620 days ago


Wow...Notice how this is now by JohnnyLopez and not by TMZ STAFF.

Harvey's too many chemical spray tans most look orange, still scratching, Charles still pinning up his fake dredlocks hair extensions so they don't fall off like no one is suppose to notice.

Humphries who loves basketball as a little kid and still does, practiced and just so happened the kid had talent. Keeps practicing and gets drafted by the NBA.

Harvey/TMZ says he's going to ruin all of this just to piss off Kim Kardashian. Sure.

Spears a food shopping list? Of course Harvey starts to back peddle. Our sources, close to, their people, spoke to...

Alec Baldwin. Smith a NY senator, this man can't even speak. Maybe he can read better than he can speak.

Yet, TMZ's NY office (never knew they had one) the only one of 25 paps around Baldwin (mentioned 2-3 times) was tmz who had the guts to ask him a question no one else would. Grasping Harvey.

620 days ago

Kay in San Diego    

People bring a list so they don't forget something. Lunchables are something little kids like but are so full of crap. This is not news. Leave her alone. I'm sure she just wanted to bring a list to get in and out to avoid the paps.

620 days ago


For a site that points out when celebs are making terrible remarks about folks and attempts to come off as some sort of moral compass how do you justify demeaning a women strictly because she did and still may have mental health issues? Especially as you are reporting on another singer who committed suicide due to mental health issues. Stick to hot pics of d-celebs.

620 days ago


FFS TMZ! This STUPID article was obviously written by someone who has never had to grocery shop. What the hell are you trying to insinuate?

It's NORMAL to make a grocery list - it's NOT normal to 'wing it'. If you wing it, you end up buying all kinds of crap that you don't need or that is bad for you. Oh, and you will probably come home and realize you forgot at least one of the few products you were told to get.

I'm thinking TMZ needs to hire a few more ADULTS ... this website is turning into a joke ... more suitable for 12 year olds.

620 days ago


Transcript of shopping list : -1 cu***ber -11 kielbasa -1 baseball bat -1 watermelon -ky jelly - a can of tough actin' Tenactin -1 pack of Pall Mall menthol

620 days ago


My god what if she had a coupon. How stupid is this.

620 days ago


Rockin' his best illiterate celebrity butt sniffer chic, TMZ's airhead writer didn't need a conservator when he hit up the TMZ front page this weekend ... because he had a grocery list to help him remember what he needs, to say, y'all.

Included in the 31 mother's basement dweller's list were: remember to use spell-check, remember to have an actual grown up human with half a brain look at the article before posting it to catch the most obvious idiocies, and put in the usual lots of hissy snark.

While Cheetos and Tang were oviously present all over his fingerst, it's probably safe to say the so called writer can remember to pick those items up without having to write them down, and in between picking his nose, because he seriously cannot write.

620 days ago


Can TMZ be any more RUDE? Damn.

620 days ago
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