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Alec Baldwin vs. Photog

Racial Slur Controversy

2/18/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Alec Baldwin's confrontation with a NY Post reporter and a photographer has really blown up -- accusations of racial epithets, cops called, and a politician's even getting involved. NY State Senator Malcolm Smith joined us to explain why he wants Baldwin blacklisted in Hollywood.

Plus, Forest Whitaker was humiliated at NYC deli when he was accused of shoplifting and then publicly frisked -- so we talk to the owner of the deli ... whose honest approach at dealing with the situation could be a lesson to all.

And, Justin Bieber's fans go in HARD on The Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney -- some are even hurling homophobic slurs ... as Carney amps up his Twitter with JB!   

(0:00) Forest Whitaker was humiliated at an NYC market when he was accused of shoplifting and then frisked in public. We talk to Milano Market owner Anthony Galofaro ... who handles the situation like a pro.
(10:00) Alec Baldwin is accused of attacked another photographer -- only difference is this time he allegedly used a bunch of racial slurs. Senator Malcolm Smith calls in to explain why he thinks Alec should be banned from television.
(18:00) Rihanna is injured when a clubgoer attacks her for getting back with Chris Brown ... which is a bit hypocritical, don't you think?
(21:00) Britney Spears mystery man ... WHO IS HE??????
(23:00) Kris Humphries is willing to miss NBA playoff games so he can go to court against Kim Kardashian. Seriously?
(27:00) Adrienne Maloof says reality television ruined her family ... and no one is surprised.
(30:00) The Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney incites Justin Bieber's fans -- and their extremely homophobic response shows how awful they are.
(33:00) Brendan Fraser has to pay his ex-wife close ONE MILLION dollars a month.
(35:00) The floor is yours!
(40:00) Sting sings karaoke at a bar!

No Avatar


And here it comes......they'll bash Humphries and not even mention Khloe being "fired" "axed". wait for it...wait for it...

590 days ago


Um, Britney married ONE backup dancer, Federline. You are getting her confused with J-LO that likes to bone all her backup dancers.

590 days ago


Here comes the K-Hump trash mobile. Too bad Kris H doesn't get his group to pay TMZ twice the amount the karstoogians do and see how many positive stories they then put out on the guy. TMZ makes me sick with your vilification of Hump, leave the damn man alone, he's got a set goal, an annulment and he deserves it.

590 days ago


Does anyone else think, if Hump prevails and gets his prenup that he's going to take all the shyte that TMZ has posted about him since last year and sue these a-holes?

590 days ago


Jay-Z owns 1% of the team, do you honestly believe they are going to trade Hump because of Jay-Z being friends with Kanye? GTFOH, Jay-Z is worth a bazillion dollars because he's a brilliant businessman, he's not going to let a friendship interfere with his businesses. If that was the case, he would've disassociated himself from Rihanna, who he DISCOVERED because she went back to Chris Brown. Personal and business are two different things with Jay-Z, GUARANTEED.

590 days ago



590 days ago


OMG, I want to adopt lil Ryan, he just went after Harvey about Karstoogian, BWUAHAHAHA. Okay, eye roll, Kim Kardashian is God (love the tone of voice). There just might be hope for him LOL.

590 days ago



590 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

If you watch a Kartrashien show please report for immediate sterilization.

590 days ago


I understand why Harvey and the staff at TMZ defend Kim Kardashian....they have to...I get it.

That said, the season the Kris Humphries was on was edited, re-edited and edited again with voice overs, entire scenes re-shot.

Humphries knows this and he has every right to expose the fraud. If Kim wants this divorce so bad why doesn't she grant him the annulment and be done with it?

590 days ago


i like how these guys are here discussing how kris humphries is going to blow off the playoffs for the court dates, like if kris humphries actually said any of it.... i have yet to read any article quoting kris humphries.... if anything, a kris did say it, just not the humphries one...

590 days ago


Did Ryan just sarcastically say to Harvey "Kim Kardashian is god"? LMAO! Everyone in that room feels the same way we do except Harvey and Mike.

590 days ago


This Black Keys and Justin thing is about as childish as you can get. I don't know if the dipstick is trying to get more attention for his band or just reverting back to childhood. What freakin' adult gets into a war of words with a child on Twitter?

590 days ago


If chris brown or riri walk in to my clubs they would be asked to leave and never return. I dont want people looking or getting to celebrate with these type of people. there the reason people stay with beaters and think its ok

590 days ago


Oh Harvey, you big bad azz you. I hear he has acne. Wow, how mature, then again, I was expecting?

590 days ago
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