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Oscar Pistorius

I Didn't Mean to Kill Her ...

I Swear

2/19/2013 6:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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0219_pistorius_inside_courtroom_launch_v2Oscar Pistorius swore in court today that he believes he was shooting at an intruder when he gunned down girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp ... but prosecutors scoffed, saying he was hell-bent on killing her.

Pistorius' lawyer read his client's sworn affidavit to the judge, explaining that he believed an intruder was in his house on Valentine's Day and he felt vulnerable because he was in bed without his prosthetic legs ... and that's why he pumped a round of bullets into the bathroom door.

The prosecutor saw it differently ... he said Pistorius' motive was simple -- "I want to kill."  Prosecutor Gerrie Nel said the Olympian took the time to put his prosthetic legs on, walk 23 feet, and then he began shooting.

Pistorius claims he had no idea he was shooting at Steenkamp until he realized she was not in his bed.  He said, "It filled me with horror and fear."


He claims he did not have his prosthetic legs on when he fired.  He says he put his legs on, walked to the door and bashed it open with a cricket bat and discovered Steenkamp mortally wounded.  He says he carried her downstairs and "She died in my arms."

The prosecutors scoffed, saying Pistorius and Steenkamp had just finished a shouting match when he fired 4 shots into the bathroom, hitting Steenkamp 3 times.


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No Avatar


I believe him. Thieves are always breaking into my house to use the bathroom........lol.

581 days ago


You mean you didn't mean to get caught!

581 days ago


'Roid rage much?

581 days ago


This was premeditated murder, this intruder story he and professional liars are spinning has so many holes in it. I hope the judge/jury don't fall for this load of crap and lock up this killer for life. The way this woman died was cruel and tragic, I can't imagine the pain her family is in. RIP Reeva

581 days ago


He and Jodi Arias would make a quite a couple..both lying a holes

581 days ago

Sue from jersey    

No one believes this bs and I'm glad they found steroids so its tarnishes his accomplishments . Blade killer

581 days ago


Why hasn't he used the violent video games defense?

581 days ago


I know that, whenever I illegaly enter someone's home, I make SURE to head straight for the bathroom next to the only occupied room in the house and then make noise to alert the homeowner I'm in there. lol

581 days ago


So he had to walk through the bedroom on his way to the bathroom door and he didn't bother to glance over to see if she was still in the bed? And I don't understand why he took her downstairs to perform CPR?

581 days ago


So he had to use a bat to break the door open...which means it was locked. Why would an intruder lock themselves into a bathroom? To freshen up before robbing him? This guy knew the door was locked and why it was locked and who was in there

581 days ago

Jericho Morton    

I am sorry, but you really have to laugh. There he is, wobbling on his blades, bubbling like a kid who dripped the ice-cream off the cone. "I got up on my stumps and launched forward on said stumps to attack a burglar who was freshening up in the bathroom. After I had shot through the door, I dragged my crippled ass back to bed and I was shocked to find my girlfriend who I had just argued with had left the bed! I strapped on my prosthetic leggings and staggered through to the bathroom and broke the door down with a cricket bat that I found. She was in there so I balanced her carcass on my teetering carbon-fibre bladelegs, carefully went down each step without lights on not falling over, then put her body down to perform CPR, even although she had stayed quiet, still and motionless for the minutes it took me to get down the stairs. I am a cripple, a handicapped hero!"

581 days ago


it makes a lot of sense I'm with this guy

581 days ago


Here are my questions, if we are to believe his story: 1. Does he hears a noise in his bathroom and assumes it is an intruder without looking to the other side of the bed to see if his girlfriend is there? 2. Does he walked on his stumps to the toilet door and shoot without calling out (trajectory will settle this)? 3. Who locks the bathroom door in an ensuite bath? 4. Why no call to the police or hit the panic button? 5. Why 20 minutes between firing and calling a friend? 6. Why call a friend? 7. Why is the bat bloody if it was used to break down a door – did he carry it into the toilet area and drop it? 8. Does he think the intruder entered his bedroom and walked past his bed without wakening him and then hide in his toilet room – why?

581 days ago


So he had time to put on his 'stumps' and grab his gun - but couldn't even GLANCE over at the bed to see if she was still there before firing FOUR SHOTS through the door?
Riiiiiiiiiiiight. The 17% of you who believe that crap are f'n IDIOTS!

581 days ago


This guy is so full of shyt it isn't funny. First thing my husband would do if he thought there was an intruder was to reach over to me and locate me. Who goes blasting thru a house and door without knowing where the other people in the house are.

581 days ago
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