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Alec Baldwin

Me Apologize?

Now THAT'S Funny!

2/20/2013 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alec Baldwin
has no intentions of apologizing to the black photographer he allegedly called a "coon" -- laughing at the mere suggestion he should say sorry.

Baldwin -- who has adamantly denied ever saying the slur -- was exiting his apartment in NYC earlier today when he was asked if he planned to apologize to the photog. Baldwin cackled at the notion.

As for Tracy Morgan saying Baldwin should apologize if he actually said the slur ... Baldwin was quick to point out the "if" in Tracy's statement ... "IF" being the operative word.


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Violent Pope    

Dude is a funny host on SNL, but otherwise he is just a d-bag.

617 days ago

Most H8d     

He's a nobody to begin with so what's the point

617 days ago


I understand there was a recording ( from other Celeb Networks) and there was no racial slur on it. Ex NYPD officer is no better than LAPD

617 days ago

Mr Rod    

Those coons should shut up, and realize their place in society!

617 days ago


He does this for publicity. When his wedding was happening, he started randomly attacking photogs. Why? So more would gather around his door and make his bride feel like they're 'stars.' Now she's pregnant. Gotta be newsworthy, so pretend we hate paps, and beat on them or hurl insults, and bam, more of them show up. Wife feels like they're important. Funny part about his wedding, mother nature was more important that day.

617 days ago


Alec Baldwin is the biggest ***** in hollywood, NYC

617 days ago


I say Alex has nothing to apoligize for,if you're white and say something you're called racist,if you're hispanic or black and say something ,no problem,please when I'm out and about the biggest racist I run into are hispanics and blacks,I like Alex say whatever I want,if you're offended tooo bad ,in this wayyyyyyy overcrowded world you'll offend someone no matter what you say,so I say Alex has nothing to apologize for.

617 days ago


Got to love Alex he say's what is on everyones mind but in PC America there afraid to say it because they'll be called racist,yet the hispanics,blacks and other minorities say whatever they want about whites and no one bats a eye,so I say whatever I want and could give a s*it if people are offended,in this wayyyyy toooo overpopulated world you;ll offend someone,that's life.I say Alex has nothing to apologize for.

617 days ago


thats just disgusting someone needs to teach him a lesson

617 days ago

Lestor Hammerstone!    

Maybe a slander lawsuit is in order against the Photog?!?!

617 days ago


He's not being called out for his racism like others in the past because, for some unknown reason, he's considered a Hollywood darling. In actuality, he's nothing but a walking bowl of vomit.

617 days ago


I really don't believe Alec Baldwin is racist. I think the photographer is full of s h i t.

617 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Freedom of speech? First FVCKEN amendment ! Don't apologize to no one.
Phishie from Philly

617 days ago


Everyone who feels sorry for the poor lil' paparazzi, raise your hands. The guy was out walking his dogs and he's gotta run the gauntlet of the paps just hoping to harrass some celeb enough that they get their "million-dollar" shot. I'm getting to the point where as much as I dislike some celebs, I dislike the ones hunting them night and day even more. Did he say it? Who knows? Funny with all those cameras going nobody got a video of it??? I think I have more respect for the folks who stand on street corners with cardboard signs, cadging a few bucks for beer or cigarettes than I ever will for these lowlifes with cameras.

617 days ago


Why don't you like Alec Baldwin TMZ? Every other media outlet has already leat it be known that the audio proved that Alec DIDN'T make any racial slurs towards the photographer. He has no reason to apologize!

617 days ago
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