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Oscar Pistorius



2/20/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

When Oscar Pistorius gunned down girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, she began screaming -- presumably in pain and horror -- and he continued shooting ... this according to a prosecution witness. 

As the bail hearing resumed Wednesday, prosecutors revealed a statement from a witness who claims he heard gunshots, went to his balcony and saw the light was on. He then heard a female screaming two or three times ... then more gunshots.

If true ... it's devastating for Pistorius, who claims the room was pitch black when he began firing, never realizing he was shooting at his girlfriend. If the lights were on and he heard Steenkamp's screams but kept on shooting -- it blows his intruder defense sky high.

Prosecutors also say they have a witness who says there was "non-stop talking like fighting" between 2 and 3 AM ... shortly before the shooting. Pistorius claims there was no argument before the killing.

And there's this ... the first officer to arrive at the scene says when he got there, a lawyer and Pistorius' brother were already present.

An officer testified the bullets were "fired down," which contradicts Pistorius' story that he was not wearing his prosthetic legs when he began shooting.

One thing in Pistorius' favor -- the chief investigating officer was grilled like a cheeseburger on cross-examination and he reportedly did not do a very good job.


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There is no way he didn't know she was in the bathroom. Seriously you think somebody is in the house and don't tell you gf to hide in case he comes out . And what was an intruder doing in a bathroom . its not like he could steal soaps and shampoos . didn't he first said that she surprised him and he didn't know she was in the house ? He killed her no doubt about it . and haven't there been reports of 4 shots . why would he carry her downstairs its not a normal reaction to move a victim when eh doesn't know how it would effect her . I think they should focus on the fact that he was carring her away from the crime scene WHY ? What did he try to hide ?

547 days ago


I think the bullet logistics will say a lot. If he claims he was on the ground without his "legs", then the bullet holes should be a certain way than if he were standing

547 days ago


If it turns out that it wasn't an accident and was murder...Can't he just use the battered-husband-syndrome defense?
You know, like all the murderous wives do.
Then all the feminists can go on the news shows and rant and rave that he should be let off and free because he was abused.
You know, the way the feminists are doing now with Jodi Arias...and have done with ever other murderous wife.

547 days ago


This guy's goose is cooked. It is very evident that he shot her intentionally. May not have meant to KILL her but he definitely harmed her on purpose. He's notorious for being hot-headed and paranoid. She came home late, he was pissed, they fought, she died. Send him off and be done with it.

547 days ago


sounds like he "doesn't have a leg to stand on"

547 days ago


Since they don't have the death penalty in South Africa, it looks like Oscar is going to be in a horrible, foul smelling sewer of a prison for several decades at least. Oscar better not be racist because I bet 95% of the people in those South African prisons are black.
What a terrible life Oscar is going to have on top of having both of his lower legs cut off. He must have really bad karma.

547 days ago

Jericho Morton    

This is not a trial, this is a pre-trial hearing in-front of a magistrate during which some elements of the intended disposal are tested. The prosecution lays out agreed testimony at the moment. You see the prosecutors mind at work, throwing threads and seeing what gets caught in their web of facts. The defence is basically "No he didn't; prove it!" So proceed the players to the grand trial stage. Rehearsals may only be useful if Pistorius doesn't change his plea which he can do at any time.

547 days ago


Yea, but isn't it strange, how according to his account, she made NO SOUND whastsover. She made no sound when he shot her, apparently, because he kept shooting, she didn't make a sound when he yelled to her to call the police, because he heard an intruder, and she didn't respond when he yelled to the intruder in the bathroom, and she was in the bathroom. She made no sound at all. Very strange. If I'm sleeping, and my significant other starts screaming, I'm going to wake up. Or if I'm in the bathroom, and he's screaming through the bathroom door how he thinks I'm an intruder, I'm gonna yell back, IT'S ME!!! However, according to his bs story, she never responded at all to him. BS.

This account, of the witness, makes much more sense. Lights were on, and she kept screaming after being shot. That makes sense. Who is silent after being shot?

The only thing I'm curious about, is how did he manage to hit her through the bathroom door? How come all the bullets he fired went into her? Unless of course, there were more bullets on the ground, it's just 4 that struck her. How did he know where she was in the bathroom? She could have been anywhere, yet he managed to strike her with each bullet? That's strange to me. Maybe based on her screaming, crying, he could tell where she was, and purposefully shot in that direction. That would indicate premeditated murder.

547 days ago


Roid rage....

547 days ago

judy jetson    

This guy is gonna fry.

547 days ago


I’m sorry to say but dude did that SH**! He killed that young beautiful girl and he will pay, you watch and see. It just doesn’t add up! I can’t really comment like I want to because I’ve been in a violent relationship and trust me you can see the signs if your lover is capable of hurting you or killing you. And she probably knew he was a Looney tune and he probably was abusive even if it’s only verbal but she stayed with him because she felt sorry for him.

547 days ago

Kanye East    

How could someone kill her? http://adf.ly/JUvgx

547 days ago


Blade Runner and Steenkamp... still a better love story than Twilight.

547 days ago


TMZ, you're sounding more and more like the National Enquirer every day. If you read an actual news agency's report .... let's say CNN for instance ... you will see that almost everything TMZ writes about the case was shot down and disputed. The chief investigator is the one who completely screwed up and in fact now makes it look like he's trying to create a scenario with no evidence to back it up. No one but Oscar knows what truly happened that night. Please either try to report an accurate story or leave this one to someone who's able to do so.

547 days ago


Have they or are they gonna do a lie detector test on him? That will show the truth!!!!!!!!

547 days ago
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