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'X Games' Star 'Jacko'

Nixing Snowmobile Stunts

Dishonors Caleb Moore

2/21/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0220-jackson-strong-caleb-moore-facebook"X Games" star Jackson Strong is calling out ESPN for canceling an upcoming snowmobile freestyle competition -- the incredibly dangerous sport that cost Caleb Moore his life 3 weeks ago in Aspen.

Action sports athletes have been mum since ESPN pulled the plug on the freestyle demo -- scheduled for next month in France -- but Jackson tells TMZ he thinks that's a big mistake ... and not at all what his friend Caleb would want.

Jackson, aka "Jacko," says ... “Personally, I don’t think he would have been impressed if they were to cancel the contest. Anyone in 'X Games' or action sports knows the risk they are taking.”

Caleb died on Jan. 31 from injuries he suffered while attempting to backflip his 450 lb. snowmobile. ESPN says it's continuing to review snowmobile freestyle ... but some critics think it should be eliminated altogether.

21-year-old Jacko had his own 'X Games' brush with death while trying a freakish move called "The Jack" (below at 1:00) -- and admits there are huge risks when stunts go wrong ... but "everybody is pumped when it goes right.”

That might sound like a cavalier attitude considering we're talking life or death -- but Jacko says, "Anybody truly involved in action sports is to going to do it no matter what. If people don’t [like it], then they can go suck a d**k.”  

So, we gotta ask ...

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Rusty Shackleford    

the culture that promotes the attitude that this is "sport" to begin with is the bigger problem. i think the stupid things they do with motorcycles should be banned as well. its dangerous enough the things these fools do with non-motorized gear is far beyond the saftey vs sport factor already.

and i mean that; they are FOOLS for taking such risks for no worthwhile reward.

609 days ago


That is not a dam sport that's a death wish

609 days ago



609 days ago


This statement just shows how dumb extreme sport athletes are, they have been manipulated by sponsors and TV networks to do events for crap pay compared to any other Televised sport. So U can Be number one in Ur sport, drive hundreds of millions of dollars to ESPN from advertising, Risk ur life for $5000 bucks and a medal. "dudes" get ur face out of the bong and realize that extreme sports and extreme sport athletes no matter how many tats, or dreads, are the biggest sell outs of all sports. Trust me ESPN is doing U a favor by saving ur lives...

609 days ago


Just like any other sport, when we get on our bike or snowmobile, we know the risks. Plain and simple. You're either going to be successful or your going to get injured or worse. It's our decision, not yours. Who's it to anybody that I do what I love. You sign release forms saying you know the risk.

You have boxers and mma fighters who with every knockout suffer trauma to their brain stems only to later set them up for major brain problems. Firefighters run into burning buildings. Cops, military personnel, construction workers, deep sea fishers, etc. They all have the risk of success or death.

It's a career and a hobby. If you don't want to watch it fine, but it's not going to stop it from happening.

609 days ago


Both Jackson and Caleb...rip are so handsome. I guess what they do with their lives is their choice. If it were up to me, i would pick a safer sport because to be born a strong, good looking guy seems lucky to me.

609 days ago


Well ESPN got it half right. They need to cancel the whole thing! If I want to see a bunch of loser stoners skiing ill go to Tahoe. Just a bunch of dope fiend losers who do anything to stay living with mom and dad and not get real jobs! I wish they would all die especially that red head dude who everyone thinks is the greatest stoner of all time.

609 days ago


ESPN is being hypocritical. Besides these athletes are going to do this or something like it anyway, they're drawn to these sports for a reason.

609 days ago


What a bunch of freakin' idiots.

Has anybody ever died while skiing? I dunno, like dozens of people? One guy's stunt goes wrong and they just drop the sport? I have to assume that means they don't really support the sport, they're just cashing in on it.

(Which isn't bad, necessarily, but it's in important distinction.)

609 days ago


It has nothing to do with what Caleb wanted. The network needs to do what is in its best interest. Since they are the guys paying the bills they can determine what events will be shown and what won't. If another idiot injures or kills himself ESPN is going to get all kinds of criticism.

609 days ago


I love the xgames and I'm not stoner. Actually I'm a mother of two. So first off please don't classify everyone who watches the sport as a stoner because that is far from the truth. And I'm sure not everyone who is involved with the xgames are stoners. A lot of those men and women have families and are good people. Now I dont agree with getting rid of the sport or not airing it on espn. With all sports you take risks. Cheerleaders can break bones if they take a hard fall. Football players can also break bones if they take a hard enough hit. Not to mention all the future damage they can sustain from getting hit to hard. Look at Junior Seau...he shot himself in the head and its believed he was ill from multiple concussions throughout his career in the nfl. Look at nascar...Dale Earnhert died in a crash during a race. In whatever sport you do theres always a risk...there are some sports that are at higher risks for injuries than others. But I do think Jacko was unprofessional about the way he responded to espn. But come on he isnt the first guy to be unprofessional in any sport. Ohh btw athletes of all sports can do illegal drugs. Look at lance armstrong.

609 days ago


ANOTHER attack on personal FREEDOM. The worst excuse for any rule is,,,"it's for YOUR own good" F you. I'll decide what is for my own good. Leave me the F alone. All of that being said, there is no "ban" ON THE ACTIVITY, simply ESPN is not going to support or broadcast it. No big deal, i'm sure FOX sports or NBC sports would be happy to work out a deal. The "mother ship" is acting too much like they are your mother, and that they somehow control sports.

609 days ago

The Big Bowowski    

I guess a lot of people are going to have to suck a d i c k

609 days ago


I ain't sucking no dick. Jump *******, jump.

608 days ago


I'm sorry but that is no dishonor. I'm not sure if they're saying Jacko dishonored him or if canceling it dishonored him. But, Caleb wouldn't want it canceled. No action sport athlete including me would. I'm not big time famous but if I died in an accident I'd want some kind of tribute at the next event. Not for them to cancel it. Like Jacko said we know the risks and the risk is the reason some of us do these sports. Unless you compete in any sports like these you wouldn't know. It's just different and if you don't or never did you would really not knoe

605 days ago
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